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  1. I didn't do a large amount of research into how much I liked Hilary, so for the most part she's neutral to me, overall a bit meh. Trump, however, ugh. Ever time I listen to him open his mouth it is like I can feel whatever shreds of respect for humanity and my fellow countrymen slipping away. Under no circumstances will I ever want someone like him to lead my country, so the choice was an obvious one for me. Perhaps if Trump wasn't....Trump, then I would have actually looked into the third part candidates for the first time, but I do not hate Hilary and I'm not willing to take away votes from her, so ya. That's my vote. (Then again I doubt it is much of a surprise to see someone form California voting for the Democratic nominee....)
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    I read a book on Ebola a few years back. Scary stuff. While the quality of healthcare provided in first world countries would likely bring down the mortality rate should it spread there, it is still highly contagious and a horrific thing of have to face. I for one would not like to die via all my blood in my body being ejected from every orifice. The reason why it's scaring everyone is that in a place like Africa, it is significantly more difficult for the populous to defend themselves against the virus which leads to so many being afflicted by it, and the lack of proper treatment available leads so many of those people to die from it. Again though, if one of the nastier strains like Zaire mutates to become airborne, then it's time to worry. While it would be less fatal in the other counties, a virus as infectious as the flu but makes people undergo massive hemorrhaging is not a good thing in the least.
  3. It's been a while since I've last been on these forums, and decided to take this test. Extraversion-1 Agreeableness-18 Conscientiousness-29 Neuroticism-72 Openness to experience-33 I'm not exactly sure what this says about me, but there are a few to many extremes in certain areas for my liking. Lowest score: Friendliness-0 Highest score: Liberalism-99 (Do I win a prize for this or something?)
  4. While I will agree that Hermione could have been so much more, and just about none of her potential was really utilized, so do wish to point out that not all of the male characters are extraordinary. Sirius seems like a cool guy, and Dumbledore was strong and whatnot, but I personally didn't see many examples of extraordinary. In fact, a large amount of the people in the series just seems largely incompetent. I find it amusing that the only Horcrux Harry actually destroyed was the diary, and that despite his super important scavenger hunt to save the world, he contributed surprisingly little. I was really disappointed how Voldy was taken care of, though. Unintentional suicide? Endings like that just kinda leave a bad taste in my mouth. The hero goes through his long journey of self discovery, and the Big Bad is built up to be basically magical Hitler, and then when they finally get down to business, the guy kills himself. *cough*Eragon*cough* I will admit, however, busting out of the bank of a dragon did score Harry a few points.
  5. Arya and Lip. I, too, do not watch these shows, and so can not really identify with these characters.
  6. Øther

    Back to School 2013

    Using the infinite wondrous powers of google, I have found a current syllabus for my old physics class. The subjects we went over were: Vectors, 1D Kinematics, 2D Kinematics, Forces and Newton's Laws of Motion, Dynamics of circular motion, Conservation of energy and simple harmonic motion, conservation of momentum and rotational dynamics, static electricity, current electricity, electricity and magnetism, waves, light, thermal energy, thermodynamics, and nuclear energy. Obviously, the biggest overlap I've been seeing so far has come from the thermo part, but early on in my last chemistry class, for some reason the very first thing we went over was light and waves. So while chemistry has definitely been happening, I have been noticing a decent amount of physics popping up there too. Or at least, since I saw it in my physics class first, I am calling it physics.
