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  1. I think Avadon 3 is a better game than 2, but not so much better to be worth playing out of order, I don't think -- 3's better than 2, but I expect you'll enjoy 2 more if you play it before 3. I'd say play 1 and, if you like it (and I hope you do!), buy and play 2. 3 will still be there when you get the money for it.
  2. I also like to give Int-boosting orbs to my spell casters.
  3. Definitely easier. Even more important -- less annoying. This is the only one of the three Redbeard fights that I actually bothered finishing. In 1, I fought for about an hour without either side gaining much of an advantage, got bored, and reloaded a pre-fight save to do a non-violent ending instead. A gave up on 2, as well, although I didn't spend nearly as much time at it; after my bad experience with the Avadon 1 Redbeard fight, I gave up on the Av2 one pretty quickly (maybe too quickly?) The third one was long, but not THAT long. More importantly, I felt like I was making progress -- albeit slow progress -- the whole time. I didn't find the teleporting away too irritating, because he usually ran bad before any of my characters acted anyway, while the fake Redbeards just sat in their corners sulking about how nobody respects them anymore.
  4. Originally Posted By: Randomizer A mage doesn't need archer skill since all spells can do range attacks. The only reason is to get gymnastics skill for extra action points and to dodge attacks. A mage doesn't need archer skill if you're using cheat codes or have lots of patience for going back to town every 5 minutes. Otherwise, archer skill is useful for giving the mage something to do in those fights that aren't work wasting spell points on. This is, of course, suboptimal for the major combats, since you're taking skill points away from abilities that you'll use in the hardest fights and spending them on things that are completely useless in those fights, but that make the game as a whole less annoying.
  5. Originally Posted By: Ociporus I wish that HASTE meant what it says. The only way to truly "haste" seems to have been to consume potions. Battle Frenzy. On Normal difficulty, I found that, once I got their hit chances up so that they weren't always missing, my fighters were consistently doing more damage per round to a single target than my spellcasters were. For big monsters that don't summon, the fighters were more useful than the casters were.
  6. Depends -- are you using cheats to replenish your mana, or going back to town every time you need to recharge your spell points? If you're playing with unlimited spell points, then two attacks are probably better. If you're not, then the boosted magical damage will make the game less annoying.
  7. Less defense, more offense. Melee skill, Blademaster (which is way too low), and Dual Wield will all help you hit. By this point in the game, I was up to 95% hit chance against most enemies (though I wasn't playing Torment). But I also didn't have nearly the left-column investment you did.
  8. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity I used to write home-made games for our TRS-80 Model III, which had no hard drive at all. My first computer was a Mac Plus, but I just read this post to my wife, who's first computer was a Trash 80, and she can't stop laughing. Thanks for the memories!
  9. Here's the can't fail, don't have to remember/recognize anything method:
  10. Alternate alternate point of view: try the demos first. Lots of people here -- Jeff included, according to his blog -- swear by the Eschalon series, but I hated every minute of it. I bought Book I and thought it was terrible; I only played the demo of II, but it didn't seem any better. Try the demos, if you like them, great; if you come out of them with reservations, realize that the game doesn't get any more interesting as it progresses.
  11. Originally Posted By: Nelzoma Absolutely true, but I think he does -- after all, you don't see this in any of his new games. But this is a remake, after all, and I think this is one of those cases where he's stuck with bad design decisions from the original to preserve the flavor. I hate them, but he was probably right not to remove them. Although if he ever puts one in a new game, I'll have something to replace the hidden switch rant in my signature. I agree about the skill system, though, except that I liked it here even less than in Avadon. While the center tier skills in Avadon were generally superior to the sides, they weren't impossibly so and there was some flexibility and customization in character design. And, actually, the skill caps on the lower tier skills helped that, too. In A:EftP, you basically have to put 1/2 your skill points into the primary skill for your class (melee, pole, priest spells, or mage spells) and, even with the other half, many of the skills are useless and there's generally a single set of options that is clearly optimal over anything else -- far more so than the center tier in Avadon. The end result is that there's actually very little to do to customize your characters. Bo-oo-oring.
  12. Did you find a boat? It's probably another switch you've missed -- there's a lot in that area. I can't tell from that which one you might have missed (as if I'd remember the locations, anyway!), but if you look carefully, there's gotta be one there that you've missed.
  13. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S The problems with the combat pathfinder -- how it activates when you don't expect or want it to, and then does self-destructive things -- are way more annoying, IMHO. Indeed! Now there's a bug that could really use some work. Also annoying is the difficulty of moving to the square above and to the left of an enemy without clicking on the enemy instead -- especially if the enemy is something big like a giant. At least there's a work-around for that by enabling keyboard movement. But I'd still rate it as more annoying than the city entering bug. Although I don't expect it to be fixed, either, since there is that workaround.
  14. It is annoying, and I did it about a million times, but the problem is, it's not that annoying. I wouldn't call this a feature that "regularly makes the user angry;" more like a feature that "regularly makes the user mildly annoyed." Are you going to ask for your money back over this? Will you not buy Jeff's next game because of it? Yeah, me neither. Not saying I wouldn't like to see it fixed. I just get why it probably won't be.
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