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  1. Necromancy, but because Steam has a habit of breaking direct links into their forums (and just made me go on a 10 minute search for this), I'm copy/pasting the above mentioned Steam solution here (at least I think it's the same one, works on my copies of GF1-GF3, haven't tested A4 but I have no issues there so cannot test). Hope someone else benefits from this. Step 0: Make sure you don't have any compatibility options enabled, or anything that you tried to alter the .exe file of the game, since it might cross with these settings, making the settings I'm giving you not work as inte
  2. I actually did a 20 ft cone with 8d6 fire damage, DC 19 Dex for half. Drayks are kings, but they also have a chance of going Rogue every time they roll initiative, so players have to decide if it's worth the risk. Edit because I thought I said this in the original post. Blargh. That's been in the system since the beginning, using the DMG targets for spell damage and reducing for 3 rounds of duration (with exception for Drayk who is overpowered but chancy, and Mindstealer Vlish (in lieu of Terror Vlish) who do less damage but come with a Charm effect on their attack). I wa
  3. I feel the Trakovites are a different enough creature, as their philosophy is that Shapers should be denied Shaping. That is a direct attack (even if just philosophical) against the Shapers, not a mere NIMBY. As for other rebellions being mentioned, I can only think of one mention of that, in the Shaper ending to G4. A lot of ending text gets ignored by the next game(s), but that one I think is different because it's history. We don't know if those rebellions involved Shapers or were attempts at wholesale war against the Shapers. They might have been exactly what I was imagining, but the only
  4. Huh, I can see that, but for me Icy End was the point that said "Drakons are just Shapers 2.0," especially with the cake sidequest. I don't think that was the intent of that sidequest, but it's how it comes across to me. Icy End made me want to see the other intelligent creations rebel against the Drakons and the Shapers, or set up for an Astoria-style faction. The later alignment lock was better in G4 (and a bit of an overreaction to G3s early lock, IMO), but I think there needed to be one more minor event on the Shaper side just before the final battle. Even just the General bein
  5. Yeah, 3 has a lot of flaws. But the story aspect you suggest is decidedly one-sided. It paints the rebellion in too good a light. This is a world of Grey vs. Gray morality. If we see servile families flee (and note we haven't seen any children in GF yet, since you can kill anyone), then we need to see the flip side as well, as either those same serviles are pressed into the war and we find them cowering in a mineshaft somewhere or we see serviles burning down human houses. Jeff has been careful to always show conflict of the rebellion from the point of view of the armies, with the civilians be
  6. Yes, I am currently limiting to just the G1-era creations (mostly because I feel the document is already oversized for a player supplement). And I'll admit, the way I currently have them the top-tier creations are . . . not that interesting. Gave Betas and Alphas a 10 ft reach, with Betas having the Sentinel feat, thereby creating a large meat-wall for my party to hide behind.Their damage becomes less important because they can lock down an area. My Drayks are the most damaging creation with four options for attacks (one cone, one line, a ranged attack and a melee attack) (I didn't make Cryo-d
  7. I'm operating off the idea that no one leaves the Shaper school until they are already level 7, scale another 8-12 levels for the standard campaign length (at least with my table) and it's on the table. Table differences make this a world of difference. As to the Battle Betas damage, it's not the individual creations I am balancing for, but rather the available army of Creations. Because I've limited party-controlled creations to needing to use both their reaction and the Shapers bonus action to attack, resulting in the entire army attacks at once, I need that nova of damage to be
  8. Locking it down to a single class won't work with my table. The players would see that as me forcing them to take this class, and then all but one of them would take it while complaining about it. It might work for a different table though. As to "most abilities are locked down that way", they really aren't. Sure, specific spells may be locked to one class, but what the spell DOES isn't. Bards, clerics, druids, paladins, rangers, and even some sorcerers and warlocks get spells to heal others HP. Every full caster gets some form of combat summons, and every half-caster has access
  9. Does it seem to be working? I initially thought about doing that, but didn't want to lock Shaping down just Wizards, and couldn't see any Wizard subclass being equivalent to a Cleric, Druid, or Sorcerer subclass. The classes as a whole are fairly balanced, but each one gets a different amount of power from their subclasses versus from the base class itself.
