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    Avernum 7

    its fanfic, only things official are what's in games (although even those contradict a bit) and what jv has written/said. avernum prequel set on time of 1st expedition was in plans but those plans might been buried.
  2. Finally got in, no matter where I had prev. clicked no fighting option. Last soldier was well hidden although. Now I just need following spells (at cheapest price): Heal (ToM), Mass Healing (Shaydar/Sharamik?), Move Mountains (Shaydar/Sharamik?), Dispel Barrier (Shaydar/Calloc?)
  3. Killed Echlio and completed that quest and completed Sharamik's papers quest and then completed other quest by killing trog's king (and every1 else in castle) and still barriers stood up and I have quest from Lorelei to get soldiers free and get their equipments but no access to giants castle. I guess I have to go thru Fiery Pit to get there since that is only option I can think. Hawke's mansion's 1st bedroom has button which opens something but what? Is big empty place next (south) from mansion accessible or not?
  4. Damn, now I gotta revisit in Sharamik and then again in Emergence.
  5. I think I'm at wrong gates of he....... giants castle (near Lorelei) since can't get inside gates, I guess right place is in thieves territory or up north.
  6. not sure what ciiff you mean since only cliffs south or anywhere near lorelei require orb of thralni. only cliff/tunnel which seems to lead to giant's castle is east from anama facility and unless I'm missing something then orb required. gotta visit in emergence after turning in zik quest to see if its time for orb chase (what I remember of it from Avernum 3 it was stupid chase). if you are asking from me then europe.
  7. apparently I need orb of thralni to get into guiant's castle since can't find any normal way into there, bit exploring and then back to Emergence to chase orb thieves.
  8. ah so I cleared cellar for nothing besides xp, gold and and junk and ofc easier walking in cellar.
  9. so I'm on trog's king's quest to kill enemy but how do I get past those barriers? using piercing stone?
  10. looked nice on kickstrarter pics but bit too avernumish graphs.
  11. Well already messed up bit cuz killed 1 nephil squad near that nephil village so not welcome there (doubt missed something urgent). so trogs are next, what should i do with them, kill'em all or make a deal with vahkok and later kill him after reporting? giants will be killed naturally. faster travelling would be nice since it takes ages to get from east coast to fort emergence (and from f e to portal fortress or erika's tower) and elsewhere (main reason why haven't taken any timed delivery quests). prolly have been spoiled by pylons in 2nd trilogy but still.
  12. where the heck Squiggus is supposed to be? I'm up to Lorelei (will clear bears soon) but still haven't find Squiggus.
  13. as I feared. well she gotta wait her flower for a while since party isn't high enuf yet.
  14. too many places which req either dispel barrier and/or move mountains early. what beautiful does that dryad (near ernest's hut) wants? she cursed party so I'd like to complete her quest.
  15. Are casters supposed to have Dispel Barrier and Move Mountains spells when clearing Slime Pit? Are panel's buttons in upper lvl supposed to be pressed in some order?