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  1. Slarty, you never cease to amaze. Xie xie.
  2. I actually haven't read anything else Lewis wrote either. I'm just speaking in terms of his style in these books (and that's really only from the first, as I haven't had time to start the next one yet). I do hope I warm up to it though. I like the concept, just a bit iffy on the execution.
  3. Hmm… good point. The reason I wonder is that I do have quite a few ideas (albeit very far back in the concept phase) that will have direct ties to the first three games.
  4. Huh. I thought you meant like an in-story canon type of timeline, for the Avernum world. That's something that I've sort of wondered about for a while, without actually doing any real research, of course. (Naturally, this would only apply to the scenarios that are actually meant to take place in that world.) Thoughts?
  5. I've been meaning to borrow Ender's Game from my friend for a while, but he lives across town and neither of us has a working car. Most unfortunate. Whilst I wait, I've decided to start reading the Chronicles of Narnia, which it occurred to me I haven't read myself (my mom read it to my brother and me when we were but wee moppets). Upon pretty much flying through The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I've come to realize that I really don't like C.S. Lewis' writing style; at least not in this case.
  6. Nemesis Mac 10.4 FiveIronCaddy488@sbcglobal.net You know pretty much the gist of my résumé. And I promise to actually test this one.
  7. Version 1.0.1 unleashed. The links above have been updated. I made the party invulnerable, changed the hordlings all to level 1, and made it so that the random fire damage can't kill the party. I added a level suggestion of 1-100 as well, but with everything else it probably doesn't matter.
  8. Nik: Yes, yes, I know. And if I could make the party completely invincible… oh wait…! Nikki, you've given me a wonderful idea. Thank you. To the rest of you, or most of you anyway, I think you've missed the point of the scenario. I created this to illustrate a concept: the inevitability and impregnability of death. No. In truth, it was mostly to mess around with randomized Hell landscaping, in preparation for use in Taskmaker. This was the end result of a practice run, and I expanded on it. I rather liked the product, and so decided to share it. But don't worry, releasing this h
  9. "I command thee, Hell, unleash your fury upon the community!" 2HaH (Mac) 2HaH (PC)
  10. Mh. Wait 'til you've played it to make that judgment, Eph. I've yet to prove my worth after a faux pas. This scenario will not be that redemption… promise.
  11. I posted at SV, I should probably post here too, seeing how popular that place is now. Quote: I've already gone and told Nik I was gonna release a shortish scenario soon, so I figured I'd clue you lot in before it comes out. You know… hype a bit. Even though it just requires a bit more polishing before its release. All I can really give you right now is the name, and that your party starts off dead. The rest must come later, with its release. Oh yeah. Hi. Long time no see.
  12. Well yes, that is… what I meant, of course. Graphic Adjuster makes everything BoA-related much easier from a designer's perspective. So does AScript, for that matter. Niemand = Die Mann (Really… I did try to be more clever with this, but… I don't do clever very well. Apologies.)
  13. Originally Posted By: Dahak A resource editor that I use on 10.5.x is Rezilla. It has a few issues, but it seems to be one of the best of the free editors. This also works decently well on 10.4.x. From what I've seen, it's leaps and bounds better than ResFool, which appears to be essentially the OSX version of ResEdit.
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