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  1. yea discord doesn't have pages apparently so every post to thread is 1 long list and to keep unread msgs list short need to check it frequently and also to allow users to make threads like here would mean giving them extra perms and that could be a lot probs to mods.
  2. yes but that's not easy, here's 1 guide (with several options) how: https://www.howtogeek.com/173353/how-to-run-windows-software-on-a-chromebook/ different thing is how well QW etc modern SW games run on Chromebook (under any of those options).
  3. welcome to Avernum and it's open world. True that sometimes hints of what's supposed to be done to fulfill quest are vague but if quests would told exactly what is required (like go to place x and retrieve 20 winebottles from there and deliver those to place r to person h) it'd make playing less adventurous.
  4. if is really in need to play exiles and/or avernum 1-3 if those don't work in modern OSes then solution is virtualization and installing any OS (if has valid licence) capable to run those games to virtual machine and when has need to play old game just start vm and game and play.
  5. most useful xian item is xian coins (not that gold is problem after early game, usual problem in sw games (dunno about queen yet) that early not enuf gold to buy things early and in end nothing to spend it after buying all training and spell lvls), skull is most annoying, rest have no use or 1 use per rest (and no outdoor or rest in abandoned cave/etc so possibly long trip back to lorelei/outpost/etc or nearest inn).
  6. Was very long (kingdom from horse or teleportation pylons) and not that easy travel (stupid charmers and other mind effects users and others) and occasionally bit frustrating (f.e Anama's fake rings not working properly) but still enjoyable (not that I wanna play it 3rd time). Final battle against Rentar was bit disappointing compared to A3 since she didn't have hordes of monsters helping her like in A3 she had where it was struggle to reach control panel. End scene texts in Blackcrag wewre bit difficult to read but didn't matter that much since it was mostly praising heroes. Overall good remake.
  7. only randomizer and some others are that oriented, they know everything about Exiles, Avernums, Avadons and Queen's wish.
  8. or just with your voice.
  9. so its used to escape quickfire(s), I did it "wrong" way by running away as quickly as possible once qf was triggered (lost 1 but trip back to Lorelei fixed it).
  10. we are talking about different crypts, the one I'm talking about is in Vahnatai Carverns basically in the middle of map and nw from Rentar's castle. No gates, just 2 doors and quickfires and stalagmites and nasty undead Vahnatais.
  11. if that crypt (with 7 sargophages filled with nasty dead Vahnatais and 2 quickfires) in Vahnatai Cavernss has switch then dunno where it is since its not listed in Randomizer's massive list and its not found with use of u.
  12. How to get to that tunnel in Vahnatai Crypt (right after entrance)? No secret buttons as far as I could find. Also spells can't be gotten to lvl 3 with editor?
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