  10. Much as I hate double posting, I think I have enough new material to justify it this time. Please see my system at the link below or in the top post and let me know what y'all think. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TjZNq3oshG2KqCYE_rW08r9yWbcZex0_DvDabCptUPo/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Great, the forums are now old enough to be drafted! Just in time for the Third Vahnatai War . . .
  12. I'm not sure I'd put Cryoa at 2nd level, because that doesn't let me make it enough better than Fyora other than the reskin to cold from fire, but otherwise yes. Still correct. Yes, but you could recover either the 1st or 2nd level slot (but not both), since you used a 2nd level slot to cast "Summon Cryoa." Realize that (according to Sage Advice and me as DM) you cannot recover a spellslot that you haven't expended, so you wouldn't want to absorb a Creation before you have cast a spell you could recover that day. You are reading this mostly correctly to how it is in my
  13. No, at that point the Creation would be dead, and so at the next long rest the Shaper will recover the higher level spell slot. I may need to reword that to be clearer.
  14. Link to Google Sheets with creations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TjZNq3oshG2KqCYE_rW08r9yWbcZex0_DvDabCptUPo/edit?usp=sharing The system is now in a usable and presentable fashion. Not a 'final' fashion but possibly close to that. I would appreciate it if some of y'all would give it a glance and inform me of any concerns or possible improvements you see. Now for the stuff that has been previously posted, I'm maintaining this mostly so the thread makes some sense to people checking it out later.
  15. I haven't played BoE in ages, and was disappointed a few days ago when I tried to reinstall it on my mac, and couldn't due to 'classic environment no longer being supported'. so, I ask, do yall know of any way to install BoE (even if glitchy) on Leopard?
  16. Figured it out. The default app to open it had changed to script-reader, when it should have been the game itself opening itself. Changed the default back to the game, and I can now play again.
  17. not a clue how this happened, but I can no longer play any of my Spiderweb-Software games except for the Nethergate - Resurrection. Any time I try to open them, i get the following error: Open Dictionary Unable to read the dictionary of the application or extension because it is not scriptable. I looked at the troubleshooting for Geneforge 3, and cannot find the "DrawSprocketLib" in my extensions folder. i know that i did not intentionally throw it away. I am using OS X. I have not yet looked at the other games help files, but G3 is the one I want
  18. I am playing GF3 for the first time, and not finding anything like the Awakened in the proir two games. Is there only the two groups, Shapers and Rebels? Also, is there an independant/unaligned ending?
  19. Okay, i don't have GF3, so I'm running off GF2 stats, but it seems that whoever gets to go first of the Eyebeast and the Ur-Drakon wins. If they go first, a group of 6 Eyebeasts can demolish an army of Ur-drakons, especially if hasted, but 3-4 Ur-drakons can do the same to the small group Eyebeasts if they get the first blow. So, if the Eyebeasts decide to work together, the best way for them to do so is to stay in small groups scattered all over the place, so they can make a few raids, then retreat back to their own caves, and can only be attacked 1-3 at a time. Oh God, I can see it
  20. Thanks, but i'm looking for the Item part. he talks about in talknode 23 Quote: "You can change your skills, spells, creations known, and money here, and also add experience. For items, you'll have to wait until the other part of the editor is complete.";
  21. Hadn't thought of bats. Cave drips happen in the same spot all the time, so you just don't build a house under one, but bats... theres the reason.
  22. Anyone know where I can find one?
  23. Do most buildings in Exile have roofs? Obviously some have multiple stories, and so they must, and others need to be secure(treasuries), but for the most part they seem unnecesary, given that the point of a roof is to keep the weather out, and underground you are never going to have weather. Why spend the extra effort and materials to build a roof when you don't need it?
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