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  1. Eh, I'll just live with it then, I'm far past that point now. In fact, I just beat the game. I may try to get the few remaining achievements otherwise I'm waiting for A3.
  2. I've got my Slith using the Molten Halberd, because I like the cleave damage. But I've got a few spears sitting in my inventory. I always find it hard to decide what's best in a Spiderweb game. Is a +1 to this skill better than that skill? Is more damage better than a skill bonus? Just too many options that interact in different ways.
  3. So I didn't pick up the Vahnatai Castle quest from Oglai until after I had already gotten the information, reported that information to the council, and recovered the crystal soul. so now that quest is stuck in my quest log and won't complete. I tried going back to the castle, reading the book again and returning. I've gotten all 3 crystal souls at this point.
  4. D&D 5e campaign setting?

    Has anyone done any work on adapting Avadon or Avernum to 5e? I'd be very curious to see such a setting.
  5. A2CS Remix -- testers wanted

    Was the remix ever released? Or were there no testers, so it couldn't get off the ground?
  6. I'd suggest looking at Torment: Tides of Numenara. They stated they are going turn-based. It won't be out for a while yet though. Meanwhile, the Shadowrun games might be what your looking for. They are on steam.
  7. Alright. It's sad though. I have a friend that would really enjoy Geneforge. I'd love to buy the bundle and give away the other games.
  8. So Steam bundle is on sale cheaper than just buying Avernum 2 separately. I have all the other games. Will I be able to give out the other games as gifts or once I download Crystal Souls will the whole thing be locked to my account?
  9. Yannick's studies

    So I just killed the Shade and Yannick was still kind of crazed, talking about how he needed to figure out the secret. Is this the bad ending or is this normal? This quest seems odd in that it isn't really against Avadon in any way.
  10. This sounds painful. I have been playing through Avadon 2. I've owned it for months but I start and stop a lot because the constant combat grind get so tedious. If A2 is worse, maybe I won't pick it up. which is sad, I remember Exile very fondly and Avernum originals as well. But it gets harder to enjoy the world and story when the trash fights slow down the game so much. I like the interesting fights. But the constant 'Another pack of rats/soldiers/goblins/whatever' encounters adds nothing to the game.
  11. Party size mod?

    How would I add this to dungeondlg? I found the obelisk section for the second floor, but not sure how to paste the code in correctly.
  12. Can we make house buying a thing

    House buying and romance were added in some strange half-ass attempt to appeal to people on Steam I think. Jeff's strength is in writing a world and a story.
  13. I remember reading that Avadon was Jeff's best selling game. Is that still true? Did Avadon 2 do as well or flop?
  14. Best party? Who to take where?

    How does it cause problems? I've been using it, but I'm only in the corruption the first time. The thread for the mod doesn't mention any problems, but then it doesn't mention much of anything.
  15. Best party? Who to take where?

    Thanks. I guess I only hate to miss dialogue then. Maybe I'll run the full party mod. Does that end up showing all dialogue and cross talk?