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  1. I'm stuck there too and am so far unable to figure out what to do. Have spoken to Gemeti and the Commander and do not get an option that convinces Gemeti to let me go upstairs. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. The game is playing VERY slowly on my Win 10 64 bit i7 7700 3.6 Ghz computer. I have a loaner video card as mine has gone to the doctor. The loaner video card is an ATI 6700. Perhaps in version v.101 the speed will be better. When will that version be released?
  3. Thank you for writing back. I did respond to the survey a few days ago. I did get an email from kickstarter that said the keys had gone out and to check my spam folder. There was nothing in the spam folder from either Kickstarter or Spiderweb. Looking forward to the game.
  4. When will the Spiderweb send the kickstarter keys?
  5. I got the experience and the message but the caravan is not at Cairn Gates and there is no drakon either.
  6. Thank you. Any idea as to where I can get it?
  7. Is there a way to remove a curse in Geneforge 4? If so, what is it? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks. Spoilers are way better then just giving up on the game. Much thanks
  9. I do not yet have the ability to create gazers. Will go looking for it, thank you. Didn't know I could withdraw from a faction easily. I do remember that there was someone in G1 that would help you do it or change factions. Will look around for that entity. Is it possible to join them all (one at a time) and then withdraw and get all the rewards?
  10. Thanks for this. I haven't been trying to keep any creation alive except I have adopted the giant roamer as a sort a pet (and I think that this may not have been a very wise decision as he doesn't do what I want). I did find that the Vlish seemed to run out of energy VERY quickly, and does not seem to be very dexterous as I tried a group of 3 or them in the icy breeding place as I would really like that token. And the Vlish didn't hit any of the cryoas or drakes. The terror vlish seem to hit frequently, say 60% of the time but that means that I have little mana left to keep them alive. Have managed to kill the croyoas and some of the drakes but then all of a sudden there are 3 or 4 of the drakes and the party gets overwhelmed. So - I am at a loss as to where I really need to go to finish the game (with some fun and a bit of dignity)
  11. Thanks for writing back. You may very well be right. Certainly I am having trouble spec'ing and playing a shaper Is there a "best" entity for G3?
  12. Thanks Randomizer. It took me many tries but I did finally get the whole bracelet working.
  13. Thanks to Triumph and Nim. I have found the savegames in Steam. The insert other media link below does not give me a clue as to how to upload a savegame. I have used just about all the canisters that I have come across (wasn't a problem in G1 - now people are seeing me as strange and I have not been able to control yelling at some - oops) It is good advice to go back to all the places that I have been and see if I didn't get somewhere. I will do that. I also went back to Sharons Grove and finally could kill all those monsters so I h ave made some progress. Strange as it wasn't hard to finish Geneforge 1 at all. The areas wherein I can't beat the big bads are Pit of Misfits; Shaths Wastes; Dead Pass; Hermit Crossroads; Pit of the Bound (though I got all the way to the demon but can't land a hit at all); taker toll road off the road and Icy something or other.
  14. Am level 28 and an unaligned shaper. The game has been a bit of a stretch but fun until now. Now I am unable to survive in the locations to the west. CAnnot kill the Gazer, Rothgart (sp?) or that other thing in the pit of misfits, can't kill Melancon, can[t shurive in Shath's waste etc. Stats are: Strength 5; Dexterity 2; Intelligence 15; Enudrance 2; Shaping Fire 4; battle 2; magic 8; healing 4. Leaderhips with some help from trinkets is 10 and mechanis is 11 and luck is 3. The Glaaks I make can't touch a drayk, gazer, rothgart etc. There doesn't seem to be a place top go to get respec'ed and I don't know what I hsould have done differently anyway. Would appreciate help as otherwise I can't finish the game. Thanks in advance.
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