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  1. Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Another option is labelling them that way here in this thread, rather than on Youtube.
  2. Homeland progress report

    Whoa cliffs overdose. O_O
  3. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    *blinks* Okay, I think we must have been talking past each other, because I was talking about Open Blades of Exile, not Exile III. Sorry for the confusion. Note that Exile III for Windows is not a 32-bit app. It's a 16-bit app. 32-bit apps can run on 64-bit computers, and 16-bit apps can run on 32-bit computers, but 16-bit apps cannot run on 64-bit computers. And uh, if I was going to go the virtualization route, why Windows on Linux? I barely use Linux at all, and I do use Microsoft Visual Studio since it's actually a pretty good IDE. Virtualizing Linux on Windows would seem to be a smarter plan if I were to go that way.
  4. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    The linux branch is out-of-date. If you could merge master into the linux branch, I would expect it to work, but can't be certain (and the merge is probably not a clean one in any case). I'll get to that merge eventually; I just keep putting it off because booting up Linux means shutting down Windows. The scons script "installs" the game in the source directory, under "build/Blades of Exile/", so if it said the build succeeded, that's where you'd have to look. If the build failed, I'd like to hear why. Note that the scons script doesn't quite seem to work on Windows (I was working on that a couple days ago).
  5. Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    OBoE does not use SDL, GTK+, or wxWidgets, though there is a possibility that the Linux port would have to use GTK+ for menus and file dialogs (but I'd prefer Qt or wxWidgets if we absolutely have to; I've also been contemplating a custom menus implementation). What it does use for rendering is SFML. As far as I'm aware, the Linux branch is fully playable (unless there are game-breaking bugs that haven't been discovered). However, the lack of menus, combined with a bug in the "Save" function ("Save As" works, "Save" does not), means that it is impossible to save your game, so I wouldn't really recommend trying to complete a scenario on the latest linux branch build. The lack of menus also renders the scenario editor and party editor utterly useless.
  6. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Oh right, you can remove spells of level 1-3 now, too. That's probably more reliable than removing mage/priest spell levels.
  7. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    Do you need to disable keystrokes to do that? Limiting magic can be done by changing the character's mage/priest spell levels, I would think (though it wouldn't be easy). Limiting the use of items should be possible by simply not giving any items, I think?
  8. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    None of this is possible currently, but bundling one or more "skins" with a scenario could indeed be a possibility in the future. (My reasoning for this is to create the possibility of an opening cutscene similar to Exile 3, where you have the terrain view and nothing else visible, though this could also be made possible without actually supporting custom skins.) However, disabling keystrokes? Why on earth would you want that?
  9. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    That is indeed a possible explanation for that discrepancy.
  10. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    No, I mean it wasn't used at all in the original Mac version of Blades of Exile. Instead, talking used a font called Dungeon Bold. The Windows version of BoE has always used MadenWord, I think. Maybe he just couldn't find a version of Dungeon Bold that worked on Windows.
  11. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    What if you showed a mockup of how they look when collapsed? That might help people decide if it's good. I've never used those myself. I generally cast with the keyboard alone, which means 'm' + 'maybe space' + 'letter related to spell' + 'maybe shift + target party member' + 'enter'. Basically the same as what ADoS said, but with keys instead of clicks. Is this really the font that always shipped with BoE? My original Mac version uses a different font.
  12. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    I have no idea what those weird up/down arrow buttons are for. I don't really have any strong objections to any of ADoS's designs, but I don't plan to implement them myself, either; nor is the themability idea I mentioned earlier particularly high priority (though I do like the fact that it would allow a cutscene mode similar to Exile 3's opening cutscene, so I think there's a good chance I'll get to it at some point). If someone else implements designs like this, I'd probably be willing to offer them as an option for players. Currently I'm working towards a straight 2x scaling of the UI, which should hopefully address the concern of things being too small. It'll probably look a little pixelated especially on non-retina screens, mind you; but then, it's mainly intended for the retina screens anyway. EDIT: Oh, right. I'm not gonna implement a junk bag or quick-item slots, either. Quickspells are already available from the menus, as far as I'm concerned. (Or would be if they actually worked; I received a report that those were broken.)
  13. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    I just want to point out that, as I envisioned it, the only thing this framework would allow is literally rearranging the things that are already present - not adding new things such as disabled buttons, a junk bag, or a larger terrain view. Of course none of these things are impossible, but they take more effort and I'm not sure I want to do them.
  14. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    I figured you were going to say that. I'd much prefer not showing them at all when they're unavailable, though.
  15. Feedback on MINOR GUI tweak please: Inventory (EDIT: No longer minor :/ )

    The only thing I could suggest about the left column is that, to me, it makes more sense to put special items at the bottom and quest/journal at the top. The buttons are still a little questionable. I would suggest figuring out exactly what set of buttons will appear in each context - town, outdoors, and combat. The setup you have here may work for town and combat, with a few substitutions in both cases*, but it's utterly ridiculous for outdoors. *The potion, camp, use, and talk buttons make no sense in combat. The PC/All, parry, and arrow buttons make no sense in town. Oh right, and the save/load buttons are also currently useless in combat.