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  1. The commercials this year seemed to be based around males in underwear. And lots of Budwiser, although not that many Honda commercials. Although the game was probably one of the best I have seen, and the Who's half-time performance was enjoyable, considering they are around 50 years old and still sound the same.
  2. I see a file called gf2scendata.dat, but when I try to open it with wordpad it displays a bunch of goobldey gook with the occasional readable set of words. Advice on a program that would read the file? Edit: Sorry, didn't realize my brother logged in with his account until I had posted.
  3. @ Nioca and some other dude: It wouldn't of mattered. Looking back at the roles, I had no idea who anyone was (except Strine, who was doing his own thing), and a person who I thought was the pure spirit was the DL Commander. I got info from 2 sources that I thought were reliable. But no point in trying to make excuses, I think I just suck at NI.
  4. Or, um, how do we know if we are playing? Have you sent out roles?
  5. Xelgion

    New Years Eve.

    What are y'all doing for New Years Eve this year?
  6. I am not suited for the Oliver. Half the people knew my role by the first day, and I wasn't doing much trading.
  7. Xelgion

    Just realized.

    Lets hope no one posts the communist manifesto.
  8. Aw hell yeah. REGISTER XELGION
  9. Mangoes are positively nutritious.
  10. Originally Posted By: Dubya It is a good feature, although I do not think it merits a largely pointless post in General. ....Which you just made?
  11. Its a nice feature. EDIT: Iffy, tsk tsk, its a pail of phail.
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