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  1. Running back and forth to ID stuff is a pain, yeah. Secret treasure in Formello, didn't know about that. Took one look at the Remote Temple and decided not, might give it another go.
  2. IIRC, the Formello murders and the Tower of Magi are timed, whilst the Orb of Thralni thing can be triggered by timer or by completion of a quest (giant/troglos?), whichever happens first.
  3. Yeah, did that dungeon a few days ago, don't play with the altar (really don't, a Haakai is way too tough, in E3 they are about the toughest monster that isn't a special character.) and I think that guy is just to give exposition and doesn't escape, or at least doesn't have an explicit gameplay escape thing.
  4. Second that, lots of monsters that have little or not treasure and exist solely to get in the way gets tiresome. IIRC, E3 had a lot less of that.
  5. As I understand it, that's because your level is too high. Not sure if that's intended to represent them being scared of you (which makes sense) or it's more a gameplay thing, because low level monsters would annoy players.
  6. Oh, that one. I think you just get loot from there. And, yeah, the bats, and the rabid bats turn that the bat cave into a real grind.
  7. The multi-level one with Anastasia in charge? For that, you just need the necklace (there's 3-4 necklaces there, only one is the right one, and to know you even want one you have to be told be someone nowhere near) and you get a reward for that, not for clearing it, IIRC.
  8. I don't know if the spies has a reward, but is it the fort with the portcullis at the back and lots of secret passages? YIf so, you have to open the portcullis and tell the prisoners about it, and then tell the captain about the prisoners, clearing the fort itself doesn't help (well, makes that easier).
  9. True, had overlooked that. Still find it more useful myself, though. Ah, not that high level yet, but good point.
  10. Wound seems more effective than flame, though generally hasting is better than either. While I find at higher levels that I may as well give priest spells to casters (they've got magic points) and priest spells to fighters, I find that I need a bunch of people in armour, so no mage spells for them. Though not tried more magic, might give that a go.
  11. Oh yeah, leveling up at different rates can be a pain, I rotate the positions of melee fighters sometimes, but it's handy to have a heavy hitter first. Also, your healers aren't killing stuff so they don't level as fast, but are important to level up. I see someone with bashing and pole weapon skills, normally I'd pick one and put all the points in there. Also, I'd give melee skills to my casters, though, I almost never use them that way so that might be a waste. Having a third caster is useful, I find, normally I retreat from a dungeon crawl when my magic points run out, not so
  12. Yeah, that's often a nice trick, though does leave you bunched up if the enemy is casting certain spells at you, and your magic users aren't hiding behind fighters.
  13. Do you find that still worth doing when the enemy has archers or magic and can hit you a little before their fighters get close? Yeah, one annoying thing is that if you are in a cramped tunnel in a dungeon and enter combat mode, the third person to act often is standing in front of the second.
  14. You mean not Wait, wait, just not advance and make the enemy come to you? Good idea, not thought of that. In E1, it's "Parry", rather than "Stand Ready", you are harder to hit, but you don't get a hit when you are approached (if I'm understanding it correctly). Which is a shame.
  15. Lower base to hit? Not sure what you mean, unless you mean it's easier to zap people with magic then hitting them with stone weapons, which is true, yeah. Not noticed armour giving a negative to hit chance. Not exactly, hasting a PC takes effect next turn, so waiting doesn't help with that, but OTOH, there is a wait command and I use it all the time to do stuff like hitting a group of enemies with a fireball and then sending the fighters to hit the survivors.
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