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  1. meh... politics... I'm leaving now. Have fun.
  2. Originally Posted By: Lilith even if you don't agree, can you at least understand why somebody would think that a tax with an equal effect on everybody's lifestyle would be fairer than one that simply takes an equal percentage of everyone's income with no regard for their circumstances? Yes, I can understand that, even though I don't agree. If this were an easy thing, we would certainly have fixed it by now. There is a lot of talk these days about how bad "They" are, with "They" being Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Socialists, Fill-In-The-Blank. I think that, as a society, the
  3. I'd rather it be 10% of everything for everybody, but That wiould cause a lot of people to scream about unfairly burdening the poor. Of course, it doesn't matter how good of a new idea we come up with anyway. The feds are not going to let a little thing like the people change their ways.
  4. Mine is actually one tax bracket 10% for every dollar earned over the poverty level. It is a fair tax, because those who make more, pay more. It would be unfair to tax a person a higher percentage because they make more money. The "He can afford to pay more" argument is not one that I hold to at all. It sounds too much like "To each according to his needs; from each according to his ability," which may be a noble thought but unworkable when it comes to human beings.
  5. What would work well is No Tax on the first $25,000 you make in the year (An adjustment for larger families would not hurt my feelings. Maybe $10,000 per person on the return instead of a flat $25,000.), then 10% of all the rest as a tax. Period. The end. No deductions for interest paid on your mortgage, no deductions for anything. Do your taxes in 10 minutes. The longest part would be writing down the social security numbers of the people on the return. This would raise a lot more money, and would put a fair burden on people who make a lot of money while meeping a low burden on the poor.
  6. Well, well. Thanks Lilith. I had been working under a false assumption for years, it seems. Good thing I always give for the right reasons instead of for a tax deduction. I might have felt cheated otherwise!
  7. Don't forget the tax write-off. A properly sized deduction can mean more money to the bottom line if it is just barely enough to change your tax bracket.
  8. It is interesting to note that Middle Class has been defined by some as household income between $20,000 and $100,000, but the 2009 US Poverty Guidelines put a family of 4 with a household income of $22,050 or less in the poverty class. What does Middle Class mean anyway? Five minutes of research on the subject will tell you that nobody really knows what middle class is as an absolute, but everybody uses the term to argue some point. Of course, more research may find better answers. Do any of you have a chart of what middle class household income should be adjusted for family size (and lo
  9. If you have 5 kids (or 5 Skwishlets, as the case may be) to put through college, you might be in a real bind. Maybe you are middle class, and make enough money to not qualify for a needs-based scholarship or grant, but not enough to pay for 4 kids in college at the same time.
  10. Up to a point, then it doesn't hurt at all.
  11. Originally Posted By: Randomizer You are just using two gyroscopes that want to conserve angular mometum. It's changing the direction that causes problems. It is true that the faster you go, the harder it is to fall over.
  12. Yeah, especially if it's fuel injected.
  13. Well, we don't ride motorcycles because it is SAFE. I'm glad you're OK. Even low-speed spills can cause serious injury. If you want to learn about how engines work, though, you should get an old motorcycle and take the whoile thing apart and put it back together. You will learn a lot about internal combustion, gearing, clutches, and drive trains. You can also try the Visible Engine project from the Smithsonian. It is a plastic engine that you put together as a working model. (it turns by electricity - battery operated, not combustion, but all of the major working parts are there.)
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