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    Slarty Ranks Everything

    Slarty, I'm blown away by the immense amount of time you've put into this. Not surprised, mind you, just blown away! When you recover from whatever life is throwing at you, please add to the list the missing spiderweb games, or at least: exile, A:EftP, A3:RW, avernum 5, avernum 6. Also, you can't do Enkidu without Shamhat.
  2. That's absolutely the strategy I used: three party members hide in a nice safe space. Tank moves the mirrors in attack mode, not worrying about damage. Priest, on her turn, heals tank. The other two party members chill in a giant spacebar festival.
  3. The laser puzzles -- except the endgame one, which is surprisingly not annoying -- make me desperately miss the moving walkways of exile. But maybe I'm just looking at the past through rose-coloured glasses. I suspect if I could even play the exiles on my current mac, I'd so desperately miss a modern inventory management system that I wouldn't make it an hour. Still, I really wasn't a fan of those mirror-moving laser puzzles.
  4. I'm ... well, not quite on my second playthrough. I started the first game on "normal," realized somewhere around the giants that I was stockpiling potions and scrolls I didn't need, and started again on "hard." In both plays I've discovered on returning to Squiggus that they're hostile. I've got the fix, although I *did* need to search for it. (Didn't it used to be "pleaseLikeMe" or some such?) I'm just wondering what is causing the hostility. The new games disallow theft if there's someone in line of sight, so my thieving ways can't be the problem, can they? Did word get back that I killed the wrong patrol?
  5. jlsgaladriel

    Uranium Bar

    It's triggering on my third character, who is not carrying uranium. I *believe* I've command-clicked every uranium bar directly into junk holding, and so no character should have touched the stuff. But that third character *is* the carrier of crafting materials including fine steel, so if I had passed a shiny bar through a character's inventory, it would have been that character's. Would a pass-through have triggered ongoing radiation sickness? edit: OH, I am not firing on all cylinders today. PYRRHIC gauntlets. Tingly, warm, named for a ruinous victory by the king of a country noone has heard of, because it's long since ceased to exist. *cough.* Yeah, it was the gauntlets. ::looks embarrassed::
  6. jlsgaladriel

    Uranium Bar

    Nope! I lugged one (or several?) around for too long in the Bag of Infinite Junk, and eventually started getting sick.
  7. jlsgaladriel

    A3:RW squiggus hates me

    Welcome out from the shadows! I've been away for long enough I feel almost like a stranger myself. I don't think there's any in-game way to redeem Squiggus' anger: it's either live with it, or use the cheat code. Think about it this way: Squiggus is a small place, and so those patrol members were friends and family to everyone there. If Gandhi murdered your best friend, your cousin, and your sunday school teacher, and then went off to free India, no amount of world-helping awesomeness would make you invite him into your hometown.
  8. Defeating the golems is definitely not a prerequisite for Tenuta's crafting (unlike the training.) The dialogue suggests that the prereq is having spoken with general Baziron and gotten the 'Eliminate the Golems' quest.
  9. jlsgaladriel

    Uranium Bar

    Hexagonal bars are fan service
  10. jlsgaladriel

    A3: RW - Trainers (SPOILER)

    Random unfortunate trainer trait: Black in Calloc won't train you if you've got anama rings. I'm sure real anama wouldn't care, but I guess those thieves' guild rings are pretty good copies. (Have my fingers swelled? Why can't I just slip 'em off and put 'em in my pocket? Am I eating too much salt?)
  11. jlsgaladriel

    Being harsh to peoples

    Ah, triumph, you're mean! Ooh, Lilith, thank you. I got the second, and completely missed the first.
  12. jlsgaladriel

    Being harsh to peoples

    ... So I take it the farm *isn't* the second property for the medal? ::wants spoiler::
  13. jlsgaladriel

    workable walkthrough[G5]

