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  1. I wanted to add something. I am a bit of a geek. I can code and worked in finance and options (and music financial business). I turn off the sound. I am attracted to this game because of its simplicity. I hope that Jeff can get his hit blockbuster game if that is what he wishes. But I love these games the way they are. They are a great way to destress. The storyline and simplicity encourage the use of imagination over mechanics. I can pick it up on my Ipad while traveling or at work or waiting for something and I don't need a big fancy computer or involved mouse or controls. I suppose that is susceptible to being criticized as gender bias. I am looking forward to the new game and will add to the kickstarter or buy or prebuy the game when available.
  2. Wendy

    Escape From the Pit _ Help

    I am playing escape from the pit. My characters can only see three spaces in front of them. I know the game might do this, but the whole game playing area is doing this now. Every section. I can't make the game show up.
  3. Wendy

    Escape From the Pit _ Help

    I know what I did. I got stuck in the crypt that is dark so I used a cheat code to get out. I just redid the game...
  4. Wendy

    Escape From the Pit _ Help

    Yes, I think it is a glitch.
  5. Hi, I see you are online.  I was in a Crypt in Escape from the Pit.  Now my characters have "lost their way in the dark".  Even in other areas my characters can only see a few spaces.  The area is dark.  is this a glitch?  I am trying to fix it. Thank you!

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    2. Randomizer


      That's meant to be a puzzle. I dropped low value items like food or other things from my junk bag to mark which one of the identical looking rooms i was in. There are 4 of them and exits jump to the same room and the others depending on which way you go. There are also sometimes hidden switches.


      The hard part is you get attacked.

    3. Wendy


      I am in the Crypt of Drath.  I can't use a light, and there are no maps that come up so that I can see where I am.  What should I do?

    4. Wendy


      Thanks.  I was going to use the location function to map it out, but I found an easier way.  Thank you.

  6. Wendy

    Where is Crenshaw?

    I cant find him, either. I think he got killed. Prior to this I spoke with him a few times.
  7. Wendy


    I found Khora-Vyss but cannot get into all of the levels, only the outside. What am I doing wrong? I am almost done with the game.
  8. Wendy


    Thank you!
  9. Wendy

    Character Editor

    The data folder is empty, there is no installer in the link above. Text files are the only files.
  10. Wendy


    Thank you, I got it. I got through the city, but never found the statue with the reward described by the drake under Harkin's Landing.
  11. The sorcerer (I think) with the corrupted circle intimates that she does not think the Shadowbeast needs to be killed. Heart Miranda gives the Hand the authority to make the people obey in all of the territories. That being said, can I kill Moritz and save the Shadowbeast. is there any way to save the Shadowbeast?
  12. Ok, so I have been in blasted ruins. I used move Mountains and blasted the wall to the box where the key is supposed to be to open the gate to Thompson's Lair. No such luck No key. Also, in Vahnati Lore, I have gotten all the Crystal Souls. I still cannot read the Vahnati Lore book in Ornothogot (or whatever the name is). There is also supposed to be a place to learn Vahnati Lore near Patrick's Castle. Is this in the secret slith fort?
  13. I got all of the quests done. Still don't have Level 3 Dispel Barrier. Should I get anything for destroying the portal?
  14. Thanks. I have the key. I was looking at the map upside down.
  15. I did check it, I don't have it. Is the room with the bladtable wall (I did blast a wall) also have a door? I have the Orb of Thralni to jump water but have been afraid to use it because I don't want the charges to dissipate. How many times can I use it? SW portion? On the hint book it shows something else. Does Move Mountains Level Three need anything to read it?
  16. Wendy

    What have you been eating recently?

    Wow. Have been eating much of what everyone else has been eating. Lots of spinach and lentils. Tofu mixes (picky about the tofu). Get the sauces at Fresh Market. But I am in NOLA and certainly appreciate the food. Oysters are wonderful here. I eat well so I can have fried oysters. I have matzo soup handy for any ailments. Lots of brie cheese. (I try not to!). I love my kefir and cottage cheese. But I try to source responsibly. Love corn soups. Pain to cook. I have eaten everything by the time the food is done!
  17. Yes, I will. I know how. I just use different computers for forums as the games.
  18. I will. I can only add URL, not jpg?
  19. I have Crown clearance but there was one quest that has confounded me. How do I get the Gremlin women. I know where they are, but do I just blast them out with Move Mountains? And what exactly do wisdom crystals do? Add experience? I have found and replaced two crystal souls already to their proper place. How do I get in the Lava Dome? I see a crevice. Do I jump it with the artifact I have? I see that there are platforms and I can cut the rope, but they seem to be in a different direction than the help book. Thank you.
  20. I cannot find my way into the Tiger's Den, either. I don't see the switch anywhere!
  21. Hi, I have been under the storage area and conquered the demons or villains in the Treasure Room. I opened one secret door with a button to slide open. However, I cannot get any other areas to slide open when I walk near them. Any suggestions?
  22. Is there a cheat code for money in Geneforge 3?
  23. Wendy

    Dragon with Miranda

    How do I defeat Vardagas the dragon in the corruption. I have switched characters and do not know what to do at this point.
  24. Wendy

    Dragon with Miranda

    I mean Miranda doesn't even show up at all here. I am alone with the monsters or I can interact with the dragon. Miranda is no place to be found. I can hear her conversation with the dragon about him forcing us to fight, but she never shows up. Do I need to do something?
  25. Wendy

    Dragon with Miranda

    Ok, but also (I play on an iPad) Miranda doesn't come to fight. I gave defeated all the monsters except the infernal. Is there something I need to do?