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  1. Slarty, I'm blown away by the immense amount of time you've put into this. Not surprised, mind you, just blown away! When you recover from whatever life is throwing at you, please add to the list the missing spiderweb games, or at least: exile, A:EftP, A3:RW, avernum 5, avernum 6. Also, you can't do Enkidu without Shamhat.
  2. That's absolutely the strategy I used: three party members hide in a nice safe space. Tank moves the mirrors in attack mode, not worrying about damage. Priest, on her turn, heals tank. The other two party members chill in a giant spacebar festival.
  3. The laser puzzles -- except the endgame one, which is surprisingly not annoying -- make me desperately miss the moving walkways of exile. But maybe I'm just looking at the past through rose-coloured glasses. I suspect if I could even play the exiles on my current mac, I'd so desperately miss a modern inventory management system that I wouldn't make it an hour. Still, I really wasn't a fan of those mirror-moving laser puzzles.
  4. It's triggering on my third character, who is not carrying uranium. I *believe* I've command-clicked every uranium bar directly into junk holding, and so no character should have touched the stuff. But that third character *is* the carrier of crafting materials including fine steel, so if I had passed a shiny bar through a character's inventory, it would have been that character's. Would a pass-through have triggered ongoing radiation sickness? edit: OH, I am not firing on all cylinders today. PYRRHIC gauntlets. Tingly, warm, named for a ruinous victory by the king of a country noone h
  5. Nope! I lugged one (or several?) around for too long in the Bag of Infinite Junk, and eventually started getting sick.
  6. Welcome out from the shadows! I've been away for long enough I feel almost like a stranger myself. I don't think there's any in-game way to redeem Squiggus' anger: it's either live with it, or use the cheat code. Think about it this way: Squiggus is a small place, and so those patrol members were friends and family to everyone there. If Gandhi murdered your best friend, your cousin, and your sunday school teacher, and then went off to free India, no amount of world-helping awesomeness would make you invite him into your hometown.
  7. Defeating the golems is definitely not a prerequisite for Tenuta's crafting (unlike the training.) The dialogue suggests that the prereq is having spoken with general Baziron and gotten the 'Eliminate the Golems' quest.
  8. I'm ... well, not quite on my second playthrough. I started the first game on "normal," realized somewhere around the giants that I was stockpiling potions and scrolls I didn't need, and started again on "hard." In both plays I've discovered on returning to Squiggus that they're hostile. I've got the fix, although I *did* need to search for it. (Didn't it used to be "pleaseLikeMe" or some such?) I'm just wondering what is causing the hostility. The new games disallow theft if there's someone in line of sight, so my thieving ways can't be the problem, can they? Did word get back that
  9. Random unfortunate trainer trait: Black in Calloc won't train you if you've got anama rings. I'm sure real anama wouldn't care, but I guess those thieves' guild rings are pretty good copies. (Have my fingers swelled? Why can't I just slip 'em off and put 'em in my pocket? Am I eating too much salt?)
  10. Ah, triumph, you're mean! Ooh, Lilith, thank you. I got the second, and completely missed the first.
  11. ... So I take it the farm *isn't* the second property for the medal? ::wants spoiler::
  12. Synergy and Randomizer, have I told you lately how much I appreciate you?
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