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  1. did you do uninstall and reinstall (with fresh download)? either some game file is damaged or some file in windows is damaged. do you have averbum6dx.exe in game folder? if yes try that.
  2. few years and A4-6 might need remakes so A7 or 0 postponed.
  3. somewhat sadly it's easy to miss something and if can't go back then suffers from it rest of game (I missed 1 of those best helmets on that tower which was filled with quickfire after killing it's owner and after getting out that tower was gone and noticed too late that didn't loot all).
  4. better would be 32bit Win XP or Win 98SE or run Exiles in dosbox.
  5. A7 or 0 might not be in active thoughts but pop up occasionally but geneforge remakes will take few years and if queen's wish gets sequels then next ~decade will be occupied.
  6. avernums aren't abandonware, it's just that oldest games won't work well/at all at modern comps/os (esp. macs since apparently catalina changed something which made some non-sw games/etc non working) so remakes were needed (and of graphics werer ancient) and some day A4-6 might get remakes too. exiles are freeware (since getting those to work nowadays isn't easy thing necessarily). avernums vs exiles a lot has changed since exiles so a lot expereiences will be new.
  7. nothing remarkable, if player won't deliver skribbane it doesn't matter since it gets delivered around other ways then.
  8. Gladwell was killed thrice already so 4th appearance if there'll be Avernum 7 wouldn't surprise or his appearance in prequel.
  9. A4 was made at time of when 1024*768 and 800*600 were widely used resolutions so your options are quite limited.
  10. yea discord doesn't have pages apparently so every post to thread is 1 long list and to keep unread msgs list short need to check it frequently and also to allow users to make threads like here would mean giving them extra perms and that could be a lot probs to mods.
  11. yes but that's not easy, here's 1 guide (with several options) how: https://www.howtogeek.com/173353/how-to-run-windows-software-on-a-chromebook/ different thing is how well QW etc modern SW games run on Chromebook (under any of those options).
  12. welcome to Avernum and it's open world. True that sometimes hints of what's supposed to be done to fulfill quest are vague but if quests would told exactly what is required (like go to place x and retrieve 20 winebottles from there and deliver those to place r to person h) it'd make playing less adventurous.
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