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  1. I don't think all of the characters should have divinely touched trait, becase it has a big XP penalty, plus a fighter doesn't need it. Imagine a divinely touched natural slith mage! Talk about slow leveling... But overall it's a good guide.
  2. OK, OK, I'll admit. I haven't read all of the responses, but the thing I would like to see is a new and better engine. No offence, but the new engine has too stiff animations, I simply don't like it. The best engine, in my opinion, is the one from Avernum 3, so I think it'll be either that or a brand new one. And AFTER Avernum 6, I belive Avernum Online is the way to go. I would join the SECOND it would be out. I don't think It's just me, I bet other people would be thrilled to get in. @lampsahde I don't think a new playable race would hurt us. HINT: Vahnahtai
  3. I already went to Shayder. But, I won't join the Anama, because, well, I've got some bad experience with them, if you know what I mean...
  4. I'm playing A3, and I was wondering, where can I learn Mage Spells, for my Slith mage.
  5. I'll add a new character, and he'll be a priest. He's going to be WAAAY back, though...
  6. Your best chance is to go to the Anma Church and find Ahonar. He can remove curses.
  7. Okay, so I've got a Human Rebel and a Slith Mage, and they both have Natural Mage, but I'm gonna turn it off for the human. I'm playing on easy and I'm on the beginning. Can anyone help? I'm playing A3, and I just need some tips for surviving, how to get the most from my party.
  8. Mine is a two-man party: 1. Human Rebel (Tools, Assasination, javelins) NATURAL MAGE 2. Slith Spellcaster (Potion, bows, spells) NATURAL MAGE
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