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  1. The Ukatish have long memories... and the land is apparently no different.
  2. I must say, they did a good job setting up the atmosphere here.
  3. People hate ghosts and people hate snakes. So Ghost Snakes? I'm not surprised people were NOPEing right out of here.
  4. No dungeon this time, just some running around as we try to get some things explored.
  5. Our quest for more iron continues, as we head to a foundry filled with slimes. Oh goodie...
  6. Another refuge of these mysterious Nisse, and another dream. Very curious...
  7. Huzzah, another fort for us to rebuild! Let's get it up and running again!
  8. The Ukat do have towns themselves, they're just a little more.... rustic than the other peoples.
  9. Yanno, I'm starting to think these mirelings aren't actually intelligent...
  10. Time to make our way through the gates of the Ukat and enter their territories! And take care of a bit of unfinished business...
  11. I think we've done enough down here for now... we need iron. Let's take a look in the Ukat, shall we?
  12. Well I certainly didn't expect to find ANOTHER people in this land... and something about them seems a little unsettling... hmm...
  13. An abandoned castle filled with hostile creatures and foes. Time to clear another place out why not!
  14. Every so often there is an episode that just involves some wandering around the lands of the area. This is one of those episodes.
  15. Don't you just love it when some little upstart decides to become a warlord? It's quite adorable sometimes.
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