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  1. Hey folks. I'm trying to introduce a bunch of my friends to the Avernum setting via our preferred medium, Tabletop RPGs. As I'm a masochist I've decided to try and replicate the systems and story from the opening of Avernum 1 (or 2 if they really want to be Slith or Nephil I guess). Is there enough information (maps, descriptions, dialogue, mechnical explanation) in the guide for it to be worth picking up, or would i be better served with a big stack of notebooks next to my desk as I play though over and over?
  2. I have completed the slime plague quest, and have been told to go to Solberg and X for nifty gifts, ihave talked Solberg, but am unable to find X anywhere in the Tower of Magi. what have i missed?
  3. I remember this object from a previous playing, and after a haitus of a couple of years, I have realised that I enjoy the comments produced by this item. Can someone please tell me where to find him/her/it?
  4. I apologise fort my earlier question, i meant "why woulkd you need both melee weapons and pole weapons for blademaster?" I must just have had parry on the brain
  5. What i don't uderstand is why an adventurer would need both pole weapons and melee weapons skills for parry, it makes no sense to me.
  6. Quote: Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar: I'm actually writing a fan fiction in which the Shapers attempt to do just that. I'm interested, are you going to post it here when you've finished?
  7. I am currently playing through for the first time as a shaper lifecrafter and am looking for the parts to make the Flameweaver Greaves and the Cloak of the Shadows. i have used the link above but i cannot find either "matala's workshop" nor "the breeding pits" could somepone point me in the right direction please
  8. I was just wandering.... .... if canisters edit copy a peice of genetic code from the creator of the canister, over the user's DNA, then wouldnt it be possible to create canisters to specifically spread genetic disorders such as Huntington's Disorder by canister. The shapers could construct thousands of the things for use by the canister addicted rebel forces, thereby doing serius damage to the command structure.
  9. managed to get monarch using plenty of speed spores, a drayk and an ur-glaahk. the techies were very useful, thanks. i have always liked using canisters anyway, it gives me no problems that their abilities cannot handle, yet at least.
  10. i'm working exclusivly pro-shaper where can i get the serviles? edit: forgot to mention long standing canister addiction
  11. Quote: Originally written by Randomizer: There is a spare control baton hidden in a cabinet in Monarch's quarters. I couldnt find the baton, i checked his house in north (town-name-i-cannot-remember) and i just got a message like "there are a few broken liengths of wood this was after i helped the guy in the tunels below the south of the town
  12. I usually listen to paul weller, but i have only been playing G4 for a couple of weeks, so that could change
  13. I have just started to play the Geneforge 4 demo and my Warrior was horrified to find thet there still is't a model of him with shield. i know there has'nt been one since the first game but when is this matter going to be rrectified. My warrior wants other people to know bout his sheild!
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