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  1. Avadon 3 - I really enjoy the game, but unfortunately Rudow can't be equipped neither with shaman's stave nor shaman's staff. Please help to debug this. Playing on ipad 2, iOs 9.3.5, highest update possible on ipad 2, no cheats or mods
  2. Does anybody know, if there is a quest to attain the secret, item, whatever it is, that is hidden in the barrier of the circle of runes in Khoth's Lair? Just now I stumbled over a piece of dialogue with Khoth, where the party can ask him about the circle. Having been told, that it is dragon business and having been offered this tidbit of unknown story, I wonder if there is a quest... Who's the initiator?
  3. I'd also say dual-wielding does the better damage than pole. My current party is doing quite well having a pole-wielding priest acting as powerful tank and challenger, wielding 'Smite' and a very dexterous somewhat rather strangely skilled hedge wizard (who I seem to have skilled more like a rogue) wielding 'Demonslayer' and 'Discipline Blade'. They are both only mediocre magical users, but they are teamed up with a priest specialized on blessings and a real mage with a lot of elementary skill, both with energy blessing and by now with all spells available. It's true that the pole-wielding priest doesn't do half the damage my dualwielding Char. does. The strategy they use is, that the pole-wielding challenger-tank-priest draws the attacks of the mobsters on himself, while the backstabbing dual-wielder chops up the more dangerous foes as soon as possible. Meanwhile the priest and the mage are blessing, cursing and healing heavily, sometimes dealing out area-damage on the crowds of enemies bound by the tank... I am not quite sure, if it is the high dexterity I was able to give to them starting at around the middle of the game, or the items with increased chance to evade attacks (mage 6%, others 10-11%), but all of them get missed a lot by enemy attacks, too. That's a real treat. They are practically invincible on normal. Akronath was a piece of cake. Anyway, concerning melee weapons the dual wielding really does the most damage (combined with adrenaline rush).
  4. Patrick's mental abilities really seem to be affected by the grave illness of his wife or old age or both. He remembers Akhronath as being Grah Hoth's prison. But Akhronath is Grah Hoth's Ruined Fort, like Rone says, who makes the much more confused impression during the game. Skarragath is the prison. Seems like old age really gets to old Paddy. ; )
  5. Oops, do I only get into Tenevra, if I have established contact with Melanchion? This is one of my greatest failures this round of A6. Somehow I have managed to be too timid in the Abyss, concerning the two quarreling cities there. And when I accepted Levitt's quests in the Occupied Lands I didn't suspect that this would erase the Contact Melanchion quest. First I didn't mind, thought I could weasel myself into Melanchion's Realm somehow, but it seems that it's not that easy to get into M'sR peacefully...?
  6. Maybe I missed out on s.th., but I miss Incantor Abadon in the trainer's list. Location: infiltrators' camp with Captain Esmee, Occupied Lands. For killing the traitor Kellar and his crownies, he will train mage spells. Spells: lightning spray, terror, cloak of blades, dispel barrier, summon aid, strong daze, fireblast
  7. Is it me or has Avernum 6 for the ipad been reduced in difficulty in comparison to its PC-version? I have played all As of the second trilogy, EftP, all Gs from 3 on upwards and Avadon at least once and up to now it has always been tedious to 'win' against any of the games. But this time, playing (A6) on an ipad for the first time, I am quite amazed at how easy playing suddenly seems. I am collecting impressive amounts of herbs, enhanced items, brews, crystals and a lot of money. Some of the bosses are still as tough as I remember them - e.g. Lich Kavarus, Hirickis and some more, but in all other encounters gameplay seems to be so much easier than before... Does anybody know if adjustment have been made in A6's general difficulty, let's say as a concession to it being an app? Also I thought there was a level cap? Where is it?
  8. A) Ah, thanks for the hint. Nice. So there is still a bit to come.
  9. Hello playing G5 second time, as single servile, no creations as a rule, reached level 50. Battle-strategy: Dealing out 'corrosive' damage and enduring beatings til corrosion of foes has succeeded. Got lots of helpful equipment, but might have mis-skilled a bit. I consider myself in need of major healing, but I'd have to level-up three times in healing skills. Unrealistic, looking at level and remaining areas/quests: everything behind Spire Entryway, East Gazaki-Uss, Travald's Crypt (can't pass T.'s Advisor, but got idea), the challenge areas (if possible at all). (If this was Avadon, I'd go and retrain a bit… ) A) Important question, cause it get's me stuck at the moment: I can't find Phyliddia's amulet. I suspect it to be in the trapped room in SW Wasteland. Triggers in four corners of room, two mines at the back wall do very high damage, can't pass triggers. Where is the hidden leaver? No trees or pillars close. Checked all side walls… Minor question, just out of curiosity and perfectionism: How can one pass the South Gate on The North Citadel Pass? I've slain the Unbound and his Podlings, but there is no crew up there, no key, no clue. Didn't find a hidden lever anywhere. Thanks for giving me a few hints.
  10. Thanks for the list, very elaborate, helps a lot. Only: The location-links up at the beginning of the post give 404-error-messages. Even after waiting for a while…
  11. Wow, thanks. Got a brain like a sieve… or at least I kind of misunderstood events. Thanks, now I have a chance to continue.
  12. Hello, somehow Astoria's quest to hunt down Bennhold disappeared from my journal. What did I do? I know I haven't found Bennhold yet, but I also know I've received the quest, because I found the evidence in Haria Kel and I've defeated Crenshaw. I've also gotten the information where Bennhold went AND I haven't succeeded in passing any of the passes leading to the south yet. So I can't have solved the quest "accidentally" . Therefore the quest should still be snug in my journal. But it's not. I also went back to Astoria and went through all the dialogues to make sure I haven't accidentally reentered the game in a stage where she hasn't given the quest to me yet, but nothing. No assassin quest comes up, and not the Bennhold-quest that follows. Is that a known bug? What can I do?
  13. It's not about hitting Moritz, it's about saving the shadow beast. I share caranha's disappointment concerning this forced story-line. There are more occasions when that happens. And it doesn't help at all, that one will meet Moritz'Kri again, because if you are more interested in "diplomacy" you just can't really find a nice way to play Avadon. One of the victims of the forced story-line is the shadow-beast. Another is Carsta Arl and with him all of Dhorl Stead, or at least any chance of good relations to the other folks of Khemeria. And as I'm talking about options for diplomacy here, I don't want to argue about Carsta Arl deserving to die, because of the total a… hole that he is. Agreed, but it's about diplomatics. And so it could/should be possible to also leave some dinkheads in their places, or at least to replace them with other dinkheads, which are available at the moment (like Hunter Salom for instance, harr, harr) just as it is in the real world, and still collect some XP for diplomatic solutions. Later on you also can't get out of the forced story-line, when you encounter Harua Honored Forge in his own illegal camp. There seem to be so many chances, where you uncover deceit and still keep involved persons alive, for instance to bring them to justice later on. But no: You are always forced to kill the NPCs involved if you want to be able to continue playing. Because the other solution would be to let this part of the story flap loose, in order to avoid killing the NPCs involved. But that's also very dissatisfying, because you know very well, that there is this loose end, that just hasn't been played, and it keeps you from collecting enough XP to be able to continue the game. I do understand that it's very challeging to write an enthralling story, but looking at the promises made in the beginning of the game, I'm a bit disappointed. I'm playing the game for the second time now, trying hard to make one of the promissed different outcomes to occur, but it just won't happen… I'm very interested to see how Avadon's narrative construction will develop with the next sequels, which can be expected to be presented by and by.
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