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  1. I believe it reduces your experience points (but never your level). Don't quote me on this though...
  2. You can add scenarios to that version, sure. I don't know about a list of scenario passwords though...
  3. My understanding is that the people who worked on the version known as "CBoE" didn't bother with the character editor… though I'm pretty sure they did work on the scenario editor, which is also missing in that package for some reason. If the "BoE-1.2.0a-win32.exe" installer doesn't work for you, then there's probably nothing to be done about it. :( There are experimental versions somewhere, which do include the character editor; however, the save files in those versions are not compatible with those in CBoE, and the game itself may not be entirely stable. Since you can't use the character editor, it might be possible to heal your party using debug mode, which enables a number of cheats. I think CBoE might require you to enter the scenario's password to activate that, though. Still... it could be worth a try. Debug mode is activated with Shift+D, after which you can press / to see a list of additional cheat codes.
  4. I just double-checked, but it looks like my wild theory was incorrect - the file "BoE-1.2.0awin32.exe" is an installer, not a program file. On the other hand, if you were using the file "CBoE_x86_64", it looks like it did indeed omit the resources for some reason, so I've copied the resources from the installer into that archive. Try redownloading; if they're still missing, try again after clearing your browser cache. (Something like that really shouldn't be in your browser cache, but I was having problems with it in Firefox, so maybe something's misconfigured somwhere.) I tested that the game runs properly with those graphics as far as the title screen; I didn't verify they work correctly in the actual game, though. Let me know how it goes.
  5. So, if that .exe download really is the game executable and not an installer, what I would recommend trying is to download the free version from Spiderweb's website, then just replace the executable.
  6. ...could it be that the Gannel ambush at the second crossing is one of these?
  7. Yeah, I noticed that too, and thought it was a really nice touch.
  8. If you don't use Steam, then you don't need the Steam code for anything. That code just proves to Steam that you own the game, allowing you to download it from them. If you don't use Steam, all you need to remember for possible future downloads is the Humble Bundle link.
  9. There are four difficulty levels. If you mostly just want to follow the story, you can play through on Casual. You'll still need to engage in some fighting, however.
  10. Indeed, only 71 out of 2,151 backers, or about 3.3%. Isn't that the case for most people?
  11. Nice! I've added it to my torrent program for indefinite seeding. Also just for the record, it's openboe.com, not .net. EDIT: Speaking of which, I also added a link to the torrent right there on openboe.com. EDIT2: I also noticed there doesn't seem to be a link to openboe.com in the forum header? Anyone want to add that for me? I'd do it myself but I'm not sure where to fit it in... also, the documentation links should probably be updated to point to openboe.com too (you can find that link from the openboe.com front page).
  12. In the unstable OBoE version, yes it should function now. But that version isn't really playable yet.
  13. I think I have one or two scenarios that I might want to dust off one day and finish, so who knows, maybe they'll be released in 2025 or something! And that's not counting the epic, which sadly will probably never be done, but we can hope.
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