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  1. There are piercing crystals and stoneshatter scrolls in the Slime Pit. You don't need to know those spells to get to the blocked areas. No, there's no particular order required.
  2. If the guards ran away in fear, that suggests that your party was too powerful. I don't know if that applies here, but I've certainly seen it happen with bands of unicorns when I went back to do some cleanup late in the game.
  3. This sounds like the Ancient Crypt. There is a way out; keep exploring. If you just want to get out, Oh, and to see where you are, press W to get the World Map; you'll see an icon that shows your location along with indicators for the various places you've found.
  4. Raptor

    Where is Audun?

    "Miss him" as in both "not find him" and "try to click on him while he runs away".
  5. They're radioactive. They decayed.
  6. There's a character editor; it's turned off by default, and you have to enable it from the options screen. Once you've done that, you can use Shift-D to bring up the cheat box, and type "editor".
  7. Um, that message was clearly intended to be humorous. And it says "my party of whiners and bed wetters"; it doesn't apply that to anyone else.
  8. So there must be a medals review committee; that would take a few days.
  9. Raptor

    quest log

    Originally Posted By: bumbumpanks Hmm weird, it's definitely not recording them then..guess I should try clearing some out and go back? Tried all the possible dialogue options on these btw.. I've sometimes missed seeing quests because I didn't scroll the list.
  10. Raptor


    Originally Posted By: Snowwhite Just finished the new Escape from the Pit and am looking at purchasing Avadon. However, have read some things here that made it sound like a very difficult game and much more so than the Avernum Series. Am very enthusiastic but not very intuitive with the genre. Advice would be welcomed. You can try it for free. If you don't like it, don't buy it.
  11. Originally Posted By: Darkeonz So I'm inside a place (might be the Ancient Crypt) I killed a bunch of ghosts and gouls and such. The door I came in through are locked and it says I have to figure out a way to get it open. Now I have no chars with any tool use (got 2 mages, 1 priest an a warrior) so I can't get in any of the doors in the room? Do I need to load a savegame and not enter till i have tool use? There is a way out, and it doesn't involve tool use. Go west to the statue and look where it points.
  12. Originally Posted By: Pig Catapult During my previous play session, the little "use" sun button wouldn't appear for Wisdom Crystals. They could still be put in the Quick Use bar, but you couldn't actually use them; clicking them or using the hotkey did nothing. I've since closed and reopened the game, and they're working again, but I didn't see any other threads about this, so I decided to post both in case anyone else has this problem, and to hopefully bring it to the attention of someone who can try figuring out the why of how it happened, maybe? I had this problem, too. Then I realized I was wandering out in the world, where you can't use spells. Once I got into a town they were fine.
  13. Raptor

    Avadon Medals

    Originally Posted By: Master1 Originally Posted By: jpjones2 Where an how can I find these files? Originally Posted By: I stab it with my mace! From your hard disk, go to Users, then your user account, then Library, then Preferences. It'll be called "Avadon Settings", so you can also do a search for that. So Users/[username]/Library/Preferences/Avadon Settings Double click the hard drive icon on your desktop. Look in the "favorites" section of the left menu for whatever folder has a house icon and your username as the name. From there, open the folder called Library. Then the folder Preferences. One of the first files (if you're in alphabetical) should be titled Avadon Settings. This keeps all of your play settings and medals, as well as your registration. If you're on Lion you won't see the Library folder there. Instead, click on Finder and in the menu select Go and press the ALT key. Then select Library from the menu and continue.
  14. Raptor

    A6 - 2 Quick Questions

    Originally Posted By: Stepout Hi all, I am currently playing the Avernum 6 demo and I have two questions. 1. I see you can delete characters in your party. Does it get harder if you do this? Is it possible to beat the game with one or two characters? Yes, it gets harder. Yes, it can be done. You'll occasionally see posts that mention a "torment singleton", which is a party of one on the most difficult game level. I haven't tried that, but I'm just about through the game with a singleton on normal level. Quote: 2. About the First Aid trait. If I put points into that for one character, will they do first aid to other characters in the party after battle as well? Or just themselves? First aid is cumulative across all the party members, and affects all of them. Same for nature lore and arcane lore. On the other hand, tool use is strictly an individual skill.