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  1. I don't remember if I've asked this before, but are there any plans for making the 'Use' function more useful? Perhaps a 'usable' special node (similar to look, enter, etc).
  2. Are there any plans for an option to auto-reveal a city's map? I know you can set towns to unmappable, but I have a few ideas that would be greatly aided by an always-explored map. Or a node option to reveal/hide the entirety of a city's map. That would also be useful.
  3. I always thought import town overwrote the town with the same number, not pasted it into the current town, but maybe I'm remembering wrongly. Edit: I stand corrected, towns can indeed be duplicated through import. Thanks! This will come in very handy. :-)
  4. I have another question; (probably already been asked somewhere, but I don't know how to find it,) Are there any plans for allowing you to copy/paste sections of towns? Even just a "duplicate town" option would save a lot of time when making different versions for major events/cutscenes/whatever.
  5. I've never seen that option that I recall - I just changed my personal graphics sheets to use the E3 graphics. As a long-time fan of the blue graphics set, I would be all for including a toggle for graphics in the new versions of BoE, (even if it means I need to convert all the old scenarios' graphics from grey cave for it to happen,) if anyone's willing to program the thing. :-)
  6. I didn't read through all of those, but there are plans to increase the limits on the number of graphics and nodes and everything, right? That's probably the most important thing to me.
  7. Did anyone ever decide anything about allowing more buttons per dialog? I think 4 or 6 would be a big improvement over the current two.
  8. Are there or will there be keyboard shortcuts for dialog Also, will you eventually make it so that we can type a custom dialog button text? And maybe allow for more than two dialog buttons (or three if you include 'Leave')?
  9. I recently finished reading the Mistborn trilogy since the final book just came out. I must say, the ending seemed a bit deus ex machina. It was an extremely good book until it got to the end, which was very disappointing. I'm currently in between books, trying to decide what to read next. Maybe something by Asimov, I haven't read Foundation for a while...
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