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  1. Windows 10 has the full Compatibility Mode from Windows 95 to Windows 8.
  2. In Windows there is DosBox 0.74, which runs most of the old games. It is a freeware program too.
  3. Windows has a Compatibility Wizard that tries to make programs run, programs that worked on earlier versions of Windows. Go into Windows Explorer and right-click on the program concerned. Does Mac have an equivalent of this Wizard? 3D Editors work on Windows well enough, if only through the Compatibility Wizard.
  4. You can also edit the preferences file: If you need to use the Editor, you may not have a good party line-up.
  5. Pass Portal works much better than the documentation suggests. It usually requires only one casting and it also handles traps... For exploring, Strength usually is thus not much of an issue. You can use your Journal to keep track of locks that still need a special key for.
  6. A quick port (translation) of N:R to a more recent engine would not take too long. N:R itself is simply a port of the original Nethergate to the Blades of Avernum engine. N:R could be ported to the recent Avernum 3 remake engine. It all depends on how much time Jeff has to spare... Possibly not a lot...
  7. I like the story and the game play, so the format is negotiable to me. As for a third version of Nethergate, not likely to happen any time soon... Jeff will be busy with his new project, Queen's Wish. This may last a few years with a trilogy for all I know.
  8. At the start you won't have a lot of money or equipment, fortunately you don't need all that much. Most equipment will be found while exploring, or taken from dead foes. You can't create a PC with spells that are greater than level 3. Soon enough you can buy Health and Battle spells from Cormac. I make sure that one Druid starts with Spirit Ceremony, just the thing for mass poisoning... I give one level in the Healing Circle to the two front-rank (warrior) PCs. This one level gives them the Mild Healing spell, which they can use to heal themselves. Idea here is to avoid draining the spell energy of the two rear-rank (Druid) PCs. Cost is only 2 skill points... If the game just freezes up, it may just a minimized dialog box sitting in the Taskbar. If there are two N:R buttons in the Taskbar, click on them one at a time... If that does not work, game remains frozen, click on the game screen to check that it has not become unselected... Movement is done through the Numeric Keypad, with the Num Lock always on.
  9. I think the engine is okay... Unable to access locations: You must be registered to access the second half of the game. Also, some places are not accessible until you have done something somewhere else, whatever that may be. Word of Recall can cut out some of the repetitious travelling over the same areas.
  10. "Unplayable", If you mean you can't win because you keep getting wiped out... It can be played through to the end easily enough. If you have the right sort of party... If you mean that you don't like features of the game, that is a different matter I suppose.
  11. You can simply save a legacy page straight to your site. I don't know much about handling a website and whether this idea is possible. If all else fails, you can paste the source code (from the legacy page) straight into a new page on your own site. Ctrl + U will bring up the source code for each page... Of course you will probably need to change a lot of the (obsolete) links.😎 As for a curator of the new site, one of the Global Moderators from this site should have what it takes, and hopefully has the time.
  12. Seems like Jewels/Balladeer has lost her interest in Blades of Exile, Blades of Avernum! If that is the case, one of the senior members of this forum will need to assume management of True Site for Blades.
  13. Jewels' Facebook page is: [personal information redacted] Someone who knows her well could send her a personal message.
  14. No reply to my message to Jewels. Now she is "Balladeer". Her page shows: Last visited February 4, 2017
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