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  1. Spot on King Starrus, though he isn't as depressing as Maxwell or the dragon.
  2. I have a question, when do you become a member? I have contacted arancaytar@ermarian.net to no avail.
  3. Fantastic work guys! If you want I can even make images for the prologue and endings like Andrew Hunter did once, that is when you've finished cracking this hard nut and start thinking storywise! Keep it up, you're going to make it through!
  4. I've read a very very funny book : 33 lessons in philosophy by and for bad boys! By Alain Guyard.
  5. Hoping to read scorpion Soup by Tahir Shah but instead I read psychology articles: Allport and Postman on rumor, jackobson on communication and hierarchy, Weiner on feedback, Heider's theory on consistence, Shanon and Weaver on communication, Bateson and Wazlawick and Anzieu and Martin on motivations In communication.
  6. The 4th has a good plot, but I'll have to go with the first.
  7. Thank you. I think I'm going to read that book. Also, did Keegan talk about the Turks during the first world war or was this affair it left aside?
  8. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity The First World War, by the late John Keegan. It has a lot about the eastern fronts, which never bogged down in trench warfare like the western front. I guess the main new idea I got from it was just to see that what I had always thought of as the great debate about the war, on the western Allied side, is really a false dichotomy. One side of the debate holds that the British and French generals were a bunch of heartless morons who blindly sent thousands to obviously pointless slaughter. The other points out that they tried constantly to improvise
  9. Heustess in G1, location the sentinels, refers to work buddy.
  10. Is it the book his relatives set to work on? with omnibus, the no ship and the things that follow?
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