  7. Not trying to hate on your ideas, but even if your ideas are good (which, I will say, I do agree with some of them.), it is not entirely likely that they will be implemented at all. With Jeff working on new games, and patching the newest released games, less time and effort will be placed into this game, so if it takes a great amount of difficulty and time to implement, even if it could increase the quality of the game, I do think that Jeff would have other things of higher priority on his to-do list. That said, I too would like to put my 2 cents forth on some of the things you have said. It has been a while since I have played this avernum game, and I might have missed patches, but I am doubtful something like this would change. I remember when I first started playing, and distinctly getting frustrated because for a large amount of the early game I would never stop missing anything and when I tried to attack, my % to hit would appear down in that box where actions were recorded, and back in the early version of the game at least, that % was at MOST, it seemed, 50% (that got old pretty fast, let me tell you), but ya, it was always there, and I don't see why it would have been removed. Have you not seen this somehow? Or mistook it for something else? For encumbrance, I do not believe there is a great way to keep track of it that I recall, just keep track of which items the character is holding that cause encumbrance. And like someone said, a max of 5% (increased through traits) will allow mage spell casting. Although, back in the early days of this game, there was a way for encumbered characters to cast mage buffs and summons out of combat, and I don't know if that ever changed. This uh. This sounds like you simply don't have a huge amount invested in spells categories yet, or at least not in buffing spells/summons. You could perhaps look into that. And about potions and scrolls, they are definitely rare and expensive enough that you should be careful when using them, but if you never use them, they will set there until the game ends, never being useful. Sell the ones you won't have much use for for the extra cash to train your characters, and use the others every now and again. And being CC oriented with close combat doesn't seem, in my eyes, like it would restrict you that much. After all, you could use those CCs. Also, even if you don't have much invested in buffs, you likely still have them available, at least some, so its not like they are unusable. And bows, even if they do little damage, still do damage. Don't knock them completely. I would think that it is perhaps more realistic that long range shots don't hit every single time ever. Also, like it was said before, this makes it possible to evade enemy attacks more easily. Eventually, after you hit a certain point, your attacks will really start to miss less and less until you hardly ever get bothered by missing attacks all the time ever again. This is annoying, no way around that. However, again, at a certain point of playing for long enough, you will get a good enough feel for the range of your attacks that this won't be such a huge problem. I'm not saying this makes it completely ok. It would be beautiful if there was a built in way to see the limit of your range so you wouldn't accidentally move around mid battle and put yourself in a bad position. What I am saying is that this is manageable. The only time this ever bothered me was when I realized it would be harder to steal things. Otherwise, it never really made an impact on the game for me, and I understand the reason why it was taken out because of the tablet versions. This is likely more of a logical protest since you cannot close doors, which normally is a common thing to do. However, this has a negligible effect on gameplay, and truly doesn't matter a whole lot. I like this more than searching out little buttons on dark walls almost the same color as the buttons. Also, as I never really got into the early Avernum games, I wasn't used to wall bumping everything, so even though I did check most places, finding secret areas always came to be a pleasant surprise. And besides, sometimes secret areas are really small and can be fit in anywhere, not just specific corners of the map. Food was available in avernum 5 and 6, despite the lack of the same type of map travel. It's simply a part of avernum, and I am fairly glad that I am not required to carry it around or face death (the little amount of it there was in A6 was annoying enough to me). And true it is really only useful in early levels, but I don't see why that should be a reason to rework them or remove them. It doesn't take long for me to not need them, and from then on they are just sellable items for that much more cash. And also, If I am not mistaken, there IS a bandages time out there. About as effective as food though, if I remember correctly, so don't get your hopes up. I would think that random world encounters should be just that. Random. Most likely hostile, so really, the common response to approaching them should be the same as approaching just about any unknown in avernum, or really most games. Proceed with caution, and prepare for combat. If it is not combat, then that's just a pleasant surprise. Since you heal when walking, there isn't a HUGE need for healing spells. And simply none at all for any other spells, really. The non combat spells that don't heal buff and summon. What would you do with that out while traveling? I could understand maybe wanting to prepare for a fight, but you usually have a turn to prepare at the beginnings of encounters, since enemies usually start a nice little distance away.
  8. Øther

    Back to School 2013

    This is my second quarter in college. Woo! As of right now, I am taking less classes than I would prefer to, only 3 along with a workshop. English, Physics, and Chemistry. I was also taking bio, but after taking a look at my schedule, I realized how mainly do to that class my entire schedule was fairly inconvenient and I would have little time for anything really, so I ended up dropping that class. Which I didn't exactly like seeing as I'm majoring in bio. However, I do have plenty of quarters left so I'm not worried or anything. By the way, to all you people out there that have taken physics and chemistry. Back in high school, I can't really say anything about my chemistry class, since that was an extremely easy class where the hardest thing we did was probably stoichiometry. (I never took the college level version of that class due to the fact that it was taught by a terrible teacher and almost no one passed the class or the test) However, I do remember all of the topics I went through when I took the college level physics course in high school. I know that physics being physics, it can be applied in nearly ever field of science. One of my old physics teacher's favorite sayings was that the only science there was was physics, and that everything else was a branch of physics. So far, in my college classes, I can't say this applies to my bio classes as there has been nothing even remotely resembling physics yet (I think), however, in my Chemistry class, other than basic knowledge about atoms and molecules and whatnot that is purely chemistry, and bonds and stoic and all that fun stuff, nearly everything we have gone over I remember something similar, if not the same, from when I took my high school Physics class. My physics class, is of course, purely physics. Is this the norm for other colleges and their classes? Should i expect to need to apply all of my physics knowledge to my chem class? Or should the course eventually start branching out into its own thing? And keep in mind, this isn't a specific chemistry class, since I'm not taking a concentrated chem major. This is just, according to my schedule, General Chemistry. I don't exactly have a huge problem with so much physics being applied in my chemistry class, I am mainly wondering if I should expect to see some purely chemistry stuff happening down the road, or just keep expecting to see physics applied through chemistry.
