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  1. There's also a major glitch concerning monsters which are priest spell users. All hostile monsters cast only minor bless, even though they are high-level spellcasters (i.e. evil high priest, haakai etc.).
  2. Yeah, but it was nearly 1 year ago I believe that Duskwolf managed to decrypt them since then (provided he did it acutally)
  3. @Ishad Nha: Yeah, ok... Forgive me my ignorance, but what's it for?
  4. Certainly, decrypting towns takes a lot of time and I'm sure that you're busy everyday, but what about the town maps? If you cannot post them, could you just give a hint, how to write a script decrypting towns from file town.dat? Thanks in advance.
  5. Here ya'are: Exile I: http://www.sendspace.com/file/tlum87 Exile II: http://www.sendspace.com/file/otdgqq Hope you'll have a lot of fun. Enjoy.
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