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  1. Just finished A3: RW, which was a great nostalgic trip back to the original Exile trilogy I played as a kid. I don't have time to play any more games right now, but I'm interested in where the story goes- particularly in A4-A6. Is there a place where I can read Avernum story summaries?
  2. Also, the box in Blackcrag can be used 4 times.
  3. Figured it out in case anyone else is googling this: I searched the scripts folder and found him. Turns out he moved into City Hall in Sharamik.
  4. I killed King Vothkaro and went back to the inn at Arminro to find Mayor Najib to turn in the quest. He seems to be gone. The innkeeper is still there, the town is still there. (It's not occupied by Troglodytes.) Am I missing something?
  5. Well, if he's already done the coding for it... just add an option. Then if you like the static steps, you can have them. For me, they're disorienting. Especially with multiple characters following you.
  6. I heard that the engine for this series was being updated? Does it finally have smooth animated movement or is it still one space at a time? I have a pretty low standard of graphics, but I found the movement pretty terrible when I tried a spiderweb game last. Even Dragon Warrior NES in something like 1985 had smooth movement...
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