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  1. Duck in a Top Hat

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    Can I get a link to download a copy of all the scenarios to keep my own backup?
  2. Duck in a Top Hat

    SDL2/WebAssembly Port

    Hey all! It's been a really long time since I played any BoE and I definitely never contributed as much to the community, or explored the best scenarios, as I tried to for BoA. Right now I'm spending my summer at the Recurse Center where I'm free to use my time improving my programming working on pretty much anything as long as it's open source. One of the things I've been researching more is game porting and preservation. I've been playing a lot of Openxcom which I'm really glad exists because the fixed resolution and other quirks of running the original game in DosBox would have stopped me from ever playing such a classic. I've made my own games in SDL2 which I know can be compiled to make web games using Emscripten. So my thought for an (ambitious) porting project is this: Fork the CBoE repository and set about rewriting the graphics code in SDL2 with a single game window, instead of SFML with multiple windows. Compile the game to web assembly and get it running in the browser. Host it on a webpage along with the collection of player-designed scenarios so anyone can play any of them online without installing anything. For now I think doing anything with the editor would be beyond my capabilities and scope. Mainly I want an accessible way for folks (such as I!) to play the old scenarios without compatibility issues, and to extend the lifespan of the game perhaps a while longer by porting it to SDL2, which is officially supported by Valve and Steam, which means it's less likely to stop being supported. Anyone thoughts, suggestions, warnings?
  3. Duck in a Top Hat

    Release: Pesky Goblins (plus Design Tutorial)

    Gwahahaha I somehow scrolled right past this post and barely submitted a bug report in the other thread. Anyway, it was nice discovering this tiny little scenario to play as I've had BoA reinstalled for the last couple weeks and haven't been sure which scenario to direct my nostalgia at. Good work, I love me some "Things Dintiradan Should Have Finished Half A Dozen Years Ago" Productions.
  4. Duck in a Top Hat

    Public Beta: Pesky Goblins

    Bug report: Playing on a Mac, when I entered the goblin cave: The Pesky Goblin inside was invisible as a result! But I was still able to complete my quest. First scenario I've played in like 6 years or something. Nostalgiaaaaaaaa
  5. Duck in a Top Hat

    The Terrible Thesaurus Game

    This is great. I had ambitions to make a mobile word game but gave up on it, and this reminds me of that because too many word games are just a boring test of who has the biggest vocabulary. This kind of does that but it's also more about lateral thinking? I don't know, I just love wordplay and I think most games miss the point. Sending my first round of guesses now. It got really difficult around the middle, but then towards the end I spotted a few (I thought) easier ones. We'll see if my instincts are right, I didn't use a thesaurus or anything.
  6. Yeah I was too young to play the Exile trilogy and never got very far in the original Avernum 3 so I'm hyped. (I skipped the Avernum 1 remake because I beat the original, but played the A2 remake because I always petered off for whatever reason around the first arrival in Vahnatai lands.) An advantage of being too busy and never playing games anymore is that I also still have Avadon 2 and 3 to play through before Ruined World comes out.
  7. Duck in a Top Hat

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Reading through the first page of this topic the amount of nostalgia passing through my body is unbearable. Hopefully I can make time to watch some of the videos, maybe even get BoA running on one of my computers? Does anyone know how it fares on current Mac OS?
  8. I've been trying to get a group of meat people in my geographic vicinity to play good D&D (and other RPG) games consistently, and So who wants to play again? Last time (that I was a part of) the game was Fiasco, which was fine, but pretty janky to play online. I recently found this free tabletop system that's just a 12-page rulebook and seems good enough to get some zany adventures up and running pretty quick: Ellipses RPG System I'm down to GM. The rules claim to work well for either one-shots or longer campaigns, so maybe we just play once and go from there? We can use Slack or Discord or somesuch and play the game over IM like in the AIMHack days.
  9. Duck in a Top Hat

    What have you been reading recently?

    I'm currently chugging through Authority, book 2 of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy. I'd be surprised if there aren't any other fans around here—the series gives me major Avadon 2: The Corruption vibes. Authority is much more of a slow burn than the first, Annihiliation, and while the first third of the book I was totally fine with that, it's starting to feel as if it should have been shorter around the 2/3 mark. Anyways, I recommend them.
  10. Duck in a Top Hat

    I just realized I passed my 10 year mark here

    Whoa I'm coming up on 9 years! And also, same on so many of the points you mention! Same (among other things) and same! And finally' date=' saaaaaaame. But I sorta moved onto my own game development to make up for that. Have you thought about it as a hobby? Some awesome tools like PICO-8 for making cute little games like this (think of it as my new scenario, like, five (?) years later? They've got a cool community over there too! Would love it if more Spiderwebbers and scenario designers started doing PICO-8 carts.
  11. Hi everyone! I know I'm not often around these forums, but I've been playing A2CS on my iPad and loving it. I must have started A2 on five separate occasions, but never got past the first trip to Vahnatai lands in the old version. It's great that I finally have a convenient excuse and method for finally revisiting the game and experiencing the rest of the story. So far I've done two of three game-winning quests, but I'm finding the Angierach arena extremely difficult. Anyway, the reason I'm posting is that I write essays about games every once in a while, trying to analyze how game designers do different things with their games that I like. My newest critique is about the implicit storytelling I found when I tried to return to Fort Haledon after storming the Ornotha Ziggurat. I thought I'd share it here. You can read it on my blog. I hope you enjoy it! And if anyone has thoughts or corrections, they're more than welcome.
  12. Duck in a Top Hat

    Let's play some Fiasco

    @Dintiradan: Awesome! Team 1 actually decided not to finish our game because we wrote ourselves into somewhat of a corner. Act One was a good time, but I don't know if the log is worth posting. In other news, my meatspace friends have started playing roleplaying games in a big way, and it's fantastic! We've been playing D&D every Sunday for about the past month. One of my other friends stepped up to DM and is doing a wonderful job with it. I also have lots of people interested in playing meatspace Fiasco now! My cup doth overflow. I still might be a willing participant/coordinator for more online roleplay with y'all, though. How much interest is there in throwing a Fiasco encore? I also thought Microscope sounded like the kind of thing that would be great with this group, and I'd totally be willing to buy the book to make that happen.
  13. Duck in a Top Hat

    Let's play some Fiasco

    In a little under four and half hours, now.
  14. Duck in a Top Hat

    Let's play some Fiasco

    The 7th works for me.
  15. Duck in a Top Hat

    Let's play some Fiasco

    Alright, if I've done my math correctly, we're aiming to start our game in around 32 hours and 45 minutes. There's still a good deal of players not in the Slack channel. Send me your emails as soon as you can, so we're all ready and don't have last minute technical issues with the chatroom. This morning I'm going to whip up a custom dice roller in Python along with some Google Doc templates for managing the game alongside the channel. We should also settle on a couple playsets as soon as possible. Regina's Wedding won the popular vote, but I'm thinking it might be a little boring to run two of the same game (although they will of course be radically different). Let's discuss it in the Slack?