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  1. Celtic Minstrel

    Exile III Complete Monster List

    If I recall correctly, BoE's default monster list has the hill giants, not the cave giants. And I'd hesitate to call the hydras new given that they were in E2.
  2. Celtic Minstrel

    Herding NPCs

    Doesn't the Wand of Carrunos turn townspeople hostile though? It's supposed to be a cursed item and is functionally an attack item, so I'd expect it to turn them hostile.
  3. Celtic Minstrel

    CBoE downloads gone?

    ...was there ever a version of BoE that uses .cboes as a file extension? The open source version uses .boes (no C). You could give it a try if you want, though I think it's still not stable. It can definitely open old .exs scenarios, too.
  4. Celtic Minstrel

    Random Items Help!

    If you set the stuff done flags in any "one-time" node to something other than -1, that special will trigger exactly once and then never again... provided it's the first special node in a chain. If there's a white dot on the location, it will disappear. You can probably "undo" this by using a "set sdf" node to set the same flag-pair to have a value of zero; it won't restore the white dot, but I think it would allow the special to be triggered. (So, just don't use a white dot if you want to do this.) Incidentally, it sounds like you would benefit a lot from reading the BoE Editor documentation, which you can find a link to in the forum header.
  5. Celtic Minstrel

    BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    That was my thought too. XD
  6. Celtic Minstrel

    Homeland progress report

    I think you mean "utmost".
  7. Celtic Minstrel

    Blades of Exile for Linux :D

    I was originally planning to wait until SFML released an update supporting cursors before merging the Linux branch, but nevertheless, I'll look forward to your pull request. Menus are pretty much the major thing that's missing in the Linux version. It's quite a big thing, and I really wasn't looking forward to implementing them, whether it be by diving into GTK/Qt or by hand-rolling my own menu implementation.
  8. Celtic Minstrel

    Exile Remaster

    Thanks for the build! I've mirrored it on my site as well. The glitches you're mentioning sound a lot like an issue that has been occurring on and off for quite some time - several times I thought it had been fixed and then someone reported it was still happening. Sadly, I have no idea how to actually fix it...
  9. Celtic Minstrel

    Exile Remaster

    It's not having access to a modern Mac system, yeah. My Mac (which I'm posting this on) still runs OSX 10.7, and the last Mac build I released had problems running on someone else's Mac. I don't think I can make builds that can run on a modern Mac system. In other words, if you could provide periodic Mac builds of master (even just whenever I post a Windows build), that would be great.
  10. Celtic Minstrel

    Exile Remaster

    As promised, here's a new Windows build. I'm not going to make Mac builds anymore unless specifically requested, because I don't believe they will run on modern Macs anyway (they should work on 10.9 and earlier, I think; not sure about 10.10 and 10.11). EDIT: Oh yeah, I suppose I should mention what's new in this build. It has the UI scaling option in the preferences (2x by default, other scales can be obtained by manually editing the prefs file), plus the bugfixes that Ir posted in this thread.
  11. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    If I recall correctly, spears and slith spears were both two-handed weapons in the original Exile trilogy, but in Avernum they became one-handed weapons (and added pikes as a two-handed spear). I'm pretty sure that was the case even in the original Avernum trilogy, though it's been ages since I actually played them so I can't be certain.
  12. Celtic Minstrel

    Question about compare text special and chaining

    If I understand correctly, you're trying to show the question with a Display Message node, right? However, you're triggering the special through a dialogue node. Unfortunately, dialogue alters the meaning of Display Message (instead of showing a dialog box, it sets the eventual response in the dialogue node). If you actually want to show a dialog box to the screen while talking to someone, you'll need to use one of the three 6-string dialog nodes (Display Dialog).
  13. Celtic Minstrel

    Exile Remaster

    Yeah, I realize that. Convenience for the users is inconvenient for me, particularly in terms of supporting modern Mac OSX. I strongly suspect I'm not able to do the latter myself, actually. I should be able to find time to at least make a new Windows build after Christmas, but if someone else could step up to making periodic Mac builds (I can still host them), that would be helpful.
  14. Celtic Minstrel

    Hexedit for flying status in Exile 3

    While I can say it's almost certainly (mostly) possible, I have no idea how you'd do it. You could try examining the (known) Blades of Exile legacy save file format (which should be pretty similar) to try and figure out where that would be in the Exile 3 format, then use trial and error to work out the exact location from that approximation. I don't think you can confer a permanent flying effect, though, particularly since it automatically expires whenever you enter a town.
  15. Celtic Minstrel

    Exile Remaster

    I've pushed all the fixes from your second post to master. Thanks for the help! Yeah, it's certainly less convenient to have to build it yourself. It's pretty inconvenient to have to manually release new builds though, too. Especially for platforms other than Windows where I can't even be sure my builds will work.