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  1. Recently finished In the Company of Soldiers by Rick Atkinson. It follows the 101st Airborne division's first few months during the invasion of Iraq, specifically following General Petraeus and his staff. It's a very fascinating look at the logistical difficulties of launching a modern-era military movement of a huge scale and tactical choices that come with being in command during a war like Iraq, with all of the legitimacy issues analyzed in excellent objective detail. It takes a very armchair view of the war, so don't expect to get into the grittier parts of combat. Atkinson himself has an
  2. Hi SW. Long time no see. In the last month I've been revisiting a lot of Spiderwebs games and I got around to picking up Avadon 2 about a week ago. In predicable fashion of me, I binged through the game in about 3 days. Overal I did enjoy the game well enough. Of the two Avadon's I prefer The Black Fortress, but Avadon 2 was still a solid game on the whole. My biggest problem though is the writing...which is definitely a first for a SW game. Did anyone else feel like Jeff over did the humor in this game? It's not one little piece, it's more like a hundred or more dialogs throughout
  3. There's no money cap, so you can stack as much cash as you want. Money is pretty tight in this game, from my experience. A few bought spells can blow away your entire life savings fast, so it pays to plan ahead on what you want. Also, I wouldn't recomend buying any items from stores. You get plenty from dungeons and it will only drain your income.
  4. ....Coincidentally enough, I just finished The Fellowship and am moving on to the Twin Towers. Was anyone else inspired by watching the movies on Spike too?
  5. The BoA Community I personally don't have a problem with the reviews as long as the scenario is not listed on the quality/top scenario list. If its a joke scenario with joke reviews, perhaps it should get a subcategory of its own. I mean, there's only like 3 or 4 joke scenario's ever made in BoA, and if not that, there should be some sort of obvious indication that the scenario is a joke scenario and not a "real" scenario, for the BoA lurkers and people looking at the reviews. Of course, that puts scenario's like Nobody's Heroes in an awkward position. It's clearly a scenario b
  6. I only ever found on in Hagfan. It's been a while since I played though.
  7. http://www.ironycentral.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=183146Post183146 Magic Creation Guide
  8. Now now, I hardly think something as mediocre and unimportant as a single suggestion is really worth abandoning the new(er)CSR. I detected a hint of humor in wiz. As's post, but I agree, that was a bit uncalled for. I agree with *i's proposal to not count reviews that are along those lines (NC/NC if you will), although one little review shouldn't really be striking up all this fuse, imo. But maybe we should expand that to include praising a scenario, as ADoS mentioned earlier in the thread. "NICE JOB BRO!!!" doesn't tell me much about the scenario either.
  9. The following links are broken : (Skills and Abilities) Unlock Door with Tool use explanation (Miscellaneous) Armor affecting spell casting -- The Great Archon
  10. Master Ackrovan's Review of Nobody's Heroes Nobody's Heroes is the 7th scenario made by Kelandon. The Plot - This scenario has a very original plot compared to most other scenario's. You play a group of new adventurers out into the world for adventure!. You explore a small, isolated valley, looking for chances to prove your worth! Yay! On the way, however, you encounter another group of adventurers. During the course of the scenario, you compete with these adventurers to find Machrones artifact, which was stolen from him. While its nothing jaw-dropping, the plot fits perfectly with the
  11. Originally Posted By: Kelandon Might be nice to move the information about how scenarios get marked "Top," "Worthwhile," etc., from the FAQ into the list page itself. That is, instead of: "Top Scenarios None yet!" etc. change to: "Top Scenarios (at least 30% of the reviews have rated "Best")" etc. But what if a scenario has three reviews, and two say its terrible etc... ? I don't think a scenario can be the best if the majoriety thinks it stinks.
  12. I agree with Kelandon from the players perspective on the Beta reviews. It's very aggravating reading what the Beta was, and not the final product, which is what I will be playing. I don't want a *rule* to be in place, but I don't think many people will object to requesting common sense.
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