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  1. Celtic Minstrel

    CBoE downloads gone?

    I've uploaded the four BoE files to OpenBoe.com.
  2. Celtic Minstrel


    If I recall correctly, no you can't. You can't poison thrown weapons such as darts, stones, etc. Guessing you can't poison a sling, either.
  3. Celtic Minstrel

    True Site for Blades is down?

    I wasn't really planning to host the site verbatim in any case (though I could do so, I suppose). I was going to put some of the contents up in a different format on openboe.com though.
  4. Celtic Minstrel

    True Site for Blades is down?

    I actually did get your email, just hadn't checked yet today, so if you have something more recent, you can feel free to send it to me at that address. I did download the entire SW folder from the OneDrive folder you shared, though. I'll take some time later and go through it, probably very slowly though.
  5. Celtic Minstrel

    True Site for Blades is down?

    So I'd like to get those TrueSite files as well as the other related files, would I need to PM you my email? I'm not sure how I'm supposed to contact someone on Calamity Refuge, either.
  6. Celtic Minstrel

    Blades of Exile and code::blocks

    I have no idea. Is there a reason why you're working with the original sources instead of the GitHub sources? The GitHub sources will compile just fine on Linux, though the game is not quite fully functional (missing the menu bar).
  7. Celtic Minstrel

    True Site for Blades is down?

    I'd certainly like to see TrueSite restored (or at least the important parts of it, it wouldn't have to be in the same format). Anything related to Blades of Exile, at least, can probably be moved over to openboe.com. I know there's also a lot of stuff for Blades of Avernum too though, plus an archive of Geocities sites. I don't think it's necessary to preserve the sites themselves (though it would be nice) but we should at least be sure the content doesn't get lost. Are those "several other Blades related files" BoE or BoA? If they're BoE I'd definitely be interested in getting hold of them to put on openboe.com. That's not to say that I wouldn't be interested in BoA stuff though, but I think that depends on whether I end up hosting TrueSite or if someone else steps up. Still, if it's not too much trouble, it might be easiest to just send me everything and let me sort through it.
  8. Celtic Minstrel

    Blades of Exile and code::blocks

    Yes, the GitHub files vastly differ. The source files from Spiderweb Software won't compile on Linux, unless you're using WINE or something. For the GitHub version, the README explains the libraries used. The original version just used the Mac Toolkit (pre-Carbon!) on Mac and basic WinAPI on Windows, no external libraries as far as I know.
  9. Celtic Minstrel

    Blades of Exile and code::blocks

    I can't help you with an error that's only vaguely stated. Just to be sure though, you do have the most up-to-date code from GitHub, right?
  10. Celtic Minstrel

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    I'm not going to include the scenarios in the OBoE repository. Including them in a separate GitHub repo might be a possibility, though. (I guess I'd want to create an OBoE organization and move the repo over to it if we're gonna do that.)
  11. Celtic Minstrel

    Blades of Exile and code::blocks

    Uhh. What? There should be no places where you need to comment out a Windows include... any file that has an unguarded windows.h include should not be built at all on Linux. (I think all such files also have "win" in the name; naturally you also want to exclude the ones with "mac" in the name. However, if I recall correctly, you do want prefs.win.cpp.)
  12. Only 30 hours to go and there's still a "make your own quest" slot (if you have $1000) and several "add your character" slots. It's so close to that professional sound design goal; I wonder if there's any chance of actually getting there with so little time left? If those limited slots were all filled though it would bring it much closer!
  13. Celtic Minstrel

    BoE Scenarios Archive? And BoE Version

    Still planning to do that? It's been like two days and I haven't seen anything.
  14. Celtic Minstrel

    True Site for Blades is down?

    If you send she sends me the files I could probably put it up either at openboe.com or on my own site. My site has very limited bandwidth, mind you; not sure about ADoS's hosting.
  15. Celtic Minstrel

    Blades of Exile and code::blocks

    If you can get it working in Code::Blocks, Eclipse, or any other Linux-friendly IDE, feel free to offer a pull request so that others don't need to redo your work. For the record, I too prefer using an IDE; I've been using Xcode on Mac and Visual Studio on Windows.