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  1. Yup, it sure is! Given that nobody was even sure who the OP was looking for - three years ago - I'm not sure how helpful this is to anyone today. But hey, welcome to the boards if that hasn't been said yet!
  2. Jerakeen

    Has anyone managed to get past 1st lvl of Tome?

    @Valdain: Pixel Dungeon is an enjoyable roguelike you can play on your phone or tablet. Well, enjoyable if you enjoy dying a lot. The mechanics are really simple, but the game is strangely addictive. Some of the fan-made mods are better than the original.
  3. If I may make a suggestion, Owenrus, paragraph breaks make walls of text easier to read.
  4. Jerakeen

    New Arival

    Hello and welcome! I think you've already encountered the CoC. As for etiquette, just be reasonably polite. And don't resurrect long-dead topics unless you have something relevant to add. Even then, it's preferred that you start a new topic with a link to the old one (exceptions being ongoing topics here in General, like "What are you reading?"). If you want to get to know us, you can read through years of forum posts. We're all in there.
  5. You need the Blessed Athame, which can be obtained at the Ornotha Ziggurat . OOPS, yeah. Halls of Chaos, sorry.
  6. Jerakeen

    More than 2 companion?

    This exists, but you have to do a little script editing.
  7. Jerakeen


    Congrats from a midbie
  8. Jerakeen

    Basilia Quest Finale (Av-II)

    The main reason there's a FAQ for Avadon:TBF is that there were literally dozens of questions that kept getting asked over and over again. This didn't happen so much with Avadon 2. Now the annotated maps were about 12 tons of work, which is why they are still not done for AV2.
  9. Jerakeen

    Giving Thanks

    Cheese. I'm thankful for cheese. And that I'm not lactose intolerant, I guess.
  10. Jerakeen

    Forum Themes

    Sylae She might conceivably take requests. Into consideration.
  11. Jerakeen

    ASR Zaskiva

    No, you just have to chat with him. Ask him about his friends, specifically Kenny.
  12. Jerakeen

    The Exile II Anniversary Postcard Project

    Congratulations, Goldengirl! Huzzah!
  13. Well, you can keep an eye on how many times the topic has been viewed. It's 570 as of now.
  14. Jerakeen

    Spiderweb Forums Recipe Hub

    Yea, where I live you couldn't even get the non-chicken ingredients for that much. Nice recipe, though.