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  1. So I've been through the circle warrens, but even though I have all 6 Sylak keys, I can't get out of the room where you fight Titus. There's also a room with a box of tiles that I can get into (by jumping off a ledge) but not out of. Both the room with Titus and the room with the ledge and box of tiles have gates that I can't open. I'd like to buy a clue, please.
  2. In fact, when I loaded the game back up, the problem went away. Thanks!
  3. Wow. I've had that pass portal scroll for ages and I never thought of using it! So I got the portal room open, and I tried to use it. I got an error saying something like "Party placement: not room for all of you there." Sounds kind of unfair. I only have five people. Is this a bug, or do my characters have to sit on each others' laps? BTW, the walkthrough does seem to be more accurate than the hint book, which is almost a waste of money. I like to guy Spiderweb hint books because I know I will use hints anyway, and I'd rather give them the cash. Maybe I will start catalogueing errors.
  4. The walkthrough guide mentions two different places to find magic lockpicks, but I can't find them in either place. Can anyone give a more precise location? Also, will the lockpicks allow me to get into the portal room in the Burial Glen so I can free the warrior ghost? I'm playing Romans, thanks.
  5. Quote: Originally written by Tyranicus: There is a portal in the southeast that will take you to them. I was trying to get into that portal. Even with the instructions from the hint book, I couldn't get anything to happen. Maybe a little help, please? Thanks.
  6. The game doesn't cure insomnia. That's what I do while waiting for the drugs to take effect. More seriously, these games have been a comfort to me in time of illness, which is why I keep spending money I don't have on them. I found the secret areas in galag-trav, and I gave the ball back to the boy. Now I'm going to try to sleep. Thanks!
  7. Hello. I've been playing Nethergate:Resurrection for a couple of days. I'm now waiting for my hint book to show up. I was wondering if anyone could drop me a few tips to tide me over. I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, and for some reason, whenever that happens, I end up playing a lot of Spiderweb games. Questions: How do you get the forest spirit or whatever to let you into that big spire? The plants keep turning me back. In the big Galag dungeon, I've found my way over all of the first level and most of the second. But I know there is more to the dungeon. I also suspect that there may be a way to get to the platforms where the big ugly guys stand to toss rocks at the party, but I haven't found it. Is there a lower level, and if so, how do I get to it? Also, I think I have the lost ball, but I can't find the boy who lost it.