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    I'd thought that was Geneforge. Oh well, it's probably next in line after Avernum 3. Edit : Jeff says that the Geneforge remake will happen in 3+ years : https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/52xrub/im_jeff_vogel_i_run_spiderweb_software_since_1994/
  2. Yeah I know, I had been following the byte-deciphering here from the start. I've saved copies of the BoG wiki's web pages jic, but it would be nice if it can be hosted online. I've wanted to make a zone-maker, kind of like LF's Zone Simulator but which can create new zones from scratch (or say from a template) instead of just editing them. @Ishad If we were to create a new zone, do you think it would be enough to change offset 106 (number of towns) from 82 to 83 and then add 52088 bytes of new zone data after the last zone, and then add it's own 'town location record' (20 bytes) into
  3. I've been wanting to make a zone-editor using the floor/terrain/character bytes info on the BoG Wiki for a while now (using C#/WPF and SDL 2) but have been putting it off as usual. The number of zones are hard-coded at the beginning of the scenData file. So if we were to create a completely new zone (say a basement, since that would probably be easiest), and add the new bytes to the file, what else then would have to be changed, what info should be added to the header (if at all, like Ishad Nha was saying) or would it simply suffice to create an entry point (ladder or steps) from inside an
  4. I always felt that's exactly what you'd expect serviles to sound like. Wonder where Jeff got the sounds from.
  5. I found a similar question; chap says something about being able to play by bypassing some warning but I didn't understand much of it.
  6. Only 13 years, somehow I thought it would be much more than that. But then, that makes the post count all the more impressive. Congrats on the residency !
  7. Though my memory's foggy, I don't remember having any trouble with mirrors. It was made by StarEye iirc and has a good rating, so since nobody's replied by now I guess nobody had this problem. I haven't played BoE, but if you're playing BoA for the first time maybe there's something (controls/movement) that you might have missed with the engine/view change.
  8. Can scenarios be called mods in NM ? (at least there's no ambiguity for BoG/other fan-made remakes - maybe we could make something out of that, but not sure about scenarios).
  9. The SW forum logo does look a lot less sombre with all that pink
  10. BMA


    I was going to ask how the forums were filled with pictures of ponies - everybody's avatars, the SW logo, the forum icons - all ponies. But I found that my forum theme had somehow been changed to "besttheme" which is what was causing all the ponies. I did believe for a second that the forum code/database had been invaded by pony lovers, but I knew that could not happen and that this was an inside job. But I don't know how my theme changed of it's own accord; if it was intentional, great - I liked the surprise.
  11. Obscurity is what happens to a game when it has had open-ended ancestors I did think there was some story though, 'specially seeing that some prominent characters seem to recognize you from somewhere.
  12. Maker of Productive Posts Since 2008.

  13. The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson was a good one; a curiosity search showed that Toby-Linn had posted about having read it two years ago .
  14. Hey Nite, how's life ? I came home a couple of days ago for the pooja. Are you on the SW Sopris Minecraft server ? I tries to join but they say you've to pay money for it :

    1. Indignus


      I dunno about that server, but if it gets money and credit cards involved, I'm leaving that server with my sanity.

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