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  1. Current porting process is problematic, has limitations. It is better than it was twenty years ago. Topics and posts in the Blades of Avernum Editor sub-forum will give you knowledge on the hassles that may arise.
  2. This is what you should be seeing at the end of the exploration of the Vale: If that is the portal south of the Dealmaking Rooms, that is state 74 and it never works. You don't need it for anything anyway.
  3. Need to check the N:R hintbook to see what was intended by Jeff. The ledge is not that big a deal. Main idea is to warn players of Celtic parties that it is Roman-only, so they don't waste huge amounts of time trying to get into it. Said Hintbook is not so clear on this point, relevant maps are written from a Celtic perspective.
  4. N:R is a port of the original game, this is just begging for non-functional holdovers from the original game. As for the ledge, I will need to consult walkthroughs. I saw a call in the town script that would take the party to the ledge on the level below. This was beginstate 71. However, I see no placement for it, I can't see where it might have been placed.
  5. I think that ledge is meant to be accessed by falling from the big pit on the level above, but I couldn't get this to work in practice?! (There may be dead links inside the relevant town script, t14Upper Goag.txt) Secret doors are all over the place. Explore as much as you can and then use Piercing Sight.
  6. Goagh Nar was not too bad with a well-balanced Celtic party...
  7. Here is a screengrab showing both NPCs for a Celt party. Their starting equipment is nothing much. There are other temporary NPCs but they leave the party when the party leaves the relevant area. https://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/Celt Party NPCs.png Next up will be the two NPCs for a Roman party. https://www.freewebs.com/ishadnha/Roman Party NPCs.png Rhian may be Britannian, but she follows all the rules for Romans because she is in a Roman party.
  8. I had some thoughts on modifying the NPCs: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/20655-nethergate-resurrection-the-vanarium-npcs/ You can always make new screenshots of your own and add them to your post, it is easy enough.
  9. In the Celt game, you don't want to fight him as he is an ally. In the Roman game, you don't need to fight him to win. I have never tried to fight him.
  10. Windows 10 has the full Compatibility Mode from Windows 95 to Windows 8.
  11. In Windows there is DosBox 0.74, which runs most of the old games. It is a freeware program too.
  12. Windows has a Compatibility Wizard that tries to make programs run, programs that worked on earlier versions of Windows. Go into Windows Explorer and right-click on the program concerned. Does Mac have an equivalent of this Wizard? 3D Editors work on Windows well enough, if only through the Compatibility Wizard.
  13. You can also edit the preferences file: If you need to use the Editor, you may not have a good party line-up.
  14. Pass Portal works much better than the documentation suggests. It usually requires only one casting and it also handles traps... For exploring, Strength usually is thus not much of an issue. You can use your Journal to keep track of locks that still need a special key for.
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