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  1. My party can't understand the mosaics in the cemetery in the middle of the island. Is this because they don't have enough Arcane Lore? Or is there a key or description somewhere I need to pick up? thanks
  2. Well, with really strong magic and decent hand-to-hand, the only thing I had to worry about was getting stuck in the stun cycle. Which happened plenty of times. But mostly, I'd walk into a room, spread the bug spray, charm a little, and taze away. Or stealth around. Since I work out of the house, my productivity still took a huge hit. But the game was relatively quick and lots of fun. Having five factions gave the story a lot more drama than the usual for us/against us/Trakovite deal. If time permits, I'll try it again. Which class do you recommend for singleton?
  3. Just finished the game playing as a singleton Lifecrafter on Casual. Immunity from mental attacks is good! Which I had that in real life.
  4. I like Fael's macro idea. I find myself typing out the buffing sequences before each combat without even looking -- just keeping to the correct rhythm so there's no overlap. Here's how I think about the difficulty levels (because I have a job and many other interests -- lame, I know): Easy -> Quick Play: Enjoy the story and the puzzles, whizz through the fights Normal -> Balanced Play: Story, puzzles, but give the monsters a fair chance Hard -> Combat Play: The game is fun, but the fights really make it all worthwhile Torment -> Addictive Play: No fight is
  5. Amazing work, Synergy! Saves a lot of frustration. Now I can waste my time efficiently. Based on this list, there's no solution to the Scuttler eyes quest, right? I certainly haven't come across any in the Scuttler pit area.
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