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  1. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Dissertation defended.
  2. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    History relies heavily on the written word. It's not that no one cares about the Americas before 1492, it's just much, much easier to speak with some degree of confidence once you get to an era with more written records to analyze.
  3. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I ended up focusing on the Civil War.
  4. Spiders' Amber

    Please stop bumping old threads. Just make a new one, and if necessary, include a link to the old one. There's only one amber. If you gave it to the Queen, then you can't give it to the GIFTS.
  5. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I studied US history. It's not the most fashionable of topics in the historical profession, but it's what interested me. In my case, well, if I have any rich family members, then they are utterly unknown to me. However, I got a pretty good score on the GRE that apparently was key to convincing two universities (one for my MA, and another for my PHD) to give me generous sums of money to come study there. And yes, a LOT of reading. I actually became a much better reader, I believe, thanks to grad school.
  6. [GF4] Monarch's motives?

    "Some men just want to watch the world burn."
  7. In conclusion, AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    True, but my advisor also encouraged me not to be defensive at the defense.
  8. 10,000

    Such number. So meaningless. Very congratulatory.
  9. Patch available ?

    It's an old game. How it looks and sounds is just how it is. While you're playing the game, if you bring up the menu (with save / load / quit / etc. on it), you can click Preferences, and then click a box so that the game will ask you about switching resolutions when you open it.
  10. Two numbers matter when shaping creations. There's you skill with a type of shaping (e.g. Magic Shaping), and your skill with particular creation (e.g. your level in Artila). You raise shaping skill with the skill points you earn from leveling up. However, canisters are how you raise your skill with different creations. For example, a Create Artila canister will increase your ability at creating Artilas. You'll need to find a Create Vlish canister to make Vlish. Keep exploring the island and one is sure to turn up! I hope that clarifies things!
  11. G4 Barrier Bros

    For comparison, consider the conversations with Crowley and Miranda if you fail to give Monarch's papers to the Shapers: Crowley: And Miranda: Telling Miranda you "lost" the papers sets flag 42,13 to 5, and then Crowley checks that flag and sees it's greater than or equal to 5. Crowley also checks to see if flag 100,8 is less than 2. In the Rivergate script, when you tell Alwan you helped Moseh, the game sets flag 100,8's value to 2. So, Crowley's text above is contingent on BOTH failing to help Moseh AND failing to deliver the papers. Notice how there's no comparable check in Greta's conversation. The Rebels may not trust you, but they won't give up on you, whereas you MUST do something big for the Shapers in either Ilya or Aziraph to convince them you're useful. What I want to know is whether, after you fail the Shapers in Illya and Aziraph, you are locked out of the Shaper endgame. Will all the Shapers in Burwood and beyond automatically be hostile to you?
  12. G4 Barrier Bros

    Here's the full script from the encounter in the screenshot above. From looking in other scripts, I *think* gf(100,0) might be reputation, with the script giving either section 5 or section 6 depending how low or high that reputation is.
  13. G4 Barrier Bros

    The answer is yes, because they are different goals. The Shapers want you to fix Moseh. The Rebels want you to kill one of the Barrier Zone defenders. That means if you fix Moseh and kill Eliza or Shaftoe, and make sure to report back to both the Shapers and the Rebels about your "success" before trying to leave the province, they'll both be happy with you, you double-crossing no-good swindler.
  14. Huzzah! I'm *almost* Dr. Triumph!

    Earlier today, six years and month or so after I started my PHD program, I finished the complete draft of my dissertation and sent it out to my committee. My major professor has already looked at it and said he likes it, so really nothing should stop me from graduating with my PHD this December (in my department, the dissertation defense is largely a formality, and if my major professor like my dissertation - as he does - then I will pass). The past several years have been really rough, physically and emotionally, and I've often doubted whether this day would ever come. But here it is!
  15. Huzzah! I'm *almost* Dr. Triumph!

    The Army of the Tennessee. (For anyone wondering, the Army of THE Tennessee was a Union army named for the Tennessee River; nearly all Union armies were named after rivers. There was also a Confederate army called the Army of Tennessee, named for the state.)
  16. Huzzah! I'm *almost* Dr. Triumph!

