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  1. Avadon 3 - I really enjoy the game, but unfortunately Rudow can't be equipped neither with shaman's stave nor shaman's staff. Please help to debug this. Playing on ipad 2, iOs 9.3.5, highest update possible on ipad 2, no cheats or mods
  2. Thanks for the list, very elaborate, helps a lot. Only: The location-links up at the beginning of the post give 404-error-messages. Even after waiting for a while…
  3. I miss the Seeking rapier 10-160 + 5% critical hit chance + 5% chance to parry Click to reveal.. you get it in the honeycomb from a group of Sliths
  4. I got firefox Did do the trick all the time. Does it in the whole rest of the forum too… Thanks for checking, though. ?!
  5. Hi Synergy, thanks for the great effort! Unfortunately at the moment, your new updated item list seems a bit messed up, technically… Since days, whenever I try to have a look at it, it shows up all jumbled, if it shows up at all. All the other times it gets hung up. The window stays blank… As I can open all the other forum-topics without trouble, I'd dare to say, that it must be the list, that has got the problem. !ZAP! Tcheedchee
  6. well, I did get out what it means… can't help it. I'll smash some more monsters out of embarrassment – with my biiiiiiggg sword. So what?
  7. Well thanks, I'll look it up, and I'm really very sorry. I'm sure I didn't…
  8. Oops, thanks. Now I'm worried I said something very tasteless. Sorry, - English is not my first language after all…
  9. unfortunately, one only get's server errors at the moment when trying to access all these wonderful lists from above from here… Hope there'll be a solution for this soon. (Otherwise I will have to bugger everybody with stupid newbie-questions, harrharr!)
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