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  1. On steam version, I found dark thoughts at 013E026A. Haven't tested Dread curse, but it is likely 013E026C
  2. Does anyone else find the concealed tunnel extremely annoying? I know what to do. I just find actually moving the mirrors the way I want to be extremely tedious. It made me annoy-quit.
  3. Burr in Golddale can also make a Serpentskin Helmet (+7 armor, +12 poison resistance, +12 acid resistance) for 4 leathers
  4. I mean, I get that it is realistic for a party of adventurers to find nothing but useless mundane weapons and armor in most shops. But RPGs have trained me to think that new towns mean new shops with better items. It makes no sense of course. But Avernum takes it to the extreme. There are basically no useful items in shops save a few herbs, crafting supplies and potions.
  5. The constructs wouldn't let me past after the Slime plague, I assume I would have to do the next plague first.
  6. I just finished the slime factory. Explored Tower of Magi, but there is also a bunch of other stuff in upper avernum I ignored. What order should I tackle stuff in?
  7. The weapons have the exact same stats. Weight, damage, crit chance. Is there a hidden bonus to the waveblade or something? Otherwise, wtf?
  8. That's too bad. No Slith in my party this game!
  9. An extra trait every 4 levels seems like it is vastly better than a flat +10% to damage (not even hit chance!) and a single elemental resistance. Even for a character who wanted to use polearms or a bow, isn't the extra traits better? Am I crazy?
  10. Eh, I'll just live with it then, I'm far past that point now. In fact, I just beat the game. I may try to get the few remaining achievements otherwise I'm waiting for A3.
  11. I've got my Slith using the Molten Halberd, because I like the cleave damage. But I've got a few spears sitting in my inventory. I always find it hard to decide what's best in a Spiderweb game. Is a +1 to this skill better than that skill? Is more damage better than a skill bonus? Just too many options that interact in different ways.
  12. So I didn't pick up the Vahnatai Castle quest from Oglai until after I had already gotten the information, reported that information to the council, and recovered the crystal soul. so now that quest is stuck in my quest log and won't complete. I tried going back to the castle, reading the book again and returning. I've gotten all 3 crystal souls at this point.
  13. dave s

    D&D 5e campaign setting?

    Has anyone done any work on adapting Avadon or Avernum to 5e? I'd be very curious to see such a setting.