    As Slarty so punningly suggests, I studied history. My dissertation looks at the wartime experiences / ideology / attitudes of junior officers in one of the Union armies in the Civil War. The most fun I've seen at dissertation defenses is when the members of the committee start arguing with each other while the doctoral candidate quietly watches. Well, that and when the random professor who wasn't on the committee but showed up anyway asks a question completely out of left field that has absolutely no bearing on the dissertation, and you get to watch the candidate try to figure out how to diplomatically say "That's a dumb question that makes no sense in this context."
  17. Geneforge 3 Lankan

    If you are playing a loyalist shaper, you basically just take care of the island's problems and move on, leaving stubborn derpy dopey Lankan to stew in the swamp. If you have picked up the weird canister in Diwaniya's caves, avoid Lankan. Visiting him with it will force you to either give it to him or fight him.
  18. You are mistaken. That link is absolutely for information from A2CS. Note, for example, how it lists Egli as a place to learn spells.
  19. Expect this post to expand greatly as more information is added! Please make a new topic if you have questions to ask that aren't answered here. General Advice Concise, robust info on skills and party building Tips for building a Singleton (1-PC party) on Torment difficulty Detailed Info Atlas: where to find items, quests, and other miscellany Magical equipment and their stats Items to keep for quests List of crafters Buyable collectibles (crafting items, etc.) Cache List (Cave Lore spots) Quest List (with quest-based reputation gains) Edgwyn's marvelous maps and where stuff is List of the locations of pretty much everything imaginable Skill and spell trainers Level 1 and 2 spell locations (cheapest/earliest) Level 3 spell locations & requirements (old thread here) Level 2 and 3 spell bonuses Dikiyoba's guide to passing the Third Guardpost. Deep Analysis Critical hits & Luck Haste Abilities, Sniper, & Gymnastics Best Simulacrums (Capture Soul creatures) Summon mechanics Damage calculation utility Mods Minor cosmetic changes (Dikiyoba's) Minor graphics/coloration changes (Potawan's) Sound effects volume changes (Mercy's) Just For Fun Garzahd is a Noob Petty Pleasures Exile Wars
  20. Geneforge 2 - Question on Trainers

    No. Moderator note: Please don't necro old threads that no one has posted in for literally 10 years. Instead, start a new topic and, if necessary, include a link to the old one. Thank you.
  21. TheKian's G1 PC Assessment

    Although it gets into the dicey question of game mechanics versus flavor (since the former do not reliably representing the latter), I have wondered if it would be reasonable to suppose the canisters on Sucia were different than those found in subsequent games. Although the PC in G1 is noted to grow more distant and aloof, he never experiences "canister madness" comparable to what we see in G2 / 3 / 4, where he flies into a rage and starts and attacking someone. Possibly this is because Jeff just hadn't thought of the idea until G2. Perhaps, though, it's because the OG Sucia canisters created by Danette and company were somehow purer or better made than the imitations created later based on imperfect knowledge passed down by the drayks, and thus the G1 canisters did not inflict the same level of damage to the PC's mental health as later canisters would do.
  22. Oh, good catch! Yes, Burkes, is explicitly identified as another lifecrafter.
  23. You've got all the ones I can think of. Note that just like Litalia, Greta was also Shaper-trained, even if she bailed on them before becoming a full Shaper. I don't know if they count, but there's your whole party of prospective, soon-to-be lifecrafters that gets massacred at the start of G4. They haven't used the Geneforge yet, though, so maybe they don't count. If you're going to put Bennhold on the list, then I suppose you could also put a question mark beside Monarch's name, since it's possible he was a rogue lifecrafter. Really, though, Shaila and Jared seems to be the only "true" examples of definite rebel-forged lifecrafters that I can recall.
  24. Need help with servile in GF4, chapter 2

    Your build looks okay. The strategy central thread is a place where we've collected a lot of info people have written about this game, and it includes links to a couple threads discussing servile builds at great length, as well as other discussions of game mechanics that you might find helpful. It's been a while since I played G4 so I don't quite recall exactly where you might be stuck, but in general, when you're stuck in a Geneforge game, it's a good idea to look around for other paths (sometimes an alternative path within a zone, sometimes proceeding to the goal through an entirely different zone). Jeff was really good about providing both combat and stealth / leadership / mechanics means to accomplish nearly any mission.
  25. Triple Slartifer, Part 12 -- New Rules

    Wow, I fail to check the forums for one day and this is the result. *facepalm* Tut tut.