  9. http://www.isidewith.com/results/31723476 Interesting. Told me what I already know, though.
  10. When I first got and started playing AEFTP, there were 2 main problems I was having in the beginning. This was before it was toned down, so I have no idea how it is now. THe first was that I was having a lot of trouble landing my hits, because at best I seemed to have a 50% hit chance. THat was annoying, but bearable. The other thing I had problems with was monsters with abilities. I really only got stuck for a while once I ran into the SLiths, so the monsters with abilities that I'm thinking of would be the mages and shamans. Whenever I would battle one of those large groups of them that were all over the place, there was only one thing i could do, or else I would die horribly. Spam daze to keep as many monsters as I could in line, and try to focus down the casters. At that point, I hated pretty much everything they could do to me, but at that time in the game, their summons were especially bad. Several times, I have been able to clear out all the mages/shamans, deal with the slith warriors, and kill all of the regular sliths, just to be slaughtered by one summon that a mage was able to get in before dieing. Those monsters had a nasty habit of having very strong AoE that I could just not heal through. It took me a lot of effort then to deal with the slith, but after that, I honestly did't have that many problems with these kinds of monsters. THey were still a pain and occasionally killed me, but they just seemed a lot easier to deal with after the beginning. I don't know how the beginning of the game is like now, a lot easier I have seen people say, so I will have to make a new game and see for myself. However, other than focusing down these enemies, I have not seen a great method of dealing with them or keeping them from killing everybody. There is indeed a large degree of randomness to their attacks.
  11. I joined a while ago, but I haven't been around much anymore.
  12. My playthrough was on normal. I always do my first playthrough on games on the normal difficulty, and then increase it if I ever go back and do another game. In my party, DW, Archer, Priest, Mage, I might not have allocated the points the best way (I kept off the forums, mostly, to try to prevent any spoilers), but overall, I think my archer turned out fairly well. I did put many points into bows, maxed sharpshooter, gymnastics, and sniper, and some points into melee weaps (just in case). ALso a few into hardiness parry and ripostse once I got to high lvls and didn't really know what to do with the points, since all the ones I cared about were already maxed. I also put nearly all of the stat points into dex. I had him wear an ap up item (by the end, everyone else had 2 ap up items, so I gave him one to up the chances of more attacks per round) on a lot of fights, i could get 4, sometimes 5 attacks in using adrenaline rush. I did notice that he did quite a bit less damage than my DW, but I felt like those extra attacks made up for it. Being that he had such high evoidability, he wasn't hit very often by enemies. This didn't matter much around the end when I constantly was regenning and had awesome healing spells, but in the begining it was critical. More than a few times, I'd be battling a hard enemy, and at the end when they finally die, their summons killed all my other characters (this has happened so many freakin times, where I nearly burst a blood vessal when seeing an enemy mage/priest, because if I didn't kill it right away, its summons would roll right through me) but not my archer. It won by just not being hit and whittling down the enemies health and eventually killing it. On the occasions that this was the end boss at the end of a dungeon that this happened on, this was very helpful for those guys that always spawn at the exit. They just couldn't kill my archer. Without my archer, the beginning was so much more easier. I have to say, though, that around the end, my archer din't really play much of a role. My DW could make one thing dead at the start of the round, then my archer lets off 2 shots, usually not killing anything. then my priest walks up and kills everything on the map with divine retribution. Anything that didn't die is then blasted apart by my mage. SO ya, archer isn't that great or useful around the end. He can certainly still do stuff, just not nearly as effective, or so it seems.
  13. I just visited Erika. After talking with her, I noticed a wisdom crystal in a box right next to her. (Or it could have been on the ground. Either way, it doesnt matter) Being that it was a wisdom crystal, I decided to use up one of my free (seen) steals in the area on the crystal. When I took it, however, I noticed that it said that nobody saw me take it. Even though erika was right next to me. I then looted everything else in the room, and same thing. None of the thefts were seen.
  14. Oh. Well, I was off by quite a bit. But didn't the pit drake have black fangs? I really thought it did. Anyways, thanks for the info.
  15. I just got the quest for these. I seem to recall that the description of the pit drake said it had black teeth. I also killed it a while ago. I went back to its cave, and am walking around the place where it was. But I'm not getting any message or anything about the fangs. Is there any way for me to get them, or am I screwed? Hopefully, I am thinking about the right drake. If it is a different drake, I would like to know.
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