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  1. Was very long (kingdom from horse or teleportation pylons) and not that easy travel (stupid charmers and other mind effects users and others) and occasionally bit frustrating (f.e Anama's fake rings not working properly) but still enjoyable (not that I wanna play it 3rd time). Final battle against Rentar was bit disappointing compared to A3 since she didn't have hordes of monsters helping her like in A3 she had where it was struggle to reach control panel. End scene texts in Blackcrag wewre bit difficult to read but didn't matter that much since it was mostly praising heroes. Overall good remake.
  2. only randomizer and some others are that oriented, they know everything about Exiles, Avernums, Avadons and Queen's wish.
  3. or just with your voice.
  4. so its used to escape quickfire(s), I did it "wrong" way by running away as quickly as possible once qf was triggered (lost 1 but trip back to Lorelei fixed it).
  5. we are talking about different crypts, the one I'm talking about is in Vahnatai Carverns basically in the middle of map and nw from Rentar's castle. No gates, just 2 doors and quickfires and stalagmites and nasty undead Vahnatais.
  6. if that crypt (with 7 sargophages filled with nasty dead Vahnatais and 2 quickfires) in Vahnatai Cavernss has switch then dunno where it is since its not listed in Randomizer's massive list and its not found with use of u.
  7. How to get to that tunnel in Vahnatai Crypt (right after entrance)? No secret buttons as far as I could find. Also spells can't be gotten to lvl 3 with editor?
  8. randomizer means that Anama facility south of Lorelei and west from Grindstone? if so then as orig. post says they do work. I'll just cheat to have that spell I can't get from Anama temple. Either bug in game or "works as intended".
  9. yea if goes straight to that stupid island then can save that priest and enjoy many delivery quests related on him.
  10. yea sequel to A6 was in speculation too but don't think anything of that came from SW's direction.
  11. you can't up higher talent to 2 if lower talent or talents are at 1 so to get higher talent to 2 you need to raise lower talent/talents to 2 and so on.
  12. 1 Anama priest is killed if you take too long to goto Isle of Bigal and deal roach problem, that priest isn't any important but has few delivery jobs. 1 treasure map seller might get killed by Trogdolytes so if you meet mapseller then buy map. If you wander too long w/o going to Tower of Magi 1st time then when going there when needed you'll miss some quests and items. 1.01-1.03 are bugfixes mostly.
  13. JV eventually replied but couldn't help and memory how/why/what was hazy. Not getting any msgs when trying to get past of barriers next to head priestess temple (not edited anything yet). 1st time getting fake rings isn't exactly worthy.
  14. Since no reply from support maybe this sheds light to mystery: I bought fake Anama rings but can't get to upper lvls of Anama temple in Shayder, why? Elsewhere (Lorelei and Anama outpost near Lorelei) rings work.
  15. Comped whole ex-town/fort thru except those areas which are behind portcullis and room where Rentar is So not gonna join to Anama for reals since cost to get mage spells back is wee bit too big for me (especially since robbing Shaydar temple ends skribbane to Lorelei delivery) if even possible since some are from shrines. Time isn't issue since all is done except kicking Rentar's backside. Only allive in Tinrya is party, Rentar and her minions and those alien beasts behind portcullis (in Vahnatai areas). Rest have passed whereever they go when killed. Joining to Lucre didn't stop Anamas to talk to party, after getting fake rings they just greet (annoying when on delivery mission). Speaking of delivery missions I have seen several missions related to that Anama priest who was in that town which got destroyed by roaches and priest killed so news aren't travelling that well from Bigal to rest of Valorim (unless its party's heroic thingies done).
  16. non-spellcasters use wands at same efficiency as casters. non-spellcasters can cast priest spells (not worth to train more than healing and cure).
  17. How to get inside of Vahnatai areas in Tinrya on upper lvl and lower lvl? Only left to do there is confronting Rentar (1st time I guess). Still no msg from spidweb about Anama rings and Shayder's barriers. Not sure if I could get many mage spells to lvl 3 if joined to Anama fully and then leaving (which I think isn't possible unless Div. Lucre helps).
  18. or kill those guards, I killed northern party cause I accidentally stumbled on them when having Ernest's package and Lorelei didn't come hostile (unlike that mid-southern town where killing its patrol makes town hostile). in orig A3 I killed 1st tower guards (no patrola then or at least don't remember those) cause I got sick of those inspections.
  19. in Avernum remakes : w for map and s swapping weapon. doubt orig. trilogies differ. in Avadon: w for changing weapon and tab for map.
  20. nvm, a3 wt helped to figure where I went wrong. too bad that Raks wrre easier than in that abandoned town south.
  21. it could get confusing if all 4 were visible at same time, don't need shift-click unless you are gonna put loot into junk bag, yes pausing is irritating but gotta learn to live with it. generally all shuld be able to cast priest and mage spells at least so that all can use fireblast (mage spell) and divine fire (priest spell) or maybe even divine retribution (pries). originally this game was published ~17 years ago (and exile 3 was made ~23 years ago) so a lot things have changed during that time. most keyboard controls aren't even used (i use u to search if there are hidden switches). yea quick access to spells would be nice but sadly its gone.
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