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  1. How tough was the fight after getting Demonslayer? Is it doable for a melee weapon user? Thanks for confirming.
  2. Does anyone know the answer to this question? I'm trying to decide who is going to train in the extra points of tool use before I get to that point in the game.
  3. I don't really remember clearly from Avernum and Exile 2 (or even if it is relevant since it could have changed in Crystal Souls), but would it be possible to have a character enter the portal to the Tomb of Demonslayer, use the spell needed to clear the barrier/broken wall, exit without claiming Demonslayer, and then have the character with 8 tool use go back and read the spellbook? Or is all that unnecessary because the cracked wall and barrier can be cleared with a scroll of move mountains and a piercing crystal? Also, just how tough is the fight after claiming Demonslayer? Would a sin
  4. Do you mean that in version 1.0 (what is available for download at the time) is bugged such that you cannot get all level 3 spellbooks? If so, when it gets fixed in the next version, would you have to start a new game to get access to them, or be able to play from your current save? I am a completionist, and this would really bother me if it wasn't the case. Thanks in advance.
  5. I would like to see pole weapons made a more powerful option in comparison to dual-wielding. Sure, dual-wielding is cool and all, but it is far more powerful than pole weapons to the point that some people don't even use them (I always insist on having the warrior leader in a group be a pole weapon user anyways, but that's just me). The return of powerful pole weapons would be a start (in Escape from the Pit, the Jade Halberd was taken out for some reason), and some new ones would be nice as well. Another gripe I have is how magic far outstrips physical damage, especially later in the game
  6. Alright, thanks sylae! It takes a bit of work, but doing a text dump and searching for specific terms does the trick. Beats New Market Town (might as well use the editor instead, if I was going that route).
  7. Hello again, everyone. I have recently downloaded Blades of Exile after it became freeware, and am playing high-rated (4.5+ in the list of "Solid" scenarios on this website) scenarios for high to very high level parties. My group finished the first three scenarios that came with the game. As anyone who has played them knows, they don't have very many of the level 7 spells (none of the offensive ones, anyways). Does anyone know which of the scenarios that are highly rated for high level parties have the level 7 spells, either for purchase or for a reward? I tried opening up the scenarios in the
  8. I recently played "Kill Them Dead". It was obviously not a serious scenario, but I liked it nonetheless (and far more than highly rated scenarios like "A Perfect Forest"). I cannot speak of the combat since I used my group that had finished the 4 original scenarios (I was only trying to learn of the plot). The cutscene sequences, especially with the bat, were nice, along with the Boss wanting you to "Kill Them Dead". I give this scenario a "[rating]Good[/rating]" rating.
  9. Hello everyone. I recently purchased a new laptop, and moved all of my Spiderweb Software games onto it. However, I have a little issue. I attempted to transfer all of my Avernum 4 saved game files (found in Program Filesx86>Avernum 4>Data) to my new laptop, but when I open Avernum 4, everything is blank on the "Load Game" screen. The transfer is from a Windows 7 OS to a Windows 8 OS, so there should be no issues there, as far as I know. I also noticed that in each of the saved game folders (Save0, Save1, etc.) there is only a .tmp folder, no actual data. But when I open up Avernum 4
  10. So that is what happens. So do you get an instant death message, or do you just wander around pointlessly? Thanks for the answer, Thuryl!
  11. So, Alorael, what happens when you do not have all five of the brooches? I always wondered about that, but always forgot to leave one of them behind to see what happens.
  12. I thought it was on that website, but I did not know where. I should have searched more thoroughly. Thanks for the help, Alorael!
  13. I am not sure if this question has been asked already, and I am pretty sure I have seen the answer to my question on some website, but I do not remember which website it was. Here is my question. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find the list of the months in Avernum, and the special effects in those months. I know it is not particularly useful information, but I just wanted to know. Thanks to everyone who responds!
  14. In Avernum 1, there is no Torment, there is only Hard and Real Hard. It just seemed that Sss-Thsss and Adze-Haakai had the same health on both difficulty levels. Maybe I was just counting wrong or something. At any rate, that means that Sss-Thsss is really not that much more stronger than a slith chieftain. Thanks to everyone who responded!
  15. That is odd, since when I fought Sss-Thsss, he died in 4 hits of around 85-90, on Real Hard and on Normal. I would think that he would have much more health on Real Hard as compared to Normal. He is not that much stronger than a slith chieftain on Real Hard. I know it was on Real Hard when I fought him, since slith warriors have more than 85 health on Real Hard, as compared to some lesser amount (maybe 50) on Normal. Also, Adze-Haakai seemed equally easy on both difficulties.
  16. Hello, everyone. I am playing Avernum through on Real Hard difficulty. I have already played through on Normal. I am not entirely sure, but it seems that Real Hard difficulty does not affect the strength of special monsters (like Sss-Thsss and Adze-Haakai). Is this the case, or did I just forget how hard (easy) they are normally? Also, is this the case in Avernum 2, Avernum 3, and Blades of Avernum as well? Thanks to everyone who responds!
  17. Oops. Scratch that. It seems that torment does change the difficulty level. It is just hard to notice it when fighting goblins. Attacking a guard on easy has them doing about 40 damage, and attacking a guard on torment has them doing 100 plus damage. Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
  18. I knew that someone would answer with this eventually. I already knew this, and changed the difficulty outside, and even started a new game at torment difficulty. This did not change anything either. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Any other ideas?
  19. See, that is what I was wondering. It did not seem that changing the difficulty to torment changed the hitpoints, and now that I checked, it does not affect the damage or hit percentage of the enemies. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks to everyone who responds!
  20. So torment does not affect enemy hit percentage? It did that in some of the other Avernums, though I do not remember which ones. Torment on Blades of Avernum also does not affect enemy hitpoints then, correct? Thanks for all the (useful) responses!
  21. I was just playing Blades of Avernum, and it seems that setting the difficulty to torment does not change anything. Is this the case with any of you guys, and if so, what have you done to fix it? Thanks to everyone who responds!
  22. Thanks, Misc Staple! I remember that it was pretty funny that some of the board members actually believed that some of the things said on this thread were real!
  23. So the reason that the mage in Avernum 2 in my group is 4 levels ahead of everyone has nothing to do with the fact that she blasts most enemies with Fireblast before anyone else gets a turn? I guess that is good to know. Thanks for the response, Dikiyoba!
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