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  1. Size of Exile

    Hawke's Manse is a lot bigger than the tiny corner of Lorelai it occupies as well. What about the trees? A single tree can take up an entire tile. Actually, that'd be kinda cool if you had forests with trees that big.
  2. Live Action Movie

    Yeah, hard pressed to think of many...or even any, really, good movie adaptations of games. I sorta liked Doom, but that had nothing to do with the games, and the first Tomb Raider and early Resident Evil films, but not played those games. I'd not say books adaptations generally fail terribly, though. Sure, they often do, but then they often don't, the Harry Potter and LotR/Hobbit films did pretty well.
  3. What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    Yeah, don't hold your breath on another Blades, IIRC they didn't work too well and he's gone off those. A good game benefits from a good editor (and a good modding community, that's not a given), but I don't know how it helps sales of the game, rather than replayability (which isn't quite the word).
  4. Luminous plant's engineered by real wizards!(at MIT)

    Attaching a light source to your own eyeballs might not be that practical. Luminous eye shadow, perhaps...
  5. Size of Exile

    Does that include Upper Exile, and/or the Vahnatai lands underneath? A three dimensional territory would easily allow you to increase the area, though this doesn't seem to come up much, probably because it'd be a nuisance to stick on a simple 2d map.
  6. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Oh, congrats
  7. Huzzah! I'm NOW Dr. Triumph! - edited

  8. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Huh...that seems very odd to me, but if it's happened to you multiple times, fair enough. Excepting for 10, which seems wrong. Don't people just click on the "cast mage" or "cast priest" drop down bars? You could do it the other way if you wanted, but I never bothered. In regards to the later layout, at first I was very strongly opposed, but I think that it might just be the font. A less arty, more normal font and things would work better, though I think I'd prefer the map to not separate the stats and inventory, to me those should be next to each other.
  9. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    In what sense do you think the old interface doesn't work well. I always thought it was basic, but functional, and I liked that. Also, why move stats and inventory over to the left? Not seeing the advantage in that.
  10. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Hmmm...personally, I'm against it, I like being able to see 8 items instead of just 3. Yeah, I can scroll up and down, but it'd be handy to see more at one time. I personally prefer functionality to aesthetics, but that might just be me. I would suggest, though, if going for the bigger pictures, to make better use of the expanded room to the right of the pic. I don't like the "Charges: N/A" stuff, but having the weight, for example, might be worthwhile. Possibly base GP price? Damage for weapon or protection for armour and so on might be nice, but rather more fiddly, don't know if it'd be worth the effort.
  11. New Vahnatai PC graphics: Feedback?

    Those look pretty good. With the waveblade one, I think if you swapped the standing one for the attacking one it'd work better. The standing waveblade one and the standing one under that look very similar, though. Also, and this might just be me, but the human in the middle row, 4 down? On more than one occasion I've not been paying attention when casting a firestorm or something against troglodytes, and there's a trog with a similar looking shield and I've accidentally targeted my own PC. Not sure if other people do that sort of thing, but if so, do the PC vahnatai look sufficiently different to the NPC ones?
  12. Can you move from one town to another in a boat?

    Hmm, ok, thanks.
  13. I vaguely remember something about when the party was in a boat, they couldn't change towns (use a staircase, say). I'm not sure if this was the case, or if it had been fixed. I guess, if you couldn't do that, you could leave the town, go to a small outside section, and then go back into another town, rather than move from one to the other directly.
  14. Another GUI enlargement attempt

    It's very easy for someone who isn't doing the work and has no knowledge of what's involved to talk about what should be done, so I'll do that then. While I do like the idea of enlarging the graphics, I don't like the idea of moving all the button and stuff around. Same layout, but with everything enlarged seems best to me. Mind you, as it is, it's easy to move the map under where the action is, and have the program take up half the screen and have something else on the other. I don't know if that sort of thing would appeal to many others, though.
  15. Exile 3 tileset.

    Out of interest, why was there a change in cave floors for E3 to BoE? Other graphics I could imagine just not being necessary or seeming too old, but I don't see why white floors are better than aqua.