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  1. I tested this out as well, but encountered no problems; as long as I had the required ingredients with me, the crafting option was available. However, note that the above list is slightly incorrect, as the Quickblade Plate requires 9 fine steel (plus 3 focusing crystals, and 1 eyestalk) to craft, unlike Tenuta's other items.
  2. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Fedoras Clowns Coffee The Chronicles of Narnia Basic solitaire (Klondike)
  3. Jeff loves to include these obviously bad "surrender" options in his games, and they will usually just result in a swift game over. In this case, you get to continue playing without reloading, but as there is no benefit in doing so, I doubt many players have actually tried it. I don't know what the effect does, but it does sound like a particularly nasty variation of Dread Curse. Or it might just be a reminder of your massive blunder.
  4. While you cannot completely prevent plaque buildup, 90% dental resistance fortunately helps a lot.
  5. The Pit of the Wyrm is located directly east of Bremerton, in Monoroe Province. You will either need to fly across a river or walk through the mountain pass to reach it from the other side.
  6. The Mage Spells skill and direct bonuses from equipment increase your spell damage in different ways: Mage Spells adds another damage die per level, whereas direct bonuses multiply your damage. This means that the damage increase from a single level of Mage Spells, percentage-wise, depends on your existing number of damage dice; on the other hand, 4% extra damage is always 4% extra damage.
  7. I also couldn't help feeling rather disappointed by the final "fight". It is understandable if you can't actually beat the bad guy(s) for story purposes, but the final battle of any game should still be interesting and climactic. Here, you can just use Adrenaline Rush, Blink next to the control panel, and trigger the ending by pressing the buttons, all within a single turn. Furthermore, it makes Erika's heroic entrance, battle against Rentar-Ihrno, and eventual demise appear unintentionally hilarious, when all of that somehow happens in the blink of an eye (no pun intended).
  8. For what it's worth, I forced my way inside the treasure room by editing the scripts, and there is indeed nothing in there. None of the chests contain anything, the books do nothing when interacted with, and there are no items lying around.
  9. Which, IMHO, is not worth getting the poor Bunker guys hurt over at all. The fight that the thought crystal simplifies is nothing special, and you can largely avoid it anyway by running away. I'd say that the Wyrmslayer, which you'll get if you think that the dragons are responsible for the plagues, is the overall most useful Bunker item, even though you have to pick one of the "wrong" options to get it.
  10. The game warns you about possible implications in a dialogue window when you kill each dragon, but as far as I could tell, there are no tangible consequences. You won't lose any reputation, no one seems to know what you did, and you cannot even report the deed to Anaximander yourself.
  11. More specifically, the spellbook is in the southern Shambler chamber.
  12. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Sliced bread
  13. Slarty Ranks Everything

    Here are a few distinctly Finnish inventions/things for you to rank: Saunas Angry Birds Salty liquorice Linux operating system The Northern Lights (of course, they can also be seen outside of Finland, but whatever)
  14. I was quite surprised when I stepped on that cache by total accident. It made me wonder how many other caches I had missed earlier due to them being (almost) completely obscured by objects in the foreground. It doesn't really make sense that my party cannot notice something that, realistically, should be in plain view to them. Of course, the bird's eye perspective of the player lets you see many things invisible to them, so I guess it's only fair.
  15. Although I do kind of question Dread Curse's effectiveness as an actual theft prevention method. "Oh, you want to steal all my stuff? Sure, go ahead. But beware: you will get this curse that makes you, like, 5% worse at everything you do... until you get rid of it."