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  1. There is no "settings" under Preference. If you mean there is an option marked "Ask at startup whether to change resolution," yes, there is, but the whole point is that checking it or not checking it makes no difference at startup. -- Mal
  2. I start the program, it goes immediately to the start screen. Loading a game recalls it to 800X600. Then hitting ESC brings the File Menu popup, which includes Preferences. One of the preferences is "Ask at startup whether to change resolution," but whether checked or not, it does not ask when I start again. Kind of provoking. -- Mal
  3. I set up Avernum 2 after repurchasing it at GoG, and like a bit of a fool set the screen resolution at 800X600 instead of where it should be. The options menu offers to select screen size at startup, but it doesn't do so. So I am stuck at 800X600 if I can't figure out how to change it. So how can I change it? -- Mal
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