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  1. What is "PC Damage Bonus" in these formulas? Is that the cumulative total from stuff like Barracks and runes / rings that give damage bonus?
  2. What does it cost currently? You made me think it currently cost 4, but I just checked and it consumed all 5 of my AP. On that note, I had no idea some abilities cost 4 until I read this thread. Could AP consumption of abilities be noted somewhere in their descriptions?
  3. I'm finding Weakness to be very, very good on torment. (At least early-mid game.) It feels like the Daze of this game- essential for early-game crowd control. It may not completely disable them, but after stacking a couple casts, they just can't do any real damage anymore. I prefer it over Time Warp since I prefer monsters that can't really hit at all over ones that just hit less often. I've found Time Warp more useful for monsters that do annoying non-damage-based things on their turns like cause status ailments or summon slimes. But for a pack of damage dealers, just cast Weakness twice and maybe Inspiring Cry once, then kill them at your leisure.
  4. I mean, I've done it before. Basically I'm looking for an experience where I really have to think about all the tools available to me to figure out how to succeed. But I'm not looking to reload constantly trying to "get lucky." So I play at whatever difficulty provides that experience at whatever part of whatever game. (In Avernum3, it became apparent I would need to get lucky to even beat the first "tutorial" spider. So I switched back to hard for a bit.)
  5. Is there anything stopping you from avoiding fights that guard treasure chests and coming back to safely collect them after the dungeon is clear?
  6. Turns out the answer to this question was my question here: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/25058-you-decide-not-to-build-because-you-might-need-the-resources-for-something-else/ (I had to ask Miranda "Are you finally done giving me advice?" to advance the game.) So I was trying to figure out what to do without the quest markers from Miranda and with a substantially weaker party from not being able to build any new shops.
  7. So I was confused by the response here since I definitely had talked to Miranda. Turns out I hadn't selected the "Are you finally done giving me advice?" option because it felt like the "be a pompous dick" option not the "continue the game" option. It was pretty unintuitive and I'm not sure I would have easily guessed it. Thanks for the answers!
  8. I'm trying to build more shops beyond the first blacksmith and apothecary, but every time I try to place the new building, I get a "You decide not to build because you might need the resources for something else" message. What causes that? I think I have plenty of resources.
  9. I started a new game on torment. (I played nearly all of Avadon 3 and the second half of Avernum 3: RW on torment.) The first area (the bandits at the dock) went about as I expect- I had to think carefully about my moves and felt like I could easily lose if I did something stupid, but I didn't have to try the encounter over and over. But after that, everywhere I go seems above what I can handle. Is there a specific second area I should be going to? Is there some obvious tactic I'm missing? (Like how Daze was essential for survival at low levels in A3.)
  10. Subject line pretty says it. Some weapons say they have a "light slash" attack while others say "heavy slash." But my understanding is that there's only 2 types of damage (physical and magic), so is that just flavor or is there some difference?
  11. Just finished A3: RW, which was a great nostalgic trip back to the original Exile trilogy I played as a kid. I don't have time to play any more games right now, but I'm interested in where the story goes- particularly in A4-A6. Is there a place where I can read Avernum story summaries?
  12. Also, the box in Blackcrag can be used 4 times.
  13. Figured it out in case anyone else is googling this: I searched the scripts folder and found him. Turns out he moved into City Hall in Sharamik.
  14. I killed King Vothkaro and went back to the inn at Arminro to find Mayor Najib to turn in the quest. He seems to be gone. The innkeeper is still there, the town is still there. (It's not occupied by Troglodytes.) Am I missing something?
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