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  1. The stalagmite doesn't seem to be removed? I've tried every light except 1, and every light except 7, none of these worked. edit: goddamnit thought blue meant "light on". Nevermind...
  2. Hi all, I'm stuck at the "6 lights" part. I've been lightning 6 of them (looking at my notes 7 don't seem possible, and the map does specify 6), but it doesn't seem to accomplish anything. There is a hidden switch, which opens a door behind stalagmites, but I can't reach it. Help?
  3. Main character: Bikini. Roth 1: Briefs. Roth 2: Boxers. "Bikini is covered in acid" always cracks me up.
  4. Hello! Trying to get the rothgoroth canister ASAP, I lured the eyebeast and it's minions toward the hasted, blessed shaper camp. Coming back later, I noticed captain Milburn and the mine laying girl were replaced by puddles of blood. Are them important? Am I stuck?
  5. Avernum 3 by far. Nostalgia (omg omg it's the surface), story, big world, and the last avernum with soul crystals... However, playing it is horribly irritating because of the interface. Furthemore, it won't even load the saves on my poor macbook. *Starts crying like a mutilated baby in the snow*
  6. I want soul cristals back. Alien Slime, I choose YOU!
  7. "As a pure melee NPC, the tame rat would not be a good longterm game element." What about a crafter npc that would in exchange of two rubies, a focusing crystal, a rat and 500 gold give you an eyebeam rat of doom? Come on.... =ยง Players love crafting, and probably love rats, so let's combine!
  8. Okay, we all know the tame rat is one of the most important sources of trauma in the whole game. Either it dies against the boss (he is too awesome to lose against underlings), either you go away and he watches you climb down the stair, tears leaking in his "beady eyes", sitting here, waiting for your return, starving, or even worse, you can shoo him away, "breaking his little rodent heart". No! Tame Rat should become a recruitable Npc! With evolution, skills, and his incredible model dripping with sheer awesomeness! Think of it: a cute rat following you everywhere... (and if he got more lines it would be... *faints*) Comments? Anyone wanna start a petition?
  9. My method to snatch those goodies is to create a character, max nature lore, get the item, delete character. (how can a botanist pop out of nowhere? MAGIC!). The change you suggest would prevent that.
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