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  1. I'm re-re(-re?)-reading Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber. It's interesting enough that I can read through it every few years.
  2. The chemist in me is really happy right now.
  3. Rereading Patrick Rothfuss's books. Wouldn't mind reading about ylides. Organic chemistry final in one week.
  4. Since my last post here, I have finished The Lord of the Rings. I'm now rereading Candide and enjoying it even more the second time through.
  5. I'm on book 4 of The Lord of the Rings. I'm doing much better this attempt than my first time, where I got to about chapter 4.
  6. This seems relevant. And to contribute a little, although not on the original topic: I'm in my second year undergraduate in the States. I've really enjoyed some of the core requirement classes. It's really nice to expand my horizons beyond the scope of grade school. I'm better able to understand and appreciate things from other disciplines.
  7. How can you definitively declare that someone is "evil"? It's hard enough to define evil, let alone use it as a concrete factor in determining someone's right to live.
  8. I was never really bothered by Kvothe's legendary skills. I plan to read the books again this summer, so we'll see if it sticks out more on a second or third read through. Also, we really don't know much about what will happen in Day Three. There could be an explanation there.
  9. I must have forgotten the part in HP where Harry lives as a "street rat" in a big city struggling to stay alive.
  10. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S "Fanfic of" "Based on" "Inspired by the same mythology as" ...these are totally different terms. Don't throw them around as if they are one and the same. As Alorael said, neither Wagner's nor Tolkien's works would qualify as fanfics or even as being "based on" previous stories. Fair enough. The Inheritance series certainly draws heavily on Tolkien's work. Of that there is no doubt. I won't go into details for two reasons: I haven't read LotR, only seen the movies, and I don't want to give any spoilers.
  11. I just finished Inheritance. The entire series has so much drawn from LotR that I feel like I'm reading a fanfiction. A good fanfic, but still something created from something else. Then again, LotR is based on Wagner's Ring, so I'm reading a fanfic of a fanfic? Anyway, I know that people have criticized the writing in the Eragon books, and that's fine with me. They were fun reads. Now I'm off to read either A) Pride and Prejudice for school or The Hobbit in preparation for the movie.
  12. Yes. The general strategy involves spreading out your characters and having one or two smash Redbears with everything they have whenever the other characters get rid of the round of souljars.
  13. I never found that section to be tedious, but maybe my little boy hormones messed with my judgment. One thing that I have noticed is that there are very few pre-laid plot twists. Some authors plan things books in advance, and only after reading further do you understand why something earlier happened. Perhaps because these are his first novels, Rothfuss simply didn't plan that way. I read an interview where he claims to have just sat down with a story idea and wrote. While his writing does lack some of the more intricate and hidden twists, I certainly feel that these books are some of the b
  14. Is it Nikki's birthday? If that's in his local time, we have the same one! Scary. I finally finished The Wise Man's Fear, and I loved it. Very different from the first book, but just as good. I can't wait for the third.
  15. What Aran doesn't say, though, is that most of the newbies are really just more Aranbots coming in to pollute the IP address pool.
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