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  1. I can't figure out the back entrance to Erica's tower in AV3 original. I've looked at the walkthroughs. It says enter tower from north but that just brings me to the front/south entrance. If there are false walls I'm not finding them.
  2. dolphindave

    Confused in Goldcrag

    Okay so it's not me. Thanks.
  3. dolphindave

    Confused in Goldcrag

    So this is something Jeff programs into Avadon and Avernum games, right, I've played them all and there are always bosses that are exceptionally hard. Compared to other fights at that point in the game?
  4. dolphindave

    Confused in Goldcrag

    Monster's blessings, please explain. I'm trying to kill the ogre king and it is hard! Any suggestions?
  5. dolphindave

    Avernum 2 Let's Play!

    The two Doomguards in the guardhouse with the 4 levers, hate em! What's your strategy to deal with these guys?
  6. Resetting hostile towns doesn't change Erika. Moving out of tower leaves unable to move party, clicking with mouse or arrow keys doesn't show party.
  7. Not sure if I did. Where would I have done that? Everyone in castle is an Empire soldier aren't they? Also where is the character editor?
  8. I've reached Erika's chamber in her tower and she attacks us! Even though the dialog window says sit let's talk.
  9. dolphindave

    Avernum 2 Let's Play!

    None of the walkthroughs say that, any hints? Tahnks
  10. dolphindave

    Avernum 2 Let's Play!

    I am in the Vahnatai fortress north of Mancuso and the room that is supposed to have the treasure room key had an empty cabinet. Looking at it just gets " a small depression in the back". I have killed the Basilisk but the gate wont open. Any suggestions
  11. dolphindave

    Map of Linnaeus

    I too would like a full map to look at.
  12. dolphindave


    So I'm level 30 I've plenty of spells and potions and Redbeard life bar is all red. But he makes it to the portal. Why? Why? Why!!!????
  13. dolphindave


    I'm not sure how much is enough but yes, I use up all my buffs and get killed.