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  1. I wasnt aware there was an unaligned nocanister ending. Do you simply not pledge your loyalty to any of the factions, abstain from canister use, and destroy the geneforge?
  2. Ah ok. But in regards to the OP my favorite moment has to be creating my first Dryak in G1. I remember expecting it to be able to talk and provide advice and expected more of a companion than just another creation.
  3. Originally Posted By: I need no introduction the mind would have been killed anyway, the shapers killed every thing one the island even the creations loyal to the shapers. I vaugely recall the Obeyer ending stating that the leader of the Obeyers was able to see his obedience rewarded as his followers were allowed to live out the rest of the natural lives. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong though.
  4. Well if this truly is the last Geneforge I don't see any reason for Jeff to exclude the fairy tale ending. I would enjoy see an even wider variety of ending ranging from " nothing but ash all life wiped out Terrestria rendered uninhabitable useless husk" to " pc becomes insanely powerful a wave of his hand army of mutant monsters illogically overpowered appeared" to " disease removing the abillity to shape is created everyone is equal to everyone drayks,serviles,drakons,eyebeasts, and all other sentinent creations live in harmony with shapers" and of course " Jeff changes his mind decides to continue the series indefinitely and some third party becomes involved wielding necromancy or demonology and adds new depth to the story".
  5. I remember several years ago when I first played GF1. I came across ( the first shaper captured by the sholai I am not even going to attempt to butcher his name) and looked at how he had made the temple his own. I could not help but be envious. Obviously he was much more skilled then we were ( we are an apprentice receiving our first assignment without an ounce of power) so we could not logically be able to do what he did. But I would really enjoy it if Jeff found a way to implement deffending and customizing your own area in GF5. Shaping vats to produce guards, growing essence pools bringing in the necessary material to make power spirals while trying to get your mechanics skill high enough to properly put them together all the while raising your shaping skill high enough to make the 3 diiferent varieties of 3 tier spawners...
  6. Shaping spawners would proubaly only be implemented if, in GF5, we were able to have our own base. Personally I think that would be awesome. Decked out with your own spawners, mutated guards, shaping vats, an enchanted anvil or two.....
  7. The statement above me makes me wonder whether or not war tralls are truly throwing rocks at us....
  8. Maybe we could get a review of Geneforge in GI. That would definitely turn some heads. But that might not be the best way to go. Especially without Jeff's permission.
  9. When I first used the script editor my game crashed. replacing the files with their originals then re-installing the editor solved the problem. The editor worked fine afterwards. Strange
  10. Speaking of shades what was the first one you encounter on gf1 supposed to do? Did it serve any purpose?
  11. Throughout the gf series, we have encountered forbidden techniques, some involving summoning magic, while others are just forbidden shaping techniques. Omitting the ones like drayk,eyebeast,ur-drakon,and unbound type creations, what are they?
  12. Sometimes the old play things are the best! Hand painted ball in a cup! Barring that geneforge 1 is an ageless classic that changed my perspective on what original meant. Instead of taking an already used idea, and recycling it or adding some gimmick to it, it took a complete fresh concept and constructed what i consider to be one of the greatest fantasy rpg's to grace the internet. And nothing anyone says can change my opinion of it.
  13. I agree with Lifecrafterandnoobeditor. All of the geneforge games are open-ended turned based rpg's with immersive plots and addictive gameplay. gf1 is definitely the best.closely followed by gf4. gf2 gave us new creations, while three seemed to be fine tuning and introducing alwan and greata ( important charcters in gf4) and giving us the enchanted anvil we all love and know so well. If you have the money, purchasing all four is something I reccomend.
  14. Assuming script-edittig and cheating are out of the question not much comes to mind
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