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  1. Ah nice; and good to know you figured out a solution. I believe 68k code on MacOS was stored in the resource fork, right? Is that what you meant by using its own executable format, or is there something unusual about the code itself? I'm pretty sure there's actually a disassembler that runs right in ResEdit… but I could be wrong about either of those assertions.
  2. I despise the graphics (those pie charts look supremely ugly behind the tiny status effect icons) but the idea is pretty nice. From the sounds of it, this patch is more than just the graphics, right? I wouldn't expect the code to just support that implicitly… It's a little unfortunate that the Mac version is harder to patch… why is that, exactly? Patching the graphics should be easy on your Basilisk image as long as you have ResEdit, so I assume the problem is code-related?
  3. All versions of the Exile trilogy are 16-bit. I'm not sure why it doesn't run on your install, but that's not the reason.
  4. All four Exile games will run on Windows 3.1. Just note that for Blades of Exile you'll need the version downloaded from Spiderweb's website – the "Blades of Exile" row, not the "Blades of Exile Open Source Project" row.
  5. I think some of the item graphics in Nethergate / Avernum were carried over from the Exile series, actually. For example, the bread icon, and maybe some potions?
  6. Nethergate probably isn't a major issue for that, since it's not even legally available anywhere… although I suppose some people probably still have it. That said, didn't it come after Blades of Exile? So if the original help with Blades of Exile works, then Nethergate's would likely be fine too?
  7. I guess they have a picture of a person because it's a person who's doing things with the item.
  8. I don't think that was Mistb0rn. If you didn't make it, then it was probably me (using Andrew Hunter graphics as a base, of course). I dunno, the text is even tinier, and I don't understand why you've added different-coloured backgrounds, but they're not terrible I suppose? So you don't need me to extract them with ResEdit after all?
  9. I tried it just now and it doesn't look like it'll be quite as easy as I first thought. It should still be possible though, as I'm pretty sure a PICT file just stored it in the resource fork, so I can probably copy the Blades of Exile Graphics file several times, delete all but one resource, and change the file and creator codes. Of course, I'd still have to convert it to a different format after that, though… If the mushrooms are in a regular arrangement, like crops, then perhaps they could be made by Mistb0rn? Mistb0rn made a lot of graphics at my request for inclusion in OBoE
  10. All the original icons (both Mac and Windows) are in the OBoE repository in the legacy resources folder.
  11. I don't think it would be a bad idea if it worked on both platforms, though I'd say there's no point unless it's a graphic that's not otherwise customizable. Custom missiles or explosions could be done this way, though. That said, not working on Windows is a pretty big barrier.
  12. Replacing base data files would only be required on Windows for the record, since with the cmg file the game automatically loads sheets from there in preference to the main resources. The reason that doesn't work on Windows is because it's not an intentional feature - it's just the way the Macintosh Resource Manager works.
  13. Just to clear up the reasoning on that, as a ready-to-play version of Exile it must contain proprietary, copyrighted software from either Microsoft or Apple (in this specific case, Windows 3.1; possibly also proprietary SoundBlaster software, though I didn't look closely at it). Even though the software is no longer sold, it's still not allowed to distribute it, particularly on these forums. :)
  14. Huh, you're right; in that case I have no idea where the OBoE one came from. I assume there was some reason for replacing the original but I don't remember what it could be. Maybe something to do with the background removal process? I don't remember clearly but I think the Intel Mac BoE in the forum header is an old OBoE? But it could also be Khoth's version, which would predate OBoE. I'm not sure.
  15. Huh? The Windows version didn't have an attack pose for the living statue? Anyway, I'm pretty sure the one in OBoE is the same one you're seeing in the Mac graphics. The OBoE graphics are the Mac graphics. Yes, that's exactly how I run the legacy versions too. Mind you, my Mac can't really be called modern anymore… but I assume Basilisk could still work on modern Macs. Worst-case you'd need to compile it from source, I suppose? DOSBox will definitely work. It's possible but probably illegal, because that would mean distributing a copy of Windows 3.1. Even if someo
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