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  1. i think there's a ferry from Marish (very west of lorelei) to Shayder ps. look at the map, shayder is in an island...
  2. but still, according to that site, where is that info from? or is it just fan-fic? thanks you for answers
  3. is there going to be an Avernum 7? with the story of what happens after avernum goes up to the surface? i was reading the Encyclopedia ermariana and this https://encyclopedia.ermarian.net/wiki/Provincial_Avernum got me thinking ¿where did someone get that info?
  4. have you done the troglo king quest? the one where you have to go under castle troglo?
  5. what randomizer said, and how dare you call the chase stupid! it's people who are willing to die by teleportation into solid rock... they deserve some respect
  6. should just place a weight in space bar thanks you for all the answers 😎
  7. i've done everything, slew the dragons, killed Sharimik... don't know what else to do but the Tower Disaster, so... how can i trigger that event? thanks
  8. aditionaly, how can i get in khoth's locked door? nvm. saw the button
  9. those gates that keep the dragon's trasury, they keep saying "you don't have enough strength to knock the gate down"... i'm at lvl 35, practically ended the game, have the 4 lazers trained at renter-ihrno, so i used "backtostart" to finish the game... can i even open them gates?
  10. search in the cliff south of Lorelei, you'll come to a place which has a pool of lava and some stone walls, thats "grindstone" or the giant town. pd. where are you from?
  11. (Great remake BTW) I've been rushing to eliminate the plagues because they kill towns and people. So I don't miss anything important. So far I've eliminated Slimes and Cockroaches. Do all plagues kill towns and people? Is it ok to rush in the plagues? I'm skipping everything in the middle. Do Troglos/giants kill towns too? Golems? Alien beasts? Many Thanks. BTW. In memorial of Johnston, who teleported in solid rock
  12. maybe it relates to the game player? who knows? anyways i noticed a lack of humour in the slith scourge zone.... do lizards even have a sense of humor?
  13. will this affect my party? i'm used to using a 2-people party, a priest/fighter and a mage/fighter... so is the shield going to seriously affect my mage to the point that he won't be able to cast mage spells? cheers
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