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  1. Can't find the site at its listed address: http://www.truesite4blades.com/ All I get is a blank screen. I can access the site through the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20180326165029/http://www.truesite4blades.com/ It also affects sites that are accessed through True Site for Blades, like The Blazing Blade. I sent a PM to Jewels, so far no reply.
  2. Ishad Nha

    Endgame Question

    I included a solution to this problem in the topic "Fastest way to advance time to day 160?"
  3. You can insert this code into the "beginstate INIT_STATE;" of any town script: sf(6,11,1); change_coins(-5); Code takes effect when you visit the town concerned. Shayder is town t4. File path is something like: \Spiderweb Software\Avernum 3 - Ruined World\Avernum 3 Files\Scripts
  4. That works okay. But you can't read the other three spellbooks, the magical defenses can see right through the fake rings!
  5. Level 3 Divine Fire for non-Anama, can't find this anywhere... Temporarily joining the Anama until you get what you want, then you leave them. This is a solution but not a satisfying one.
  6. Gremlins, Squiggus, reward is Mass Healing. Where is Summon Aid found?
  7. By day 160 you may have finished the game. To get the Tower quest to start when it is convenient to you, insert this into beginstate INIT_STATE of any town you will soon be visiting: sf(308,5,1); (a) alter the town script, visit the town and then leave (b) undo the alteration to the script. (c) you should start to get the disaster messages within hours or days of game time. First message should be: "Suddenly, without warning, you feel a vicious mental jolt. As your head clears, you feel that something horrible has happened, but you haven't the slightest idea what." This I tested, I found it to work properly.
  8. If party gains Dark Thoughts, a variety of Dread Curse: This has no prevention and no cure that I know of. To get rid of the Dark Thoughts, put this in a town's Init State: if (has_spec_item(65) > 0) set_spec_item(65,-1); This assumes the party has only one instance of Dark Thoughts. If party has two instances, change last line to: set_spec_item(65,-2); This Dark Thoughts is not very heroic, I think it is a bad idea...
  9. Ishad Nha

    What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    Blades of Exile was successful while BoA was not. Maybe the problem with the latter was that it required you to learn scripting? Also, the calls were not easy to remember?
  10. Ishad Nha

    What will happen after Avernum 3 Ruined World?

    A Revised Blades of Avernum that uses the Avernum 3: Ruined World engine. Blades of Exile came from Exile 3, Blades of Avernum came from Avernum 3 and a Revised Blades of Avernum (RBoA) could come from Avernum 3: Ruined World. This could be done relatively quickly, it requires no new scenarios or game writing. It simply requires removing the A3-specific features that are hard-coded. It also requires provision for many scenarios. Import Blades of Exile scenario will need to be a separate function from Import Blades of Avernum scenario. Porting will probably be the most involved feature... Some porting had to be done to create A3RW, size Small and Medium towns for example.
  11. Ishad Nha


    Manual says: "Willpower (Base: INT/2 + MAG/2 + PRI/2) - Helps you resist the effects of charming, paralysis, and other mental attacks. Each level of it increases your chance of resisting by %5." So it all depends on what level of magical skills a PC has. This is of course tricky to guess in a level 35-40 party, a PC could have any level in any Magical skill.
  12. Ishad Nha

    Homeland progress report

    High Level Party Maker is a scenario that will do the levelling-up for you, all in one go...
  13. Ishad Nha

    Windows 3D Editor

    You might have some luck with the Wayback Machine: http://archive.org/web/ For links, see topic "New Windows 3D Editor" http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/16333-new-windows-3d-editor/#comment-214652 Tridash might be contacted by a personal message: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/profile/2261-tridash/
  14. Ishad Nha

    Windows 10 and WinHelp files

    Handy if you can download the entire online help site as one Chm file. This can be done with HTML Help Workshop...