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  1. Thank you both. I guess I'll stick with torment for now and see how it progresses.
  2. Sadly, I'm at a point where reloading simply isn't useful for at least one encounter per major location… and some wandering wilderness encounters. No matter how prepared I am, some creatures (those huge wolves, Lost Souls, one room of Fomorians, one wandering group of Wights) just kill me before I can inflict any noticeable damage. It doesn't help that undead are immune to cold spells (perfectly logical), but that they can kill a character (or more) per round after I've done the Beast Ceremony and am wearing armor that eliminates 70% of their damage. (Yes, I'm calculating the reduction properly, using a calculator to multiply remaining percentages, not just adding up the bonuses.) So, maybe I'm missing something. In some Spiderweb games Shields are additive, but I didn't see a note to that effect for N: R. If I lay on two or three layers of Beast Ceremony or Shield, will that improve survivability? If not, what's your standard preparation for an encounter you know will be a killer?
  3. Thanks to both of you for responding. I'm trying to decide whether I really want to dial back to 'tough' (which is the difficulty I used as Romans), or if I should try to stick it out at 'torment'. t seems as though at 'torment' I'm going to have to go back and hit a lot of these places a second time. Which dificulty did you guys play at?I
  4. Well, I figured it out, and I feel like an idiot. I had the game set to 'Torment'; I thought I was playing on 'Tough'. Problem: I changed it to 'Tough', but now it's re-set to 'Torment'. I'm not seeing a 'save settings' button. Well, at least now I understand why it's more difficult this time through. Note that I also changed 'Ask at startup whether to change resolution', and THAT has stayed how I set it, so it's not like all of the changes re-set, just Difficulty. Weird.
  5. You're good at this! There it is, near the top of a large box on the right, just above "Turn Off Character Editor"; I was looking for it outside the box, near the "Done" button. Just goes to show that you shouldn't think outside the box. Thank you.
  6. No option to save appears, and I'm never asked to provide a file name. The save function works perfectly when I save in-game, but I can find no save function for the character editor.
  7. Pretty much what the subject line asks. I can edit. When I hit 'Done' it tells me that my work won't be saved. It isn't. How do I get it to save?
  8. Well, it worked, and I've suitably edited the walkthrough. Sadly, I'm not even close to tough enough to handle the two wolves at the end, so I'll have to mark this one as another I'll get back to later. They're really piling up. Speaking of piling up, now I'm in the upper level of the CroneCaverns. There wasn't anything I couldn't handle down in the Pits below, but on the entrance level the first thing I ran into was 3 Lost Souls (which the walkthrough mislabeled as much weaker Wights), and again I'm running for my life! I'm level 9 now and fully equipped, and these things can kill two characters a round, and I apparently can't hurt them. (It says I'm doing them mid-20s damage with a sling, but no red is showing up on their bars.) I'm at a loss here. I don't remember there being so many things that I couldn't handle when I last played as Celts. I was 6th level when the Crones tried to lure me to their place, and I put them off untill I could reach 9th, but it just doesn't seem to matter.
  9. Sorry, I didn't get a notification that you had responded. (Ah, I see. I didn't realize I had to activate 'Notify me of replies' every time I post; I thought doing it once set a preference.) The answer is no. As I beamed into the room there was already a crate against the north wall on the far EAST side, so I just left it there and shifted the other crate to the place just south of it and the barrel to the space just south of that. I'm leaving on vacation shortly, and I'll try your solution when I get back on Thursday. Thank you for responding.
  10. Well, I'm back. This is one I don't remember getting past as Romans. In the southwestern room of the biggest building (center north) there's a portal. As per the walkthrough, I pass through the portal, kill the two wights, pass through another portal and find the clue that reads "crate north, crate, barrel". I arrange the the crate, crate and barrel from north to south on the east side of the room, step through the third portal and… Do NOT end up in the big cross-shaped building in the center south. Instead I'm outside the previous building, just to the west. What am I missing? The Celtic Walkthrough just says, "…place 'crate/crate/barrel' from N to S, then go through the portal." Obviously there's more to it than that.
  11. Thank you. That's going to have to go on the list of places to go back to, then. (There's one room in Galag-Trav where I can't beat the Fomorians, so I'll have to stop back after I've leveled up a couple of times.) And thanks to Randomizer, whose memory is still better than mine. (I succeeded at this as Romans a decade ago.)
  12. Hi, I'm having problems following the Celtic Walkthrough. Aside from that, I'm in the Maze of Webs and can't find my way to two locations. I've marched all the way around both of them, trying to walk through the walls on every segment around each, and nothing gives. I've mapped their locations using Piercing Sight. Note that I'm not new to the game, though I only break it out every five years or so. The first is the isolated section in the northwest corner — the one I can hear the sounds of angry spiders coming from. Is this the 'nasty spider to the north' mentioned in the Celtic Walkthrough? If not, where is the nasty spider? If so, how do I get in there? Speaking of the walkthrough, I spoke with every Spider in the friendly spider section, and none of them mentioned going to kill a nasty spider (and it doesn't show up under 'Current Quests'). The second section is the one that connects to the ledge in the center of the maze that has the chest on it. How do I get up there? I have looted the corpse in the isolated section to the southwest, found the hidden herbs, and killed four nasty spiders in a hidden section to the southeast, allong with one wandering monster spider near the center-east of the maze. I have not spoken with the spider to the southeast of the spider area, as the walkthrough said to wait. What am I waiting for? I'm finding the walkthrough very difficult to understand. I hope someone can help. Merry Christmas, everybody. Curtis Cook
  13. When I played as Celts I found that metallic armor hindered me more than it helped, even with four or five levels of 'Armor Wearing' skill. With the Romans this was never an issue.
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