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  1. nvm, a3 wt helped to figure where I went wrong. too bad that Raks wrre easier than in that abandoned town south.
  2. Are casters supposed to have Dispel Barrier and Move Mountains spells when clearing Slime Pit? Are panel's buttons in upper lvl supposed to be pressed in some order?
  3. Earth

    Keyboard shortcuts in Avadon?

    yes it got dropped.
  4. it could get confusing if all 4 were visible at same time, don't need shift-click unless you are gonna put loot into junk bag, yes pausing is irritating but gotta learn to live with it. generally all shuld be able to cast priest and mage spells at least so that all can use fireblast (mage spell) and divine fire (priest spell) or maybe even divine retribution (pries). originally this game was published ~17 years ago (and exile 3 was made ~23 years ago) so a lot things have changed during that time. most keyboard controls aren't even used (i use u to search if there are hidden switches). yea quick access to spells would be nice but sadly its gone.
  5. found lumps bit north from that 1st stone circle. got map but it doesn't make any sense, if I follow it as it says I end up 2 steps to north away from rune disc and that just doesn't feel right so how the heck that map is supposed to read?
  6. Fake Anama rings should work but they don't in Shayder while they work in Lorelei and that Anama outpost near Lorelei. Maybe I have to ask it about JV but based on other old thread I'm not only one with same issue. So I have met that healer since I got that bow (or found it otherwise). I have comped Bremerton area thru but no lumps in special items and no lumps when I met that weaponsmith (before met dragon family) so most likely didn't buy that map so no lumps found (problem of open world, access to areas before has all details needed) or that greedy dragon Khoth used all lumps. Only stone circle is bit south from Lucre temple and no msgs about something found. And before you ask yes I'm using version 1.0.3 and no didn't use any prev. versions.
  7. 1. I have comped whole main area thru thrice (with u) besides that tunnel which leads to Blackcrag and no hidden switches found besides that which let's pass that bridge. 2. Inn of blades itself had questgiver for those lumps, dragon's lumps I gave to other dragon to make something. Wouldn't be 1st quest which can't complete (1st is Shahpur's Meet Prazac since apparently he/she has gotten killed in Angel's rest). 3. I have those damned fake rings (cost me small fortune) in special items but still can't get past barrier next to guard or other barrier inside and 1st sader stands on that circle (even tried moving all saders thru that circle indoors w/o avail). Those rings got me into Anama chapel in Lorelei or other town and discount from that Anama seller (nothing useful to sell). 4. Naturally but apparently no1 near of it talks about it (haven't paid those drakes/dragons their fees to be able to loot their treasure, there's delivery mission somewhere for drake's hide and got 3 options (4 if dragons babies are counted) for that mission (lone firedrake in southern Valorim, 1 cryodrake and those which require hefty sums to pass them) and that description lacks details if 4-legged freezer or 4-legged lighter is required (hate both))). Also beggar in Shayder told about travelling mage (no1 important I guess) who travels around valorim but so far I haven't seen her (killed by giants or trogs prolly). If that traveler is tied to Remote Cavern then curse her.
  8. no way to lever in guarded tunnel? metal lumps for carmine are where? not sure if map from aminro bought or not and now it is (was troglo's town). barrier done so only upper floor in anama temple and remoter cavern remains from questions above.
  9. golem factory wasn't nice but boss was surprisingly easy, few acids and 1 adr rush and few other hits and crystal was gone, getting out took some time. anyways only guy near that cave/dungeon was that who sold xian vest so must have completed it before. how to complete troglo/giant barrier quest (aka bring it down)? as you know elhioc etc have been killed long ago so answer better not to be you are stuck with it. also how to get upper floor of anama temple w/o actually joining to anama? got fake rings but no avail and db3 isn't enuf to bring those barriers down. remote cave: how to get further than stalagmite area?
  10. which of those various vats restores spellpoints? stupid golem fights are quite drainage. also apparently I need to go back to lowest lvl to disable uppest floor's energy flow to get past those barriers (unless that drake's help will allow to get those down). edit: blocked party to central, ne and se areas so which switch (access to 2 small ones and big panel) disables those beams going to west so that I get back to stairs?
  11. everything south and east and west from quarantine area is explored (besides maris) and killed if hostile but don't remember any1 asking harp. on what order those switches on upper golem factory are supposed to push? I can't get to southeast (and bit southwest too) part of floor or does party get endurance armor on some basin and then is supposed to run past those triple quadruple beams. don't remember golem factory being that annoying in orig. A3 since quite a much time goes on waiting.
  12. I thought I had to get drake's aid before mage helps. I got harps but haven't seen any1 wanting it.
  13. well past to filthy factory despite not knowing if that room is accessible. so about golems: to advance with drake's and mage's quest I have to go and destroy golem factory? if so how the heck I get there? about skribbane: no skribbane delivery quest to lorelei? if so then I've been collecting skribbane for nothing (orig. A3 had skribbane delivery). about harp quest: to whom and where it is to be given? no slightest of idea and there aren't many places I haven't romped.
  14. so that room in scrshot is inaccessible? at least by hidden switch list (and combing area) there is no switch near of it
  15. well trip would be easier if those damn travelling merchants wouldn't block me everytime I go back to kristzan province (random monster spawns are nasty but those give loot at best case). haven't torched factory yet cause I'm trying to figure if there is some hidden switch which enables me to get into that room south from main entrance, if its not accessible then I'll just torch it (when I decide to finish it since clearing mile long quest list atm).
  16. well its quite a big but still quickly explored and complete that area needs to do island hopping which can get costy and no easy moneymaking since libra's delivery quest is finished and other quests don't exactly make party swimming in gold (and too often can't even steal while no1 is in visibility) and delivery quests are quite tight on time for example from bigal to pergis in few days is challenge since distance is quite a big. anyways I just wanna know how to get into that room next to stairs back down to lower lvl of filth factory before I will set whole place on fire.
  17. what map? anyways too many islands and party doesn't have unlimited pockets full of gold. got to lower lvl of filth factory (party needs month on baths to get clean) and got back to upstairs but how to get access to room next to stairs?? no hidden switch anywhere near
  18. Is or isn't there landpath to Shayder? Seems that no path to that godforsaken town.
  19. Earth