    The initial walkthrough is complete, in that you can get from the begining of the game through a successful ending using it. It's incomplete, in that it needs work and input! It's in parts. I apologize for the odd hosting -- I really do plan to put it up on a regular server, but for now it's available in three four parts on my lj: northwest terrestia: the demo nw terrestia: beyond the demo sw terrestia: storm plains sw terrestia: dera reaches and endgame Corrections, additions, and clarifications are welcome. I believe I've checked the leadership and reputation values in the scripts, but feel free to check up on me. I'm especially interested to fill in any (?)s which remain. I'd love it if folks would check the walkthrough the next time you run a character, and send me any edits you have! I'd especially like to know: • Did I miss any quests, or get them wrong? • Did I miss any reputation encounters, or forget to mention if fulfilling a quest grants reputation? • Did I get the leadership and mechanics requirements right? Known issues: • Missing regions. Walkthrough doesn't yet include the Disposal Vault or Sammann's Isle. [these are coming very very soon.] • Printing irregularities due to hosting: printing from lj can cause text hiccups.
  14. Ah, found it. Originally Posted By: jeff When a player is on the default difficult level, has built his or her characters poorly, and is playing straight through the main storyline with mediocre tactics, that player should almost never be killed. (bottom feeder 2009) Somehow I think giving "make this harder!" feedback for my normal runthrough would be a waste of time. I'm totally okay with that, as long as Jeff hasn't abandoned those looking for a more demanding experience. This gives me hope: Originally Posted By: jeff if a player chooses to opt-in on higher difficulty, they should be seriously nasty. Looks like Randomizer and I both have permission to ask for more difficulty if the harder settings disappoint.
  15. Originally Posted By: LIKE A WHISPER There's been an interesting balancing act: once upon a time, even random enemies could be punishingly hard. Then it was decided that they shouldn't be, but bosses should be hard. Except eventually that robbed so-called trash mobs of all purpose: they didn't really soak up any resources except time. The logical progression from here is either back towards making all enemies potential threats or towards Shadow of the Colossus-style games where only the important fights really happen at all. I actually think Jeff's navigated this fairly well. There was one game of his I played -- I think perhaps A4? -- in which he failed horribly: it was loaded with chitrachs and other trash mobs. But the next game -- A5? -- I remember a distinct shift, with lots of little sub-bosses and far fewer meaningless roving hoardes. I don't know that I want all battles to be Important Fights, but I do want the satisfaction of having implemented *some* strategy in every fight. Jeff's various damage types and resistances help keep things interesting: it's not so wise to fight undead in geneforge with a bunch of blue fyoras and cryodrakes, or in avernum by casting icy rain; it's not so effective to use fire creatures or fire spells against lava worms or sliths. It's not rocket science, but it does force one to vary one's play style accordingly.
  16. Originally Posted By: Randomizer I'm on Jeff's list of beta testers to ignore when I say the game is too easy. Well, I figure there's a paradigm shift, such that "normal" isn't supposed to be challenging, except maybe on really obviously optional battles. Our fault for choosing "normal" in the first place, if we were hoping for something difficult! Even ten years ago I think gamers expected to hone strategies by failing and trying again on the default difficulty. I suspect those days are gone forever.
  17. Originally Posted By: Necris Omega Eh, isolation discourages rebellion. Also group think and bandwagonry. Oh, I TOTALLY agree! *cough*
  18. Originally Posted By: Randomizer It would be helpful in constructing the huge Item List to have others checking for missing information. I imagine most of us are keeping things like quest lists, and I'm certainly trying to keep track of where all the unique items are. Who trains what, who sells or buys, those sorts of things I've got written down. But the exhaustive item list you do, that's a crazy amount of work. I'm not sure who else will have had the fortitude to keep track of such things! It would be nice to have that to check as we test.
  19. Originally Posted By: Alorael Non-disclosure agreements forbid of from releasing details. I can, however, say that the beta is fun. —Alorael, who can only pray that he will not be sacked for saying that. He needs this gig to pay the bills. I was really hoping for a secret beta-testers forum, where I could post things like "man that was the coolest battle ever, what do y'all think?" or "Help, please, I can't find any trowels!" It's strange playing a game in a vacuum.
  20. jlsgaladriel

    What difficulty do you play on?

    I almost always do a normal runthrough, and then, assuming I like the game, I do a runthrough on hard. ( Which was the awful one, Avernum 3 or 4? There was one game I never finished on *any* setting.) Avadon I played on hard except for one area of fiery critters I fell into far too soon --only to discover that one minute of normal play was enough to deny me the achievement badge. (Strange that not being awarded a little image made me sad!) Yes, it was far easier than the avernums/geneforges, with the exception of the final battle if one chose to fight Redbeard, which was just tedious on any setting. I almost never use cheats, though -- I enjoy a challenge, but "hard" is usually my limit for enjoyment. Do torment players normally play with or without cheats?
  21. jlsgaladriel

    Where do you fall on the Political Compass?

    Economic Left/Right: -7.12 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.87 Well, I'm down around the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. That seems like rather a lot to live up to. O_o
  22. jlsgaladriel

    Avadon vs Avernum

    I greatly prefer Avernum to Avadon, but as Master1 said, the series is being remade. The earlier Avernums as they stand now are hard to play if you're expecting, say, a modern inventory management system. So if you're choosing between the first Avernum and Avadon, at the moment I think Avadon is the obvious choice. If you don't mind jumping in to a story mid-stream, though, Avadon 5 would be a good choice.
  23. jlsgaladriel

    Fool me once, shame on you

    Quote: i know im ranting and you guys at spiderweb really dont need to lisen to me Meh, once and a while, we don't mind. Besides, I myself just bought dragon age origins, and it's entirely Jeff's fault. (His blog made me do it.) Jeff should buy stock, he's selling them so well. Or at the very least, he should get a deal in which they plug spiderweb games!
  24. jlsgaladriel

    How to get back in Castle Vebeaux?

    Can't I just gather a group of my friends to hand out and say, "ni!" ?