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  1. Redemption Ark (Alastair Reynolds) -> surprisingly uncomfortable reading. Most of the characters have a closet full of skeletons, and all of them have the kind of small inconsistencies that plague real human beings. Personally I think that's rather awesome. Real World Haskell -> because I have too much spare time right now, and functional programming is supposed to be cool. I'll see if I can hack it, so to speak.
  2. I personally found the Culture novels to get a bit... perverse as the series progressed. My suspicion is that the increasingly graphic violence, increasingly cartoonish writing, and increasing decadence of the Culture itself reflected Banks running out of ideas for that universe. (But please don't let that dissuade you from forming your own opinion.)
  3. Putting down the Michael Flynn novel for now. He writes well, but it's slow going... And I just bought a copy of Transition (Iain M. Banks), so I'll probably be otherwise occupied for a while. On a related note, I found Flynn's blog today, and was disappointed to discover how much of it was Chesterton quotes.
  4. Ah, Steven Erickson. Always fun to have absolutely no clue what's going on in his gigantic mazework of events. Personally he lost me entirely on book 4 (though mostly due to lack of sympathy for a major character). IMO book 2 (Deadhouse Gates) was his best and most coherent, and had his most interesting characters and concepts. It also helped that it stood on its own a bit.
  5. Oh yeah, what I'm reading. Up Jim River, Michael Flynn: found at a dollar store. Makes me think of a cross between Frank Herbert and James Joyce, and speaking of Mary Sues (and characters who aren't), the protagonist is an alcoholic veteran with seven or eight personalities. I'm not that far along yet, so I'm fervently hoping that Flynn can pull this thing off. Practical C++ Programming, Steve Oualline: restarting from the chapter on preprocessor macros. This time I plan to actually do all the excercises. Maybe I'll learn something, who knows...
  6. Wait until you get to the Adem parts. It would be nicer if Kvothe got cut down to size by people who weren't even bigger Mary Sues. (Adem teacher: "Men become violent and destructive because they don't get enough nookie. And truth is purely relative. Say, Kvothe, would you like to have sex?") Edit: I'll also admit I liked Kvothe better when he was a virgin and didn't know how to fight. And when he wasn't making snide remarks comparing woman to musical instruments. Hubris is a very human failing, I think... There's a good reason it's popular for heroes. And yes, I loved the
  8. This is because of the .desktop file that Squeeze uses for Wine. It just invokes the executable with 'wine', and you need to invoke it with 'wine start /unix' or you'll get spectacular graphics glitches. BTW, I wouldn't recommend using Squeeze's Wine with CBoE, due to sound bugs. If you want to play with sound on, you need Wine 1.3.39 or 1.4.1 - not sure about the latter but the former is available through PlayOnLinux. Re git - I happen to love git, but then again it's the only VCS I know anything about at all. OTOH git is terrible to deal with on Windows.
  9. Originally Posted By: Tyranicus The Felurian storyline was a bit much too. Yes, that came out of left field, and was somewhat painful reading.
  10. Have you read The Player of Games yet? If not, read it. I know a lot of people like Use of Weapons, but IMO Player is Banks at his absolute peak in SF (at least thus far).
  11. I thought The Name of the Wind was pretty good. The Wise Man's Fear not quite as good though, especially the stuff about the Adem. They had a bit much of "noble savage" about them, I think; and I found their pop-psychology somewhat revolting. Yes, I do recall what Larry Niven had to say about mistaking a character's opinion for the author's, but even so...
  12. That sounds more like a very extreme postmodernist standpoint to me - "all views being equally valid," etc... Based on what I know of postmodernism anyway, which isn't a whole lot. Luckily I've never encountered anything quite that extreme IRL (seeing as such a viewpoint can be used to justify anything). But yes, IMHO it's better to levy criticism and risk being a hypocrite, than to keep one's peace and not help anyone. OTOH, the statement being anecdotal, I can't help but wonder if it's an outlier. There are a lot of WS writers, professors, and spokespeople out there; as with any la
  13. Originally Posted By: Dantius The Victim's Revolution: The Rise of Identity Studies and the Closing of the Liberal Mind by Bruce Bawer. Title says it all: a critique of the New Left from the left. It alternates between well-thought out, reasonable, and powerful arguments and a polemic screed. Really the only two chapters worth reading are the ones on women's studies and LGBT identity (he happens to be gay himself). The one on Chicano studies in also OK, I guess. Most of the other chapters almost border on concern trolling, but his overall point is still both correct and very important.
  14. If you're using CBoE on Windows Vista/7 with a software restriction policy, and so want to run CBoE from C:\Program Files as limited user... I'm not entirely sure, but I *think* setting the "UAC virtualization" option on the EXEs might work. That should redirect everything to a folder somewhere in your user's home. But yes, it would be very good to have out-of-the-box multiuser support (especially for people running as limited on WinXP). Edit: and when it comes to computer security, a little OCD is not necessarily a bad thing.
  15. 'Nother bug: you can look inside a container and retrieve objects from it even if looking in it is blocked by a special node. I discovered this when replaying Falling Stars - I could grab Heartseeker from its chest even when the pixies had prohibited me from doing so, and would only be teleported away after I had grabbed it. I'd say this is potentially game-breaking. FWIW I have a backup of the relevant save file, feel free to message me for it.
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