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  1. Dosbox question

    I also run WinXP in VirtualBox, and it works great in that environment. I use it to play the Exile trilogy, BoX, and most of the Avernum and Geneforge series. Too bad Microsoft plans to stop supporting WinXP shortly, if they haven't already; it was one of their better OSes. The fastest OS I've ever used in VirtualBox was Win98. After the initial install, it booted in about 7 seconds flat.
  2. Dosbox question

    Yeah, setting up the tunables is the hard part. Installing the OS is relatively easy. I've tried installing Win95/98 in both DOSBox and VirtualBox, but could never get the display settings right, nor could I find a good driver.
  3. Exile 3 Installation problem

    Thanks, I'll have to remember that next time, though I'm still a near-total newbie at using command lines (and Linux in general, for that matter). However, at the time this happened, it wasn't nearly as bad as you might think, because 1) I was running a fairly new installation of Raspbian on my Raspberry Pi; and 2) experience has taught me not to put any documents on the same disk as the OS, so what little that was worth saving was already on a separate USB drive.
  4. Your music that you listen to-All Genres Accepted

    I normally listen to other people's favorite music; for the most part, I have little to no control over what's playing. Which is okay, since I'll listen to a lot of different genres. I can't stand rap, though. Currently, my mp3 player has music by Weird Al Yankovic, the Beatles, the Guckenheimer Sour Kraut Band, and Napoleon XIV.
  5. Exile 3 Installation problem

    Tell me about it. I once corrupted the file containing the sudoers list, and had to reinstall because none of the users could use "sudo" anymore. Sorry, there aren't any. From the Raspberry Pi FAQs page:
  6. IIRC, Colchis is destroyed on day 2. You're not expected to go there on day 1.
  7. Dosbox question

    I've seen tutorials for installing Windows 3.1 and 95 in DOSBox, but I never knew it could be done for Win98/98SE. Cool! I've heard that until the NTFS kernel was developed, Windows at its core was basically a shell over DOS. Therefore, installing an old version of Windows in DOSBox shouldn't be surprising.
  8. Alcohol

    I've had quite a few beers in my day, and I can sympathize. Next time, you may want to try Samuel Adams or Heineken; they're much better than PBR. St. Pauli Girl is good too, and so is (if you can take it, it's relatively strong stuff) Guinness. Also, avoid Schlitz at all costs, it tastes just like the name; the same is true of Mississippi Mud, only more so.
  9. Avadon 2: The Corruption

    As a Windows user, I don't mind the wait; it just means there will be fewer bugs for the beta testers to find in our version.
  10. Quick food poll

    Sugar; I don't use it that much anyway. Diabetes runs in my family, so I'll probably have to give it up whether I want to or not. That depends on what mood I'm in, but I've been known to fancy all of them at various times.
  11. Alcohol

    Patience, my young apprentice. Not all of us can have the novelty of drinking alcohol wear off by the ripe old age of 14. As for having to show ID, I'll never forget the first time I bought beer. The cashier kept rechecking my ID to make sure it wasn't fake; he finally gave up after about 5 minutes, and sold me the beer.
  12. Best puns and jokes.

  13. Best puns and jokes.

    Nice clouds in that pic, Sylae. Are we going to use them to play chess, or checkers? Meanwhile, a pun:
  14. Poll

    If it's the middle of the night, and I'm home alone, and I saw that coming up the stairs, it can mean only one thing: I'm hallucinating from lack of sleep, and it's way past time to go to bed.
  15. When you wake up in the morning...

    There was a time I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic; then I turned 10 or 11. These days, I normally wake up feeling like I need a nap.