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  1. Wandering between Sharimik and Lorielie and can't find Sandra so Commander Johnson won't talk to me about the bunker. Can't find the bard either. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hi Tom Am now stuck at the golem factory. Am running out of energy elixir and getting seriously frustrated.
  3. Thanks. I am 69 by the way! Neither of us is too old to enjoy the game (or complain)
  4. I need more hints/help please. I cannot picture what this is supposed to look like at all, let alone accomplish it. Got it after reading the bit about using the middle mirrors.. It was also much easier after letting 3 of the 4 characters die so only one could push the mirrors.
  5. Thanks will give it a bash. I can't remember what happened when I was here the first time and thought I had wrecked the quest for not moving skribane around. Didn't realize the stuff about the drinks.
  6. Have done 2 plagues and he just said no. Is there another way to get to the thieves guild to get the rings?
  7. Apologies if this has been done to death. I was unable to find a solution. Possible spoilers: 1) Where do I look to find out about the Dread Curse? Character has dark thoughts, is that the same as the dread curse? 2) I went to the Tower of Magi to get the curse/ thoughts fixed and the priest there won't fix the curse as it is too much work (or some such) She sent me to the head anema guy who said no. Presumably I could join the church and then get the curse cured but I don't want to do that. I like the mage spells. So I went to Lorelei to get the fake anema rings but can't get them as i didn't agree (ages ago) to deliver the package for Irvine and now i don't have the ability to find the thieves guild and therefore am unable to buy fake rings as I dont' get the offer from the person in Lorelei. Any ideas would be great. Thanks in advance. I have killed the source of the curse, by the way.
  8. Thanks for this. So Obvious now. Don't know how I missed it.
  9. Have gone down the ladder. There are 3 levers in one room and another lever down the hall. No matter what I do and or push I can't see any changes and don't know what to do next. Near the ladder there is a lever to turn off the power but it isn't working either. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks Randomizer. I could swear he wasn't there the first few times I looked.
  11. I reported back to Commander Ace that the Chitricks were defeated and she said she would fix the heat for the Sliths. But the quest still shows in my journal and I can't find the slith who told me about the heat (Aeosth sp?)
  12. I finished the game. Certainly this is the longest Avernum game I can recall. Great value for sure. Still I have one issue: I play on normal. I don't even try a harder setting. But...I don't understand how I can play through an entire game on normal relatively easily and get so massacred in two battles at the end that I have to go to casual. The arena killed me as did Garzhad. Other than that I had a lot of fun. Would love to know what I have been doing wrong in this game. I used the 4 characters that were already built. Anyway, that you all who helped me when I was lost. See you at Avernum 3 redo. Snot
  13. Thanks. Forgot I had it but I did. The watchtowers were fine. My mistake was retracing when the watchtowers attacked. In prior encounters there had been a message that said you can't win and I just assumed these were the same. Thank you all for the help. Made it in and out. Tried Angierach and died horribly and quickly and a lot. Am off to kill the villain and then will have to find out what I am doing wrong in the last big quest. My guys are level 30 + as I have done just about all of the quests except have been unable to find more than 1 of the giant statues.