    Avernum 7

    its fanfic, only things official are what's in games (although even those contradict a bit) and what jv has written/said. avernum prequel set on time of 1st expedition was in plans but those plans might been buried.
  20. Finally got in, no matter where I had prev. clicked no fighting option. Last soldier was well hidden although. Now I just need following spells (at cheapest price): Heal (ToM), Mass Healing (Shaydar/Sharamik?), Move Mountains (Shaydar/Sharamik?), Dispel Barrier (Shaydar/Calloc?)
  21. Killed Echlio and completed that quest and completed Sharamik's papers quest and then completed other quest by killing trog's king (and every1 else in castle) and still barriers stood up and I have quest from Lorelei to get soldiers free and get their equipments but no access to giants castle. I guess I have to go thru Fiery Pit to get there since that is only option I can think. Hawke's mansion's 1st bedroom has button which opens something but what? Is big empty place next (south) from mansion accessible or not?
  22. Damn, now I gotta revisit in Sharamik and then again in Emergence.
  23. I think I'm at wrong gates of he....... giants castle (near Lorelei) since can't get inside gates, I guess right place is in thieves territory or up north.
  24. not sure what ciiff you mean since only cliffs south or anywhere near lorelei require orb of thralni. only cliff/tunnel which seems to lead to giant's castle is east from anama facility and unless I'm missing something then orb required. gotta visit in emergence after turning in zik quest to see if its time for orb chase (what I remember of it from Avernum 3 it was stupid chase). if you are asking from me then europe.
  25. apparently I need orb of thralni to get into guiant's castle since can't find any normal way into there, bit exploring and then back to Emergence to chase orb thieves.