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  1. Cool, so I guess they both borrowed from the same source -What is Banks's full name?
  2. Jus tfinished reading Jhon Grisham's "The Rainmaker" which emphasizes exactly why private insurance companies cannot be trusted. And his "The Firm" which will make me wonder next time anyone offers me . Another thing that popped up in Rainmaker was the name of one of the lawyers, which was Joshua Stone Leyman (sp?), which reminded me of amother place where I heard that name, and after several weeks of head racking it finally hit me it was from the TV series "the west wing" (minus the Stone) where I guess the producers/writers decided to borrow that name for the US deputy chief of staff.
  3. From Guardsmen trilogy moved to Anansi boys to Inheritance and now at Calico Jack, how bizzare
  4. I've just started reading American gods, I'm at about chapter 4 and already enjoying it, Gaiman is truly a writing genious. However reading this does make me wonder if novelists get payed for hidden commercials like movies do, or are all the references to specific brand names are just there to improve the atmosphere?
  5. Originally Posted By: Actaeon (I was a bit too young for the Russians) Which Russians? Tolstoy? Asimov (he's both Russian and American)?
  6. Just finished rereading "the hobbit" and also found in the library a dual book of robert asprin and finished reading "myth directions", hilarious, absolutely hilarious. Now I start the second story "hit and myth". I just love how he starts each chapter with a short (sometimes fake) funny quote such as "That's funny, I never have any trouble with service when I'm shopping" -K. Kong. And here is also another curious excerpt from "the hobbit" (it comes right before : Originally Posted By: J.R.R.T. Faerie? Is there another reference to West-Earth with that name? Light Elves? Dee
  7. Originally Posted By: Goldenking Of late, I have been reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It's a simple little story, but I'm enjoying that simplicity and easy writing style, for now. Philosophy and theory is interesting, but it's nice to have a breath of fresh air every now and then. I read that a while back ( I think its even posted on the wall here somewhere). To me it felt more like a philosophy for a dime sort of book (you know, like who moved my cheese or the monk who sold his ferrari), still enjoyed it though it didn't leave much of an impact. Just that we are on the same page
  8. I have started reading Myths & Legends of China by E. T. C. Werner, though I'm not sure how much stock I can put in a book written more than half a century ago.
  9. Originally Posted By: Paint Quality Monitor —Alorael, who is most impressed that Terry Brooks is still getting published in a market saturated with bad fantasy and not too devoid of good fantasy. They even made a Shannara computer game Do you recommend reading the series?
  10. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus elves are not divine I'm glad we agree.
  11. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus Originally Posted By: Erasmus Originally Posted By: Randomizer Both have a forbidden romance between the descendant hero and a woman with divine origins. Could you refresh my memory? Aragorn and Arwen. Arwen isn't from divine origin, just not human. It would be like saying a dinosaur was divine because it came before the crocodile. There are three classes of divinity in LotR, and elves are not one of them (in case you're wandering the classes are Iluvatar, Valar and Mayar).
  12. Originally Posted By: Randomizer Both have a forbidden romance between the descendant hero and a woman with divine origins. Could you refresh my memory?
  13. Originally Posted By: Actaeon Sophie's World fits two of those criteria, but I'd be curious to here what it actually is. No, you got it right. Originally Posted By: Micawber Originally Posted By: Master1 Then again, LotR is based on Wagner's Ring, so I'm reading a fanfic of a fanfic? I'm not sure how much Wagner's Ring cycle is really the basis of LOTR, but as it happens the cycle is itself based on the Nibelungenlied, I always thought that LotR was directly fanfic'd from Norse mythologies so that would (for me) return it back to fanfic^2 (with all the dwarves and runic writing a
  14. Just finished the Alchemist, I didn't think it was going to be That kind of book, but I still enjoyed it. Now, what to get next? What to get next? What's the name of that book about philosophy with the girl and the cat?
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