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  1. The game is "playable" but there seems to be some buffer overrun issues (or something) that prevent quests and events from working correctly in some cases. I'm not sure if these issues can be fixed with the help of asan. It could even be something like the SDF coordinates not being initialized somewhere, so that random SDFs are set to random values or something.
  2. Looks like it's available on OpenBoE.com. It's near the top of the list.
  3. You can't use the same script as both a creature script and a town script. Change the guard's script back to the default and that should fix the error message. To make the guard respond to talking, you'll need town dialogue script (which is different from the town script and has a different format).
  4. Since you have a GitHub account anyway, why not open a pull request with these changes?
  5. I want to note that, while that version you download probably works, it's not the latest version and in particular not a version I had any part in producing. The latest available version is the most recently-posted download in this thread. It has some bugs and glitches, however, so if all you want to do is play the game, the CBoE version you obtained should be sufficient.
  6. That kinda makes me a little curious about what it'd look like with Magic Map…
  7. Just a heads-up if you're building the Linux version from HEAD – while HEAD builds, it has some crashes that are fixed by pull request 274, so you'll want to merge that locally as well (something like "git pull origin refs/pull/274/head" should work). It's not merged yet simply because I haven't had a chance to give it a detailed review. There are still some unimplemented bits in the Linux code, but the game itself pretty much works from what I understand. It might not build on BSDs though (at least one person, possibly two, tried that with no success).
  8. If you were walking through walls, or if you entered the joining cave that leads below the school (as a shortcut for later on), then that's a game bug.
  9. Huh, that sounds like a fairly bad bug if the game crashes trying to change terrain. Is there an error message or does it just suddenly die? A saved game should help debugging it, and of course I'd need to know the scenario.
  10. Hmm, okay, seems like there's a second bug there in that node step-through mode isn't properly linked to debug mode. I believe the shortcut to disable it is Shift+1 (probably requires debug mode enabled); alternately, when you see those messages, I think escape will disable them as well (which shouldn't require debug mode enabled).
  11. Huh, haven't seen that one before… just to clarify, by maps, you mean the areas you've explored on the automap, right? This one should be fixed in the next build. This almost sounds like it could be related to the debug mode bug, as there's a step-through mode that shows the current node in the transcript and pauses after each node… but it also sounds like it could be something totally different? Ugh, really? That's a pretty terrible bug… This one is known… Go Back is currently broken. Yes, the ability to trigger specials by casting spells is intentional… however, it shouldn't be triggering just any special… so this is still a bug. (Also, the white special spots are supposed to be impassable to monsters.) EDIT: I opened #267, #268, and #269 based on your post.
  12. Well, if you want to have an optimal party, and eliminate the possibility of some characters learning mage spells later on, sure. …really? Save as was working last time I checked… I'll check again though. Indeed, this is very annoying and I'm still not sure where it comes from. I think I have an idea to "fix" it, though. While I can't promise it'll look good, it's possible to edit the bladeprefs.ini to set the UISCale to 1.5 (or any other value you want to try) Other than the sluggish controls, what you're describing is debug mode plus ghost mode. Shift-D will disable it. There was a bug where sometimes they'd spontaneously enable themselves, which will be fixed in the next build.
  13. Here's an actual screenshot of the Mac's standard 8-bit palette (taken from ResEdit running in Basilisk II).
  14. Yes, the editors have no fullscreen mode. The game itself can be toggled between windowed and fullscreen mode in the preferences (File menu on Windows/Linux, app menu on Mac).
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