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  1. In the original A3, you could buy a boat in Upper Avernum, but not on the surface.
  2. Apparently, Avernum 4-6 are not going to be remastered soon: "Geneforge needs remastering BADLY. We may remaster Avernum 4-6, but it won't be for a long time."
  3. Avernum 1 runs at 2560x1440 on my desktop monitor (Geneforge 5 works, too). However, Avernum 2 and Avernum 3 don't go above 1920*1080 in full-screen mode. The blurry text is somewhat annoying. 1920*1200 works - either in windowed mode or upscaled with thin black bars left and right. Selecting 1920*1440 or 2560*1440 gives a 1920*1200 game area with thin black bars top and bottom and thick black bars left and right. At least text is sharp then.
  4. The demo doesn't include the surface at all.
  5. Now it says "Coming January 31, 2018" instead of just "Early 2018": http://www.avernum.com/avernum3/index.html
  6. Dear Privileged People Politics divorced from materialism doesn't work. Real privilege is material privilege. If you're rich, you're privileged. If you're poor, you're not privileged. All those other invisible supernatural privileges are just a plutocrat scam, an academic circle-jerk. You self-styled progressives don't give a damn about the material living conditions of the working class. Newsflash: The working class doesn't give a damn about your silly hipster fads. The real commies at least had one good idea: Everyone had a right and duty to work. We have the right to freeze to death in the street while classist hipsters pass by. Having won the propaganda war, the corporate oligarchs sponsor only two kinds of politicians: 1. Classists and imperialists with a thin coating of political correctness. 2. Classists and imperialists with a thin coating of populism. Enjoy your Drumpf.
  7. "it's not a Spiderweb game if you can't switch sides and help the bad guys" Hm, can you join the bad guys in Exile/Avernum?
  8. I don't think it's actually insane - you are aware that she is imaginary, after all. Also, I don't think you're missing out on much by skipping some crushes. When something real arrives, I believe you'll let go of Katie, and crushes, by themselves, are basically a waste of time - you obsess over some good-looking stranger, and then you find out they're married, an idiot, or both. 19 isn't really that much. I hadn't kissed a girl by then either.
  9. It's worth noting that you can have several active quests for the same monster. Killing just one monster yields enough monster parts for all these quests.
  10. Given that the nationalism of your compatriots bothers you, do you think living among nationalist foreigners would be more pleasant? In order to get a residence permit in most countries, you need to have a job there, be a university student, or be granted refugee status. As pointed out, you could also marry a citizen of the country you wanted to move to.
  11. I haven't actually tried it at later level-ups (I was thinking of re-starting and tried different starting builds without exiting the character creation screen; it's fairly easy to stumble upon it that way). If it works the same way there, it might cost up to 2 skill points in order to unlock the "Impoved Intelligence" and "Improved Strength" traits, in the case of pumping only Dexterity. A rather low price for old-school freedom, perhaps.
  12. When creating a custom character, all base attributes start at 2 and you get 3 points to distribute freely. First you assign attributes, then skills, then traits. However, you can go back and forth between these tabs. Now, to see the exploit, increase e.g. Intelligence to 5, then get at least 2 levels of Priest or Mage spells to unlock the Improved Intelligence trait, then select said trait, after which you can decrease Intelligence all the way to 1, not 2. After that, you can change skills and traits as you wish. Doing similar tricks for all attributes reduces base attributes to 1 and you get 7 points to distribute freely.
  13. You need to spread the word, because I haven't seen anyone else use the phrase the way you do. Isn't anyone prepared to condemn Miley Cyrus for her twerking? Oh well, let's see what we have managed to scrape together in this thread, after three pages: The Washington Redskins and quinoa. The first is basically a guilt-by-association fallacy: "Redskin" is a racial slur. Racial slurs are bad. The name and mascot of the Washington Redskins are, like, cultural appropration! Therefore, cultural appropriation is bad. Compare: Hitler was a vegetarian. Hitler was evil. Therefore, vegetarianism is evil. And quinoa...OMG...increased export income for the producer countries wouldn't be a problem if the local elite would share enough of it with the peasantry. They could import a variety of food, medicine and other things needed by the poor. But, of course, the local grandees aren't pale-skinned enough to be evil. The Great Satan (US of A) exports a lot of food - subsistence farming isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  14. 1. Cultural achievements are owned by the race that creates them. E.g., "twerking" is property of the Negroid race. 2. Of course, the above does not hold for evil (privileged) races, only for good (oppressed) races. THIS IS WHAT SELF-PROCLAIMED PROGRESSIVES ACTUALLY BELIEVE. On a more serious note: Without the first assumption, the whole giant on clay feet called "cultural appropriation" just falls flat on its face.
  15. This thread is cultural appropriation due to the alphabet used. Only racially pure Phoenicians - mongrels need not apply - have the sacred birthright to use their alphabet!
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