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  1. @googoogjoob Ahh right. A historical call back. At least now I know the rationale, thanks.
  2. I always look forward to the intro of a new SWS game. I appreciate the static visuals and framing text. Were there budget constraints with AV3 or something? The intro was really below par. It felt like it really minimised the epic nature of the previous 2 games, with kid humour and a puppet show reenactment. Is the vibe of the game different, or just the intro that's lacking?
  3. rist

    Early SWS releases

    Thanks, that was my memory but I wasn't sure!
  4. rist

    Early SWS releases

    Was Exile originally released on Mac, or Windows? Or were they simultaneous?
  5. So charname using canisters is canon in G1 (and kind of necessary to experience the game as intended). Should the remake stay completely true to this, or should there be a canister counter like in 2, 3 and 4, with canisters being less critical to experience the various spells and shaping skills? Should the canister counter have more references/story impacts throughout the games? Is there a non-aligned ending that would work? How do you think the story of the 'outsiders' will be handled in the remake such that it fits in with the later games of the series?
  6. <boots up Geneforge 1 for the first time in years> Oh. This is why. All aboard the hype train!
  7. The link to Level 1 and 2 spell locations (cheapest/earliest) links to A:EftP info rather than A:CS.
  8. Sooo, playing as a guardian in G2, I avoid putting any points into melee until I get the 6000 for Brodus. And then I discover that it doesn't boost my base stat, but raises the cost as well. All that work and money for 2 ability points? I guess he's more useful for other classes.... Is that how training works in the other entries in the series?
  9. A bit of experimentation suggests that mines do energy damage. Only about 80% sure.
  10. Also, a variety of items give you energy resist. What counts as energy? Spirit attacks? Vlish? What kind of damage do mines deal?
  11. A group of Serviles from Rising, lead by one named Beka, guard the entrance to the guarded tunnel northwest of Drypeak. With high enough leadership you can get Beka to stand down - by threatening her family with slavery. A. Does this impact your pro/anti shaper influence meter? B. Do you meet her later in the game if you spare her? I ask because CIphar just went and chopped her down after she fled.
  12. rist

    Upcoming Titles

    Next title is Memeforge. The [bad people] control the normies via memes and their word is law. While training to become a new [bad person], your ISP crashes and you land on a forum that has been buried for 200 years. After necro-ing the hell out of the three major sub-forums, you must choose where you want to [spam] all your new memes. The [bad people] however, will not be happy.
  13. rist

    Steam numbers

    I don't think the Slith are a very good analogy for the Australian Aborigines.
  14. rist

    Steam numbers

    Eesh it unformatted my table.
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