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  1. Just wandering if I have to restart every time a character dies. I have some neat strategies that sacrifice characters for a very quick battle, which would otherwise be endurance runs. Thanks.
  2. Ahh. Thanks. Didn't know that. It has been a long time since I played A3 and E3. I kinda zipped a character to the crystal and then had my other character exit the area. I didn't want to fight the annoying Doomguard. I hated those guys.
  3. Not getting anything... It is also not in my special items. Can I add the evidence via console?
  4. Can't seem to get the evidence. I am using the hint book, and I re-examined the broken crystal. There is no evidence gathered to present to Berra.
  5. https://rpg.ambient-mixer.com/?page=3 Anyone recommend something more thematic for A3:RW?
  6. A Crude Broadsword (CB) does more damage than an Iron Shortsword (IS), has %5 melee protection, and a 15% crit chance, but the value of the IS is 150 gold more than the CB. Is this a lore thing, or is there some in game modifiers that I can't see that makes the IS better in some way?
  7. Thanks. I had to kill one of my characters and then leave/enter town to disable the dialog box.
  8. 1. No day/time counter. Yes, I know a time counter might not be useful to some, however I am pedantic about how I use my time in game (not in real life). 2. The tutorial messages. Everytime a character dies (yes, I am a save scummer) it displays the dialog on resurrection if I am not quick enough on the double tap F4. I played through all the Jeff's previous games, I do not need a tutorial. Where did that option go (turn off tutorial messages)? 3. (Yes I know I said 2): Anyway to keep doors always open, once opened?
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