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  1. Celtic Minstrel

    Tomb of Dahris-Bok Help (E2)

    Um. I'm preeeetty sure Exile 2 did not have autosave?
  2. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Stairway is one of the few BoA scenarios I actually played, and from what I recall, "confusing" seems like a decent description.
  3. Celtic Minstrel

    Custom PC Graphics (E2)

    So is the pack mule a pacifist? :O
  4. Celtic Minstrel

    Hardest/strangest party creation?

    So I assume that means pacifists can't even cast summoning spells for example. In any case I'm not particularly surprised if all-pacifist is impossible.
  5. Celtic Minstrel

    Hardest/strangest party creation?

    I've never actually tried it (even on just one character), but I think the strangest party I can imagine would actually be an all-pacifist party in Exile 2... I wonder if you can even win with that though? I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually impossible.
  6. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Kelandon, I think you missed editing the scenario title into the post just before my previous one?
  7. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Don't worry, just from watching it even I can tell it's not the best scenario - it could use a lot of polish (like getting all the doors to remember that they've been unlocked), some better dialogue (and quite a bit more, it's never fun to talk to someone and just get "They don't respond" back), and probably even some balancing. (I'm not sure whether your party's level corresponded to the "recommended" level, but it was clear that some enemies were way below you while others were overly tough.) I wrote it in a fairly short period of time for a contest, and haven't really revisited it since, so it kinda shows. By the way, the nephil boss's name is a reference to another game... I wonder if anyone got that... Oh also, I think you might've missed one little thing? I'm pretty sure I saw a stone circle that you just walked past without investigating? It wouldn't've been anything really important, of course. Just some kinda of little bonus or something. (I don't mean the one on the little island - I'm pretty sure I saw another stone circle besides that.)
  8. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    So uhh, I think you gave Bonnie a worse weapon there. The chanceblade uses luck as the key skill, and she only has 1 level in luck, compared to 3 or something in melee weapons.
  9. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I mean, you can always save first, try it, and reload if you don't like the results. "Unusual ability" just means the item calls some code in the scenario. I can't remember if it can actually use charges, but from looking at the Ring of Enclosing in your LP I think it probably doesn't use charges? And I definitely recall seeing something that was a "once per day" item in your videos, maybe it was the crystal skull?
  10. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Not gonna try the Ring of Enclosing, huh? (I can't remember whether it's something good, mind you.) Or that crystal skull?
  11. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Ehehe, maybe there's a bit too much loot there... But the radiant sling is cool, isn't it? Did you notice that those areas of stone wall you couldn't get into (or at least some of them) were actually the basements of various shops?
  12. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    That weird room you couldn't get into at the inn was supposed to be an elevator, so you're not missing anything there. (I have no idea why the door turned to water.) The dice game actually works and can get you some money if you're lucky. There was supposed to be a poker game too but I never finished it. There sure is a lot of stuff that could use improvement here, though... like pretty much all the dialogue...
  13. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    Huh, what a coincidence. I should perhaps note that two side areas in the scenario's main town are unfinished if I recall correctly; I don't think it'll actually break anything if you try them anyway, but it's been so long that I can't really remember.
  14. Celtic Minstrel

    Let's Play Blades of Avernum!

    I haven't been watching but was going to at least watch the episodes of my scenario...
  15. Celtic Minstrel

    CBoE downloads gone?

    Huh? The version from Spiderweb's site should be able to run all existing scenarios with the exception of Sylae's more recent one (I forget what it was called though). It's true that it can't show more than a certain number of scenarios in the scenario selection dialog, but you can get around that by manually moving around the scenario files. I guess it's a bit tedious but it should work.