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  1. Homeland progress report

    High Level Party Maker is a scenario that will do the levelling-up for you, all in one go...
  2. Windows 3D Editor

    You might have some luck with the Wayback Machine: http://archive.org/web/ For links, see topic "New Windows 3D Editor" http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/16333-new-windows-3d-editor/#comment-214652 Tridash might be contacted by a personal message: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/profile/2261-tridash/
  3. Windows 10 and WinHelp files

    Handy if you can download the entire online help site as one Chm file. This can be done with HTML Help Workshop...
  4. Porting of objects (creatures, terrain and items) is based upon the conversion tables. Said tables envisage no customization of any object. This is not helpful when the best scenarios feature a lot of customization of objects. Currently the tables are hard-coded, written into the Editor program itself. They are found in the header file Bl A Fileio.h. Porting a heavily customized scenario requires the ability to alter the header file and then compile the program, something not everyone will be familiar with. Two approaches are possible here: (1) tables are no longer written into the program. Instead the program reads them from an external file. (2) tables in the scenario editor are patched by a slab of data, which could be written with a spreadsheet. Actual patching is done by a hex editor. In my last version of the Editor, most of the tables were found after offset 595,423. Version of Bl A Fileio.h found at the Halls of Chaos SVN repository has been customized for one scenario only: Shadow of the Stranger. This will need to be corrected.
  5. Windows 10 and WinHelp files

    You can do your own editing of the files to correct mistakes and unclear parts...
  6. Windows 10 and WinHelp files

    Compilation is easy with the HTML Workshop... I am working on a docx version that you can alter any time.
  7. Windows 10 and WinHelp files

    Microsoft is getting rid of the WinHelp format slowly but surely... They want people to switch from WinHelp (.hlp) to Compiled HTML (.chm) format. But they won't supply a simple conversion program to turn an hlp into a chm. So for the time being, anyone with a Windows 10 platform won't be able to use the supplied WinHelp, .hlp, help files. If you could decompile the hlp project you could then convert it to a chm project. But they don't supply a program for that either. With an offline help file you can add your own corrections, clarifications and updates.
  8. Anyone around?

    The Magic is not listed on True Site or the list of BoA scenarios...
  9. Anyone around?

    Kel's Page is down, I can't access it. The Magic seems not to be found elsewhere.
  10. Anyone around?

    I am not a serious coder/programmer! Program prints out okay... Program prints out data, which is put into a spreadsheet for analysis. To detect customization, data from the relevant scenario is compared with data from Bladbase.exs. Idea is go through each object (monster, item or terrain type) and see how it differs from the default values found in Bladbase.exs. XML I will need to look into at some point...
  11. Anyone around?

    I think it can be done. I will need to create some programs to detect customized terrain, items and monsters... Code done for program, now I need to write a suitable spreadsheet for doing the actual comparisons.
  12. Anyone around?

    Many of us may be busy playing the latest game from the Avadon series or a remake of A1 or A2. Porting games from the Blades of Exile world is the quickest way to produce quality new BoA Scenarios.
  13. Is copyright absolute regardless of availability?
  14. Patent law may require that the item being patented must be available at a reasonable price, otherwise there is no patent protection?
  15. Getting out of Annyn

    You only need to live long enough to escape the battleground area, via a teleport, that is all.