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  1. Just wandering if I have to restart every time a character dies. I have some neat strategies that sacrifice characters for a very quick battle, which would otherwise be endurance runs. Thanks.
  2. Ahh. Thanks. Didn't know that. It has been a long time since I played A3 and E3. I kinda zipped a character to the crystal and then had my other character exit the area. I didn't want to fight the annoying Doomguard. I hated those guys.
  3. Not getting anything... It is also not in my special items. Can I add the evidence via console?
  4. Can't seem to get the evidence. I am using the hint book, and I re-examined the broken crystal. There is no evidence gathered to present to Berra.
  5. https://rpg.ambient-mixer.com/?page=3 Anyone recommend something more thematic for A3:RW?
  6. A Crude Broadsword (CB) does more damage than an Iron Shortsword (IS), has %5 melee protection, and a 15% crit chance, but the value of the IS is 150 gold more than the CB. Is this a lore thing, or is there some in game modifiers that I can't see that makes the IS better in some way?
  7. Thanks. I had to kill one of my characters and then leave/enter town to disable the dialog box.
  8. 1. No day/time counter. Yes, I know a time counter might not be useful to some, however I am pedantic about how I use my time in game (not in real life). 2. The tutorial messages. Everytime a character dies (yes, I am a save scummer) it displays the dialog on resurrection if I am not quick enough on the double tap F4. I played through all the Jeff's previous games, I do not need a tutorial. Where did that option go (turn off tutorial messages)? 3. (Yes I know I said 2): Anyway to keep doors always open, once opened?
  9. K_I_L_E_R

    Mined Ravine: Child Gone Astray; Can't progress

    Oooh. Thanks. I am an idiot, how did I not see the box? At the very least if I saw the crate I could have mouse-overed. I think I may be developing dementia.
  10. K_I_L_E_R

    Mined Ravine: Child Gone Astray; Can't progress

    I have spoken to everyone including Trupo, but I forgot what he said, hence why I goofed hard.
  11. I think I dun goofed. I can not progress with the game. Those mines kill me insanely quickly and I can not disarm them. Clicking on them in and out of combat, attacking them in melee with different characters, and using AoE on them does nothing.
  12. K_I_L_E_R

    Dust Bowl: Yet Another AIMHack Campaign

    I did not know you guys are all into Team Fortress 2.
  13. K_I_L_E_R

    Jeff should use the Crysis engine for his upcoming games

    Why use custom built engines when there are a plethora of engines, open source or otherwise, available to use and modify? I would hazard a guess that it is all about cost and the lack of available, but decent, open source game engines. Why does Jeff not use LUA or some other very popular scripting engine for his games? This can not be due to cost as I am sure you can use LUA, Python or Javascript without paying royalties for them in commercial ventures.