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  1. Snowwhite

    Quest to kill Garzahd

    Replayed the fight and got the ending sequence this time. Must have been an intermittent bug. Thanks for your help.
  2. Snowwhite

    Quest to kill Garzahd

    Not sure. But he is definitely dead and Rentar Ilno showed up and broke a wall and opened a portal so that there was escape.
  3. Snowwhite

    Quest to kill Garzahd

    In his fortress.
  4. Killed Garzahd and no one notices. The quest is gone but there is no reward and the dialogue choices with the King and with Erica are the same as before. ???
  5. Thank you. I do have the key and I found the archives but I need a password and I am not yet strong enough to do the fight.
  6. Killed Elderan. The words said I found a map to the empire portal and described where it was. I went to Mahdavi and I just get the message to go to the tower and see Elderan. The map is not listed in special items. If poss I really don't want to go back to the beginning of finding Elderan. Any ideas?
  7. I killed the assassin but the mayor doesn't recognize it and the quest is still in the journal. I went back to the slith temple to verify and the assassin is certainly not there. What now? Apologies - I did one more lap and there she was in a corner. Could have sworn I had killed her ages ago.
  8. Snowwhite

    GIFTS issue

    Thank you for writing back. I shut down the game and then reloaded. When I did that I had the option of telling the quest giver that I had found its friend.
  9. Snowwhite

    GIFTS issue

    Thanks. Not been able to find the chief spider either. And they do all look the same. None of them so far has a purple nametag
  10. Did things in the wrong order and rescued spider from the Aranea then found the GIFTS cave. The GIFTS don't recognize that the spider was rescued and I think I have spoken with them all so the one I rescued seems to have not arrived back at the cave. Help would be great.
  11. This is a great game. I loved it. It is engrossing, interesting, and a challenge. (I really don't like lasers!) I finished it and am sorry it is over.....the mark of a superb experience. Can't wait for your next series. Thank you Jeff and thank you Randomizer who helped me a LOT
  12. Snowwhite

    Aranea Fangs et al

    Thanks - so it will show up when needed then?
  13. Snowwhite

    Aranea Fangs et al

    I just finally got back to Cotra and was told i got a thought crystal but i can't find it in the inventory. Do I need to see it or will I get a message to use it when it is time? Thanks for writing back so quickly, by the way
  14. I have accumulated a few. They don't have a price on them but there is a comment about an alchemist somewhere might want them. Anyone know where that alchemist is? I have received a quest to destroy the temple of lucre (or whatever) from an Empire Wizard Roselei. Where is Roselei? I tried giving Carmine the uranium but he didn't take it. And he is not interested in Steel. What does he want? Got the quest to kill a vampire by the sea. When I went there I didn't get an option to kill him. I did end up killing the ogres so I thought that the quest would vanish but it didn't.??? Clearing up loose ends before I end the game. It has been a frustrating but great experience and I will miss the game when I finish it. Thank you Jeff