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  1. I like taking one of my characters and filling their inventory with skulls. Then whenever I go to a new city, I make a skull carpet at the entrance. I like to think it enhances my reputation.
  2. I'll probably try the new class because it is ... NEW. Then on replay go with shadowwalker, then replay again as sorceress.
  3. Skwish-E


    I would go put the mirror back where it is supposed to be.
  4. I'm tthinking it is Sevelin and Nathalie there with Redbeard, and Janelle is off to the side. Shima is right there between Sevelin and Redbeard. You just can't see him because he is too Shadow-walker-y.
  5. Can't wait to exploit this as soon as I get home. Thanks for the tip!
  6. When they came for my neighbors' assault weapons, I said nothing, because I don't have an assault weapon. When they came for my neighbors' extended magazines, I said nothing, because I don't have extended magazines. When they came for my neighbors' large caliber weapons, I said nothing, because I don't have any. When they came for my neighbors' handguns, I said nothing, because I don't have any handguns. When they came for my neighbors' hunting rifles, I said nothing, because I don't hunt. When my home was invaded and my family dragged outside and shot on my lawn, my neighbors stood by and watched because nobody had any weapons to defend us.
  7. I stomped on those eggs, then looked around for some more. I kill young orgres, too, and steal eggs from friendly spiders to sell to a mad wizard. If I were civilized, I'd still live on the surface. The way I see it, if they didn;t want to be smashed, they wouldn;t be eggs. By the way, in real life, I EAT chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs, fish eggs...
  8. Your Quest: Remove all of the current human inhabitants. You can convince them to move back to the surface (preferred) or kill them (acceptable). If non-humans (lizards or kitties) want to escape the coming influx of undesirables, they can be disarmed and encouraged to emigrate to the lovely gated communities set aside for them on the surface. The kitties can have several acres of swampland, and the lizards have been granted a large tract of tundra.
  9. OK, I got nothing... The only diff I have is that I'm running winxp 32. No problems for me.
  10. If town guards were competent, the Mayors wouldn't need to employ us, now would they?
  11. Skwish-E


    It really annoys me when people say "Poison" when they mean "Venom" or when they say "Gender" when they mean "Sex." We have no poisonous snakes here. You can cook and eat any snake.
  12. This is why you have to row, row, row your boat instead of just telling it where to go. I have found it to be a bit annoying in the past, but by now, I have gotten used to jus doing short, straight line jaunts with the boat. ... I get to see the scenery better that way anyway.
  13. What happens is the blade or arrow passes completely through (cleaves) the original target and then hits the other person.
  14. You could edit the item list and make rocks, sticks, and leather armor worth 20,000 coins each, then pick some up and sell them.
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