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    A3: RW - Crafters (SPOILERS)

    oh well i've got exactly 8, that would explain it. Thanks a bunch Sade
  2. Mammalman722

    A3: RW - Crafters (SPOILERS)

    above and beyond buddy, thanks
  3. Mammalman722

    A3: RW - Crafters (SPOILERS)

    I suppose that's a possibility. I have about 2500 gold...any idea how much it costs?
  4. Mammalman722

    A3: RW - Crafters (SPOILERS)

    Thanks for putting this together. Sorry dumb question: why is Tenuta in Tevrono not offering me the quickblade plate? I have the eyestalk and steel breastplate (and 8 fine steel, 4 focusing crystals), and she mentions it in the crafting dialogue but isn't giving the option to have her make it.
  5. The hintbook says I'm supposed to go to location C on the Haria-Kel map to get some hint about the identity of the assassin who tried to kill Astoria, but the door to that room won't open even when I do the smart ornk quest for the girl in front. What do I need to do? Thanks.