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  1. "Quivers" Its out for you Mac people... But i have a Pc... Godspeed jeff, your Pc players are about to die of Anticipation. > . > And all of You make it sound so ridiculously Fun.
  2. "Drools" I wish to beta test this.... And Also, I Return. For the Ninth? Time.
  3. Velzan


    You Know, When i started a thread about X, I didnt Feel like it would turn into a Math thread. I thought it would be more Geological. Or Physological. Somehting involving logical. Eh. Cant get everything. Now, how many of you searc hteh internet for math sites before posting replies? Be Honest.
  4. i dont think killing a city is a murder, More like Casual genocide.
  5. that solves the skull sure. but theres a book too
  6. Well, I find that corrupt gameplay such as that is also caused by hitting/holding down the turn off button while the game is up causes that most recent save file to corrupt
  7. i remember corata being a shaper, not a guardian. There is a mention of definel in some odd book in someplace on the island saying that he/she(i forgot the gender) had left the island and never came back. Obviously the non adventurous shaper.
  8. Other. im talking bout ALL IN THE SAME FORUM, lets see now. Maybe 3 in general forum one in Avadon 7? in avernum 1 in geneforge series. Mine arent all condensed into overtaking a single forum . Thus your logic is obsolete. All your words can do now is Harm you.
  9. Velzan

    Demons And Spirits.

    As a matter of fact i do feel the earth moving at crazy speeds.
  10. Velzan

    Demons And Spirits.

    i know. I just decided not to add that. thats also another way spirits possess you. They make you drunk Lawl.
  11. Well, i didnt post as many as alex in this case. He nearly has a whole dam page of em. i had a third of a page. and i did start condesning my threads there.
  12. Velzan


    "Anvil spell" I stole it from X. Oh yes i did.
  13. Velzan

    Demons And Spirits.

    Wait. has this gone to the spirits of the living the spirits of the dead or random "Spirits"
  14. -.- They feel like it Me thinks you should instead of making a few thousand threads, Condense your questions and post 3 or 4 of them in a single thread. ..
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