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  1. In the area around Blackcrag Fortress, there is a guardpost with a band of Empire troops called the Third Empire Army. When you try to approach they say they're stationed there until ordered otherwise and won't let anyone pass. If you try to pass they send wave after wave of troops after you. Is there any way to get past them and into their compound? I can't find anything about it on any of the walkthroughs. I'm determined to access every part of this game and that's one area I haven't been able to figure out. Also, while we're on the subject of Blackcrag, are you ever able to explore the whole castle? There is a huge map, and when you visit Empress Prazac, she won't let you anywhere but the throne room.
  2. I can't reach the control room on the second floor of the Golem factory. I moved the lever in the middle and the walkthrough I'm reading says go southeast once you hit the East wall. The problem is the belt is moving the wrong way and it always kicks me North every time I try to go southeast. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Is it actually possible to dispel the double barriers in the Vahnatai Cave south of Grah-hoth's lair? The map shows quite a bit of terrain past them, and there is a body between them. The hint book just says "Play Exile 2" and the "Let's Play" walkthrough says there is a special encounter triggered when you look at the body. The Let's Play also mentions that's where you get the Alien Blade, but that's not right, Alien Blade is in a special encounter in the tunnel to the east in a hidden cavern across a chasm. I guess I'm wondering why there is a whole map for the cave past the double barriers if they aren't meant to be dispelled. I would love an answer to this because it has bugged me ever since I first played Exile over 20 years ago. I spent hours trying to dispel those barriers and never succeeded.
  4. I don't know if others will agree with me but I suggest using the editor to get all maps. This saves you the hassle of finding sapphires to cast Magic Map, which also uses up SP and doesn't last. Also, I find the games much easier and actually more enjoyable when I can see where I'm going. For example, I can see if there's a town coming up, or if there's a special I should investigate.
  5. Yeah, I always liked the death scream too. I'm disappointed that all the sound effects were changed in Exile 3. I'm so used to the old ones, it's hard to adjust to the new ones.
  6. Quote: Originally written by Slarty 2.0: The original version of Exile II had music. The original version of Exile I did not; it was added in the v2.0 upgrade that gave Exile I the bright, Exile III style graphics several years after its release. That's all Mac versions. I don't know the history for PC versions. I first downloaded Exile 1 and registered around '96, when it still had the old-style, simpler graphics. That version had no music in it. The first version of Exile 2 I played around '97 didn't have music either. That was the version with the updated graphics. Then, just a couple years ago, a friend of mine registered the whole trilogy and got a CD with all 3 games on it, and the versions of Exile 1 and 2 on that CD didn't have music. Maybe you're right that it is just a Mac-only thing. I'm still confused as to which version of Exile 1 has music in it though. There must be some in-between version that I haven't played that has to music.
  7. What version of Exile are you all playing? Every version of Exile 1 and 2 I've ever played has never had background music, just the short little opening jingle. Is there some sort of new, updated version that's been release in the last couple of years that features background music?
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