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  1. Thaluikhain

    Size of Exile

    Towns are of varying size, though. And always unrealistic, for a better gameplay anyway.
  2. Thaluikhain

    Spellcasting weapons and armour?

    The Boltblade comes to mind. You can use it like wand to zap enemies, but you can also equip it like any other edged weapon and hit people with it. Though, use the last charge and presumably it's gone and no longer works as a sword. Really, you'd be better off with a normal/magic sword, and maybe a separate wand if you want.
  3. Thaluikhain

    Exile III Complete Monster List

    Looking into this...oh, the giants are in BoE twice. Monsters 54-57 are Cave Giant, Giant Shaman, Giant Chief and Mutant Giant, while monsters 155-158 are Hill Giant, Hill Giant Fighter, Hill Giant Shaman and Hill Giant Chief. The normal/cave giants are generally tougher than the Hill Giants, but the Hill Giant Chief has more health than the Giant Chief. I should totally start, lose interest in and abandon a BoE scenario about Cave Giants fighting Hill Giants. There was a Giant Chief unconnected to the Hill Giants in E3, SW (ish) of Fort Emergence on the surface. Always seemed a bit odd, especially as scrying him had him separate to Hill Giants, but I guess it makes sense.
  4. Thaluikhain

    Exile III Complete Monster List

    Well, BoE's monster list is almost the same as E3's. Some slight differences, the hill giants are cave giants, IIRC, also BoE added some new monsters (hydras come to mind), and doesn't have the special characters, of course. As an aside, BoE uses different cave floor graphics to E3 for some reason, but the monster pictures still use the E3 statue of green cave floor not the BoE statue on white cave floor. Personally, I find scrying every monster to be a big part of the game.
  5. Thaluikhain

    Exile = my childhood

    Yeah, only played E3 and BoE, but still love them. Never really got into the other Spiderweb games, though I've bought a few.
  6. Thaluikhain

    Herding NPCs

    A lot of friendly towns have monsters in them, and a fair few monster filled dungeons have friendlies in them. Something I've tried doing (normally without much success) is to box in friendly creatures to drive them towards where I know the monsters are, so I'll have help when I fight them (if the friendly is aware of the monster and trying to kill it already, don't need to do this of course). For example, trying to herd a guard towards a doorway which has a special encounter with a monster when I open it. Is this something other people try doing, and if so, with any success?
  7. Thaluikhain

    Waldby's Bazaar

    A secret code you put in to change the game for your benefit seems a lot like a cheat code. Mind you, I use the editors a lot.
  8. Thaluikhain

    Random Items Help!

    It might help if you were to say what you tried and didn't work. The first thing I would try is to put a "one time do nothing" in there before the item is placed. I've not even looked at the nodes in ages, and can't claim to have mastered them at any time, though.
  9. Thaluikhain

    BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    Well, most of the influential creators, at least. Not sure about most overall, now that you mention it, not many creators specify their species for some reason.
  10. Thaluikhain

    Random Items Help!

    Off the top of my head, I don't know if you could drop random items as such, but you can have a thing that drops a pre-selected item at a pre-selected location. You could have a few of those, and select one at random each time you enter the town. Limited, and fiddly, but could sorta work.
  11. Thaluikhain

    BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    Not that I recall, most scenarios are definitely human centered, probably because most creators are human. Even "Nephil's Gambit", which had Slith culture as a major part was still mostly human.
  12. Thaluikhain

    Size of Exile

    Hawke's Manse is a lot bigger than the tiny corner of Lorelai it occupies as well. What about the trees? A single tree can take up an entire tile. Actually, that'd be kinda cool if you had forests with trees that big.
  13. Thaluikhain

    Live Action Movie

    Yeah, hard pressed to think of many...or even any, really, good movie adaptations of games. I sorta liked Doom, but that had nothing to do with the games, and the first Tomb Raider and early Resident Evil films, but not played those games. I'd not say books adaptations generally fail terribly, though. Sure, they often do, but then they often don't, the Harry Potter and LotR/Hobbit films did pretty well.
  14. Thaluikhain

    What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    Yeah, don't hold your breath on another Blades, IIRC they didn't work too well and he's gone off those. A good game benefits from a good editor (and a good modding community, that's not a given), but I don't know how it helps sales of the game, rather than replayability (which isn't quite the word).
  15. Thaluikhain

    Luminous plant's engineered by real wizards!(at MIT)

    Attaching a light source to your own eyeballs might not be that practical. Luminous eye shadow, perhaps...