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  1. My party can't understand the mosaics in the cemetery in the middle of the island. Is this because they don't have enough Arcane Lore? Or is there a key or description somewhere I need to pick up? thanks
  2. OK, found that switch! Thanks a mil, Randomizer, it was driving me crazy. BTW, your item lists are a godsend. I love these games, but have to collect every object in existence just in case it's needed down the road can really get tiresome.
  3. So far the game's been playing great and I've been enjoying the revamped Avernum. But in the Drath crypt, I've gone through it three or four times, pressing the U key every few steps, trying to figure out a way to get to those 2 levers behind the gate in the SE corner. Anybody know what I'm doing wrong here (or not doing right)? Thanks in advance.
  4. I had to take a screen shot of the main map during one of the transitions to get a good look at it. I am loving the huge spaces. The dungeons feel a lot less cramped. Thank Jeff for the big area maps (Tab key), otherwise, I'd be lost all the time. Seems this game is less about finding all the artifacts strewn about the terrain and more about playing a very careful political game. There's a lot of different forces at work here.
  5. I'd love to see the full map too. The scene switching is a little annoying when entering larger buildings, but since it means bigger dungeons, I accept them as a feature. However, it would be nice to have an easy way to tell which buildings have been explored. On the map, they stay dark.
  6. You should be able to loop back at the south end, right past the island.
  7. Well, with really strong magic and decent hand-to-hand, the only thing I had to worry about was getting stuck in the stun cycle. Which happened plenty of times. But mostly, I'd walk into a room, spread the bug spray, charm a little, and taze away. Or stealth around. Since I work out of the house, my productivity still took a huge hit. But the game was relatively quick and lots of fun. Having five factions gave the story a lot more drama than the usual for us/against us/Trakovite deal. If time permits, I'll try it again. Which class do you recommend for singleton?
  8. Just finished the game playing as a singleton Lifecrafter on Casual. Immunity from mental attacks is good! Which I had that in real life.
  9. I like Fael's macro idea. I find myself typing out the buffing sequences before each combat without even looking -- just keeping to the correct rhythm so there's no overlap. Here's how I think about the difficulty levels (because I have a job and many other interests -- lame, I know): Easy -> Quick Play: Enjoy the story and the puzzles, whizz through the fights Normal -> Balanced Play: Story, puzzles, but give the monsters a fair chance Hard -> Combat Play: The game is fun, but the fights really make it all worthwhile Torment -> Addictive Play: No fight is
  10. Amazing work, Synergy! Saves a lot of frustration. Now I can waste my time efficiently. Based on this list, there's no solution to the Scuttler eyes quest, right? I certainly haven't come across any in the Scuttler pit area.
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